Sequel: Like We Used To
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I'll Leave It at "You Amaze Me"


I snuck around downstairs, trying not to make any noise as Garrett slept on the couch. The floor squeaked, Garrett mumbled something, and I fell. “OUCH!” Garrett rolled off the couch and onto the floor.


I giggled. “Did you just copy me?” I crawled into the living room and smiled.

He yawned. “Did I?” He smiled and yawned again.

“Go back to sleep,” I sighed, shaking my head. I pushed myself off the floor. “I’m going to see Mikki. I’ll be back…” I kissed his cheek before I slipped on my flipflops and left. I couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong lately, but I wasn’t going to let negative thoughts get to me.

I got in my car and backed out of the driveway. I carefully drove to John and Mikayla’s before I decided that I didn’t really want to be around anybody. She wasn’t expecting me anyway.

I sat on the lowest tree branch and swung my legs as I watched the water ripple when the wind blew. My phone rang and I pulled it out of my pocket. I didn’t recognize the number; I pressed the answer button and slowly held the phone to my ear. I only heard heavy breathing. “Hello?” I asked nervously.

“You’ll pay for what your father did. If you don’t, your friends will,” a deep voice said. I fell backwards from the branch, knocking the breath out of myself. The call ended. I still couldn’t breathe; my lungs, along with every other part of me, ached from falling.

When I could finally breathe again, I ran to my car and drove him as quickly as I could.
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