Sequel: Like We Used To
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I woke up two hours after my alarm went off. I quickly pulled something on before grabbing my keys and running out the door. I parked in my parking space once I got to the pet store. I sheepishly walked inside and was greeted by my annoyed co-worker.

“You’re late,” Angela muttered as I pulled out the green vest and put it on. “I covered for you, but please don’t let it happen again.” I nodded.

“Sorry. My alarm clock didn’t wake me up…” My cheeks were pink and I started cleaning up after the animals. I was playing with a new puppy that the store had acquired when the bell on the door sounded. I looked up and saw Pat and Garrett.

“Shh, don’t make a sound. Okay, Spot?” The puppy barked and I mentally kicked myself as they walked over.

“You work here?” Pat asked as he sat on the floor. Spot ran to him, jumped in his lap, and started licking his face. I laughed softly as I nodded. Garrett sat beside me.

“Well maybe you could help Pat find a puppy then,” Garrett said with a small grin.

Spot wagged her tail. “I think she found him.” My cheeks flushed red when Garrett laughed and agreed with me.

“I think this little girl just made my decision for me,” Pat chuckled as he played with Spot.

“Will you need anything else, sir?” I asked. Garrett chuckled.

“I believe I need stuff for her,” he laughed.

“He knows where you work?” Mikki squealed. I nodded. “Tell me everything!”

“He came in with Pat and after Pat got a puppy Garrett stayed and I worked while he was there and then we went to lunch together, I finished my shift and took him home,” I rushed through my explanation wishing for her to not ask any more questions.

“Where’d you go for lunch?”

“Some Mexican restaurant, I think,” I said, trying to recall the name of the place.

“Did he pay for you?” I nodded sheepishly. “How expensive was what you ordered?”

“About ten, I think,” I answered, hoping that this would end soon.

“What happened while you were working?”

“We talked,” I mumbled with a shrug. I knew that would lead to another round of questions.


I sighed. “Friends, family, hobbies, music, obsessions, favorite foods… Stuff like that…”

She squealed. “Who started most of the conversations?”

“Him.” That one was obvious.

She squealed again. “Did you talk about past relationships?”

“He mentioned that most of his exgirlfreinds were a big mistake,” I mumbled. A scream escaped her lips before she started bouncing around. “How much sugar did you have?”

She stopped and grinned sheepishly. “About a dozen cupcakes worth. But that’s beside the point!”

“Why?” I asked as I picked at the chipped polish on my fingers.

“Because he’s totally into you! I’m gonna call John and he’s going to help me get you two together! DAMMIT! That part wasn’t supposed to come out. Um… I’m going shopping. Bye!” She grabbed her bag and keys before she ran out. I watched the door for a minute, waiting for her to come back.

The door swung open and she huffed. “Forgot your shoes,” I grinned.

“I know,” she muttered. She slipped on a pair of flip flops then left.

“And then there was one,” I muttered before my phone rang. Restricted. I shrugged and answered it. “International House of Bradley, how may I help you?”

I heard laughter. “Merrick?”

“Heeeeey, how’d you get my number, Garrett?”Not that I was complaining.

“John got it from Mikayla for me. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out,” he mumbled.

“Mikki’s gonna have a cow. She’s meeting with John so they can set us up on a date,” I informed him.

He laughed again. “I thought so. That girl is always up to something…”

“If there was a group she wouldn’t freak as much,” I offered. “At least, I don’t think so….”

“I’ll get Kennedy and Jared to come over then,” he offered.

My cheeks turned red. “Okay, I’ll be over soon.”


“Bye, Garrett!” I hung up and ran upstairs to change.
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