Sequel: Like We Used To
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Garrett’s Point of View
Kennedy snapped a picture of me seconds after the doorbell rang. “The before picture,” he muttered to Jared as I rolled my eyes and got up. I opened the door and let her in.

She smiled. “Hi, Garrett,” she said quietly before Kennedy snapped another picture. I returned the smile and her cheeks turned a light pink.

“Hi Merrick,” Jared greeted as I led her in after closing the door. My hand rested lightly on the small of her back.

Kennedy snapped another picture then showed it to Jared. “The after picture.”

“Big difference,” Jared commented. “If you need us, we’re going to be in there.” He pointed to the living room then pulled Kennedy away. I showed Merrick around the house before going back to the living room.

Kennedy snapped another picture as Merrick and I settled on the couch. “Is that all he’s going to do?” Merrick asked softly.

“Well, you’re the first,” Kennedy was cut off when Jared elbowed him. I’d have to remember to thank him later. “Erm… I’m hungry.”

“Me too,” Jared agreed.

“I think I am, too,” Merrick mumbled.

“I’ll go make something,” I offered.

“Are you trying to kill us?” Kennedy groaned. I grinned and got up; Merrick followed me to the kitchen. She sat on the counter as I grabbed the phone and dialed the number to the pizza place. I ordered a couple a pizzas before putting the phone back on the hook.

Merrick’s Point of View
He turned and smiled after ordering the pizzas. He walked over to where I sat and stared into my eyes. “I want to try something,” he murmured, slowly leaning in closer. His hand caressed my cheek. “Just say no if you don’t want me to.”

My heart was pounding loudly and my cheeks were burning. There was a flash of light—Kennedy snapping another picture. Garrett’s eyes searched mine as his lips neared mine. “N-no,” I squeaked out. Kennedy snapped another picture as Garrett’s eyes slide closed and he hung his head.

“Okay,” he mumbled. His hand fell from my cheek and I jumped down from the counter.

“Sorry,” I whispered. But our friendship was still new and I didn’t want to ruin it. He nodded then smiled.

“How does killing Kennedy sound?” he asked. Kennedy took another picture.

“Sounds violent,” I admitted with a grin. He laughed as he lightly grasped my hand within his and led me to the living room. He pointed to the couch and I sat down before he started chasing Kennedy. The doorbell rang about twenty minutes later and Jared paid for the food then brought the pizzas into the living room, setting them on the middle of the coffee table.

He handed me a slice of cheese pizza then took a slice with pepperoni for himself before we settled to watch Garrett chasing Kennedy. They came in a minute later and Garrett had a proud smile playing on his lips while Kennedy sulked.

“Am I missing something?” I asked Jared.

He grinned and took a bite of his pizza. “Garrett got the memory card.”

“Oh,” I mumbled. I took a bite of my pizza and tried to look uninterested.

“Do you have to go?” Kennedy pleaded.

“Yes. I have to go. Mikki is freaking out and she’s gonna pounce on me the minute I get home. I’m going to drive extra slow and take as many detours as possible,” I grinned.

Jared rolled his eyes. “And we thought Mikayla was devious.”

I shook my head lightly as Garrett hugged me. “Drive carefully,” he mumbled. I hugged him back. It was just past ten at night but I didn't really want to leave.

“I will,” I promised. He let me go, and I did the same before I waved goodbye and walking out the door. I got into my red ’04 Chevy Malibu and closed and locked the doors. I backed out of the driveway and started the drive home.

Escape the Fate was playing loud enough that I didn’t hear the honking horn until it was seconds too late and a huge truck was slamming into the side of my car.
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