So Sacrifice Yourself, and Let Me Have What's Left

I did have some wonderful banners people made for me, and I was going to thank them by putting them on here, but apparently since being nice is against the rules, I'll just thank everyone who did make a banner. You know who you are [:


Sons of Obyri's,

Daughters of Lycans,

Must these two meet, should they begin their sentence?

Forbidden children, brought up in normal homes,

To never know what their souls hold.

Born me a child that has danger in her blood,

Take from thy birth mother, pry from thy father,

Kill her if you must, but it is a foolish price to pay,

A true Vanderkay, as she is seen,

For she has taken the name of another, but her true self intervenes,

Foolish is the man, who tries to slay this creature,

She is the Butcher, the Danger, the Killer,

Cross her once, you will burn,

Cross her twice, you will die,

Fear I must, my dear Forbidden One,

For you are the one I must hail in order to survive,

The Lycan gene runs in her veins, giving her all strength,

Daughter of Dracula she must live,

Hail Candace, Queen of Hell.


Yeah, it's short, but hey, I don't like to tell you what's going on immediately by just the description, that's not how I roll xD
Alright, so time for this stuff:
I do not own Avenged Sevenfold, only the original characters that I made up; The plot is mine, the storyline is mine, I made everything up about this whole little story, and if you steal, I will kill you. Believe me, I'm a Texan, hunting is a sport where I'm from. I know how to use a weapon.
Enjoy! :D
Title Credit: Breath by Breaking Benjamin <3333