Where am I?


hum... I wonder what Dalihia will make for breakfast.. Sandy thought for herself when she slowly woke up from her sleep.. but when she open her eyes she found that she wasnt in her and Dalihias room... and the person sleeling next to her wasn't Dalihia and it wasn't a nother woman either... It was a man..

Where the hell am I? she said to herself when the man woke up and smiled at her..
Well at least one of us knows where we are... Sandy thoght

- Good morning hun. the man said and then kissed Sandy.. before she even understand what the man said he pulled her closer..

- Erhm.. Im sorry but I dont think I know who you are....
- Adie.. the man started to laugh..
- huh?
- Adie baby.. have I done something wrong?
- Erhm.. no... and whos Adie?
- Are you feeling alright?
- No not really.. Sandy said and it was truth she didnt exactly know where she was and she feelt like vomiting..

- Well is you just lay here and I'll get the kids to school and then I'll be off..
- Off?
- Yeah to the studio?
- Oh yeah.. Sandy thought that it would just be for the best to play along.. She didnt know who this man was and she didnt know who this Adie person was either.. She figured that it was this mans wife or something..

and when the man and his kids had left she decided that she would let herself go and have a look around the house just to see if she knew where she was..

// I know its short but any way hope u like it//