Where am I?

I still dont...

Sandy got up from the bed and walked down the stairs she notised that the family was obviously rich and when she passed the hallway she dropped the glas of water she had taken from the kitchen. She looked herself in the mirror. It wasen't Sandy who looked back at her. It was another woman. A really beautiful one. She stod there with out knowing that was going on.

Later that day she sat on one of the armchairs what stood in the livingroom. Sha was thinging and then she stood up and walked down the hallway to se if there was a phonebook or something. She was determend to sett things up. It was then she saw a door on the wall. It lokked like it was hidden in the wall. She immediately forgott the thought too look after the phonebook.

She opened the door and found some stairs. When she had walked down she found a room with old posters of band like The Clash, Sex Pistols and Queen. She also found some old guitars and basses and one set of drums. She wonder if the man was some big musician or just a spoild brat that could do just about anything and that his old man would pay anything just to keep him happy...
♠ ♠ ♠
I know I know long time no writing but things have been hard... so enjoy the reading..