Status: Reinventing Itself.

Take Me Dancing.

I could feel her. Everywhere I went, I felt her presence. I tried to drown her out, to forget about her, but she always found a way to stay in the back of my mind. The part of me that wanted to keep her alive, to never let go- that part of me was grateful, but then there was the other part of me, the one that kept yelling out warning signs, trying to tell me that this just isn't normal. My irrational half would always argue, "well when have I ever been normal?" And then the voice of reason would make its debut. "You're going insane," it told me, but so what if I was?

I wasn't going there alone.


Keegan Marie Halvorsen Garrett Daniel Nickelsen

Previously known as Part of Me. Headed in a new direction with this, but still a good direction. Try to keep up.