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In their eyes, she overshadows me in every way possible: physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally... Metaphorically speaking, I am the moon, and she is the sun: she outshines me when everyone is watching... but in her eyes and hers alone, the roles are reversed: I am the sun, and she is the moon.

To her, I am the shining sphere that guides her soul, enriches her mind, strengthens her heart, and empowers her body. To them, I am the disfigured object that leads her astray, slows her down, and weakens her with my poisonous existence...

To her, I am the brightest star in the night sky, the eternal inspiration that aspires her and enlightens her with the drive to succeed. To them, I am the blackest cloud obstructing the morning sun, the only thing destroying her flawless view of what is and isn't: what is right and wrong, reality and fantasy, true and false...

To her, I am the light; to them, I am the dark. To her, I am an angel; to them, I am a demon. To her, I am a dream; to them, I am a nightmare. I make her smile happily; I make them frown angrily. I bring her joy; I bring them despair.

To her, I am everything:

"Hikan-chi, don't ever leave me. Promise you'll always be there to make me happy, to make me smile... to make me feel like my life is worth living."

To them, I am nothing:

"Nobody wants you here anymore, and nobody ever did. All you ever do is cause pain and bring trouble to everyone around you. Leave and never return!"

As long as she loves me--as long as she cares about me--I will always remain happy, no matter what they say to and think of me. She is all that matters to me, and she's all that ever has.

"We'll always be sisters, Hikan-chi, so I will always love you. No matter what everyone else says and does to you, that will never change. You will always be my most important person, Hikan-chi~"

"You may be twin sisters, but you are by far the lesser twin; she is the only good part about you. No matter what you do, it will never be good enough to surpass her. You will always be worthless!"

It's all about perspective...
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Ohlawl, I have to admit that this is short, even for a short story. ^_^; Maybe I should write a little more next time.

Anyways, this short story is the first one I've written in first person. The whole theme of this story was basically that one's thoughts differ when their point of view has been altered. I decided to make Hikan Tsure the narrator, since I know she probably won't get much screentime in NTS--if any at all--even though she's an Insane like all the other chars in that story--well, most of the main ones. XD;

Characters: Hikan Tsure, a quiet girl who rarely speaks to anyone other than her younger twin sister, Rakkan. Though she has the potential to be great, because she wants her sister to succeed and be happy, she chooses to not do her best for her sister's sake, even though doing something causes the people around her to look down on her.

Relations?: Possible in never the same, where Hikan might be mentioned briefly in one of the future chapters. Then again, since Mibba took that story down, none of you readers will probably get to read about her. o_O