Status: WIP


Tawariell and her people, the elves, have lived in the pacific northwest for a little over a century. They have allied the Quiluete and they have kept their existence secret from the vampires... until now.

It has a handful of characters from LOTR, and thats about it. All I've taken from that story is elves and some of their culture. Sorry if I've messed up things, but I'm trying to keep ideas from LOTR to a minimal. So I've thrown these guys into the Twilight plot, picked out Bella, thrown her back to Arizona, and shook it around a little bit. And voila!! here's my story, no flames please!!!

BY THE WAY!!!! I don't own anything... except Tawariell. XD
  1. prologue
    explains the treaty between the werewolves and the elves
  2. uno!
  3. zwei
    a wee bit longer
  4. hreetay
    meeting up with charlie
  5. chi
    elves galore!