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Tawariell parked her Saab in the grass in front of her house. She locked the door behind her when she came in. She hurried into her bedroom to change, leaving the human clothes on the floor. Putting on a light green dress, she felt comforted by the elf-made cloth. This dress used to be her older sister’s favorite. Also it provided some camouflage in the dense forest. She fixed her hair in the bathroom mirror so it was partially up at the top.

She entered the forest bare-footed, going through what would appear to be a deer trail.

Half running down the trail, she didn’t make any sound at all, she entered the meeting clearing. It was the halfway marker from her cottage to the boundary line. Tawariell wove through the trees that lined the circular meadow. It was bewitched to grow beautiful wildflowers every year.

The quiet was soon interrupted when a twig snapped behind her. She froze, hoping it was only Legolas or another elf playing a trick on her. Quickly turning her head, she saw a flash of copper and white go from the formal entrance to behind the nearest tree. Her advanced hearing picked up light breathing from behind the same tree.

With her heartbeat racing, she ran as fast as she could to the boundary. Only when she was passed there did she look back.

She didn’t see anything; she didn’t hear anything as well. Was her stalker only a part of her imagination? Tawariell hoped that was true.

At that time, she wished she had inherited her grandmother’s gift of sight. The darkness of the future always troubled her.

“Hello, Tawariell.” A familiar voice came from behind her, she jumped in surprise. She was too caught up in her thoughts to notice her friend come up.

She turned to see Legolas’ smile falter; “You’re frightened, what happened in the human world today?”

Tawariell told him of the day’s events as they walked towards the fortress, Neverwinter, was at least five times larger than Forks.

Legolas looked as worried as she felt by the time they reached the fortress. “You’re right in coming here, mellon min. These newcomers may be a threat, I remember Emphiram Black describing a clan similar to what you described Carlisle Cullen.”

“The vampires?” her voice faltered. “That makes sense, didn’t they mentioned their name?”

“I cannot remember. Lord Elrond did most of the negotiating with that generation of werewolves.”

They found Lord Elrond in the main gardens, where he was telling stories of Middle Earth to small elflings. The pair waited until he was finished, the children running off to play games in the woods.

“Tawariell,” her father greeted her with a hug, “we have missed you.”

“I have missed you too.” I was a few weeks since her last visit. She hugged him back; they stayed that way for a moment until he pulled back.

“Now, tell me about Dr. Carlisle.” He led them into the small shrubbery maze in the middle of the garden.

“You saw this.” Legolas stated.

“Yes, if my visions are correct, he is the same vampire leader that established the treaty.”

“Will we have to confront them as well?”

“I do not believe so, unless they suspect of our existence.” Elrond looked at his daughter.

“I have reason to believe that they do, someone was following me here, I lost them at the boundary.” She looked down at her feet, ashamed that she led a bloodsucker to the boundary.

Elrond sighed at this, “Tawariell, I need you to watch them carefully tomorrow. If they seem to suspect anything, report it and we’ll meet this clan tomorrow night.”

“I will, ada.” With that Tawariell and Legolas exited the small maze and headed back to the boundary.

“Will you escort me back to the cottage? I’m nervous about going through there alone.” She asked Legolas when they reached the boundary.

“Of course, I would not have it any other way.” He held her hand as they exited the territory.

They didn’t have any strange encounters on the way back. Legolas offered to stay the night, but she politely declined, she didn’t feel that it was necessary.

That night she dreamt of the War of the Ring, memories that she had forgotten until that night. She woke up once, almost feeling Sauron’s eye on her. Ariel dismissed this as just her imagination, Sauron was destroyed, and Sam and Frodo dispelled the ring into the flames of Mordor centuries ago.

Little did she know, that a pair of eyes was indeed watching her that night.