Mikey Way is a pretty ordinary guy in his early twenties and has just moved out.
His life has always been calm and easy, no trouble or danger anywhere.
But one day, there's a fire,
He can't get out.


This is a short story of 5 chapters, written for Matthew Leone presents: a contest starring Michael James Way.
It's my story, my idea and my characters. I don't own their names or looks, but the rest is mine.
I got the prompt The first time we met, my house was on fire for the contest, and that is the main inspiration.
Thanks to Bonnie for betaing. <3
  1. The First Time.
    The first time he saved me, my house was on fire.
  2. The Second Time.
    The second time he saved me, it was from hitting my head.
  3. The Third Time.
    The third time he saved me, it was from myself.
  4. The Fourth Time.
    The fourth time he saved me, it was from making a mistake.
  5. The Fifth Time.
    The fifth time, it was too late.