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Fulfilling the Prophecy

Marauder’s Map and Honeymoon

Draco laughed as I chased him. "You can't catch me!"

'Damn, lost him!' I thought.

"Looking for Draco?" asked Fred. Poor Fred was covered from head to toe in icing and cake bits.

"Whoa, Freddie, who did that to you?" I asked, laughing a bit.

"Rosie, Ron, George, the little twins... But the twins got me good! You should have seen them!"

"Fred, I highly doubt your babies could possibly be able to lift the cake, let alone throw it at you..."


"Fred...." I growled, wiping the cake from my face.

"I would look down at yourself Tess," said Fred, laughing.

"Reesah! Reesah!" said Hugo and Hugh, looking up at my cakey face.

"Why you two little devils!" I said, picking them up.

"Yummmmmmmmmmm," said Hugh, licking the icing off my face.

"Taste good," said Hugo, also licking the other side of my face.

"That's all fine and dandy, but how am I supposed to get to Draco?" I asked Fred.

"This... It's the Marauder’s Map. Watch this..." He took it out, and said, "I solemly swear that I am up to no good." Instantly the blank page was filled with a bunch of moving dots, all within the school boundaries.

"He's heading for the Slytherin dorm!" I cried. "Thanks Fred, owe you one!" I handed him the twins, and ran off to the Slytherin dorms.

"Accio cake," I said as a bit of the wedding cake flew into my hands. I hid it behind my back, and headed towards the dungeons.

"Password?" asked the portrait hole.

"Let me in Goddamn it!" I screamed.

"Sorry... can't. Password?"

"If you let me in, I will flash you..."

The portrait hole opened, and I quickly walked in. "Sucker..." I said. "Always get things in writing to make it legit..." I snuck around the common room, looking for him.

'Well, since he isn't here, might as well clean up...'

"Scourgify!" I said, cleaning the mess off my dress. I began to head up towards the boys dorms, and looked at the map. Draco was in his room, sitting on his bed, probably sleeping because he wasn't moving much. I walked up to the door, and whispered "Alohomora!" The door unlocked with a small click, and I opened the door slowly. Draco laid there on the bed, facing the wall, and I crept into the room as quietly as I could. I got closer and closer to the bed, and when I could wait no longer, I pounced.

"I got you Draco!" I screamed, smashing cake into his face. I jumped on top of him, and smeared it all over his cheeks and nose. He turned me over, and got on top of me, and began to kiss me. "Mmmm, you taste good Draco Malfoy." I then started to lick the rest of the icing off of his face as Draco smirked.

My tongue brushed gently over his lips, and when I knew Draco could take it no longer, I crashed my lips against his. As we kissed, I could feel his hand run up my leg and underneath my dress. He fingered the strap of my thong, tugging at it, begging me to take it off. "Now, do you really want me to have another round of babies?" I asked in between kisses.

"You promised we would have millions," said Draco, who began to kiss my chest.

"From the last time I checked, the twins we had came out of me, not you," I said. "If anyone has anything to say about having kids, it's me... And I'm going to have to put a damper on your plans Dray. I don't want millions of kids. I'm happy with what we have right now..."

"Tessie," whined Draco. "Come on!"

"If you want them, you can bear them yourself. Have fun pushing a baby out of your-"

"Ok, stop, I'm getting a mental picture of this right now," said Draco, gagging a bit. "Ok. Let's make a deal... two more babies. Can we agree on that at least?"

I flipped him so that I was back on top of him now. I strattled him, and he looked at me, waiting for an answer. "Agreed..."

Draco tore my thong off of me, and then unzipped his pants. I began to moan as he rammed himself into me over and over again. He spread my legs wider, and deepened his thrusts. I clawed at his back, overcome with orgasms beyond anything I had ever felt before.

"Dray... we have family downstairs," I moaned as he began to pull my dress top down.

"Ah, who needs them!" said Draco as he began to kiss me all over.

I eyed the Marauder’s Map on the nightstand, and saw a bunch of dots coming towards the dorm room.

"Draco, we have got to stop... Please, Draco, we have to stop!"

"Why, you liked what I was doing didn't you?" he asked, entering me once more, making me moan a bit louder now.

"Someone's coming!" I shouted through all of the pleasure he was giving me.

"Yeah, I know I am..." said Draco, looking down at himself.

The door opened, and there stood Lucious and Narcissa Malfoy, and my mom and dad.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Draco and I screamed, wrapping ourselves in the bed sheets. "What the bloody hell are you doing here?"

"We were looking for you two!" cried my mother, shielding her eyes. "You left the party, and Rosie gave us the heads up that you might be in the Slytherin dorms..."

"And since Lucious and I haven't been to our old dorms in many many years, we decided to go with," said Narcissa.

"Remind me to KILL Rosie later Draco," I said, fuming. "Can you all please get out!"

Everyone left. Before Lucious left, he gave the two of us a Malfoy smirk, and left the room.

"Now, you have to have seen that one!" I cried, fixing my torn thong with my wand. "You and your father with that smirk. You both look like you know something I don't know... It's so... sexy, yet so annoying! I dunno why it always makes me so... ugh! I dunno, when you do it, it makes me weak in the knees."

"I'm irresistible, what can I say?" said Draco cockily as he zipped up his pants.

"If I recall, it was always you throwing yourself at me, not me throwing myself at you," I said with a grin as I put on my thong. We walked back to the party, and I gave Rosie a dirty look. "Thanks for that!" I snarled.

"What? What did I do?" asked Rosie innocently.

"His and my parents walked in on us!" I said through clenched teeth.

"Oh... that sucks," said Rosie.

"I am going to jinx you into the next century for that!" I said, whipping out my wand.

"Whoah! Hold up!" said Rosie, grabbing baby Hugh and placing him in front of her. "I got a baby in my arms, and I know how to use it!"

"Reesah! No hurt mama!" said Hugh.

I lowered my wand. "You play dirty Rosie..."

"Well, I like it dirty, remember?" said Fred, coming over to us.

"Listen, what you did was bad. I mean, Lucious damn well near saw more of me than I'd ever wanted him to see..." Rosie and Fred burst into laughter, and after a few seconds, I began to laugh too. Draco and I went around to everyone, and wished them goodnight and thanked them for coming. Lucious' eyes lingered longingly at my chest, and I glared at him.

"I enjoyed the view," said Lucious before leaving with Narcissa.

"Gag me with a troll's sock!" I said, making retching noises. "If he wasn't your father, I would have kicked him in the baby maker!"

"Hey, I had to deal with that my whole life! What did you expect?" said Draco. "Forget him, let's get out of here... I have something special prepared for us..."

"We didn't finish saying goodbye to everyone!" I said, tugging on his sleeve.

"Fine... I will wait."

I continued to say goodbye to everyone, and I gave Neville and Luna a big hug goodbye. I turned to find where Draco had gone to, and when I turned back, there was...

"It's you..." I breathed, clutching at my heart.

"Yes... it's me. Did you really think I wouldn't show up for your wedding?"

"Well... I thought since you were dead, you couldn't possibly-"

"Theresa, death cannot stop the love I once had for you in my life..." said Severus Snape. He held his ghostly hand out to touch my face. Tears rolled down the sides of my face.

"Why did you have to die?" I asked sadly.

"Theresa, everyone has to die sometime... I was one of the lucky ones who got a second chance at redemption. You saved me that night with Voldemort. Although I died that night, I would have been worse off in the afterlife than I am right now... By confessing my love for you, it saved me from an evil fate." I sighed, and reached for Snape's face. My hand grasped at air, but he knew how I longed to feel his face once more, to hug him and show him how sorry I was for all of the years I had hated him...

"Your children are beautiful," said Snape, smiling at me. "You will be a great mother to those twins. I know you will... What are their names?"

"The boy is Scorpius Severus Malfoy and the girl is Rosaline Dracina Malfoy," I said as Snape smiled back at me through his tears.

"You named your child after me?" he said, wiping his tears.

"Yes, I did... Severus, please, are you a permanent ghost?"

"Yes, that I am Theresa," said Snape. "I will be one of the Hogwarts ghosts from now on. I will continue to teach Potions to the students next year. What do you plan on doing with the rest of your life?"

"I don't know. I have got to focus on my children right now," I said. "Maybe one day, I will come back to my beloved Hogwarts. i would love to teach there someday..."

"I would welcome you back with open arms," said Snape.

"I must go, Draco is taking me on the Honeymoon," I said with a smile. "The kids are with my parents until we come back. I hope to see you again soon..."

"You will... Goodbye Tessie." I hopped on the back of Draco's Firebolt, and we sped off in the distance.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked.

"You'll see," he replied.

"Ugh... here we go again!" I cried, holding on tightly to him.

We began to fly out of England, and I began to guess where we were heading.






"Never," said Draco, making a face.


"What the hell?" asked Draco, almost falling off his broom.

"Sorry, I'm good at European Geography," I said, smirking.

"I give up! You win Tessie! We are going to Rome! Happy now?"

"I will be happier when we get there, and I can make you happy," I said as I grabbed his cock tightly. We landed on the rooftop of our little villa that we were staying at, and Draco helped me off the Firebolt. He carried me through the trapdoor, and led me to our room. Rose petals were scattered all over the floor and bed, and two bottles of champagne lay chilling in a container of ice.

"Want to hear something funny?" I giggled as I poured us both some champagne. "Remember the last time we had champagne? You took me out on that date in the park, and I tossed my drink in the grass! I was pregnant with the twins, and couldn't drink! And you thought I was a drunkard, downing the drink so fast! Hahahahahahahaha!"

"You are a pistol my sweet," said Draco as he sat next to me on the bed.

"Oh Dray, you sure know how to treat a woman," I sighed, crawling into the bed with my drink. I leaned against the fluffy and comfortable pillows, and looked at Draco. He began to take his shirt and pants off, revealing his boxers. He looked over at me, still in my wedding dress.

"What? I like my dress, so I will keep it on, thank you!" I cried.

"Have it your way," said Draco as he pounced on top of me as I giggled.

When our Honeymoon was over, we picked up the twins, and headed out for the new mansion that Draco had built special for us to live in. Inside there were loads and loads of rooms, but there was only one room that held my heart, and I knew Draco had this room specially made just for me...

"A-a library?" I gasped as he showed me the room full of books. "You-you did this all for me?"

"I know how much you love to read, so I made sure we were stocked heavily with books and had a whole room dedicated to them just for you my love," said Draco.

The twins grew up way too fast, and I gave them a muggle education despite a bit of protesting on Draco's part. Once they were old enough to go to wizarding school, I got a job as a professor there so I could keep an eye on the twins. I decided to be the new Charms teacher, and was also the new head of Ravenclaw house. Draco didn't want to leave my side, so he decided to come back and teach with me. He became the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and was the Slytherin Head of House also.

"God, our children grew up way too fast," I said to Draco. "It seemed as if only yesterday they were at our wedding..."

"I know dear, time goes by so fast these days... Did you hear? Hermione is also teaching up at school... Muggle Studies."

"No really?" I said with a grin. "It would be nice to see them all again. I wonder how everyone is doing..."

"Well, we will all see when we get on the Hogwarts Express," said Draco as he packed everyone's things together. "Rosie and Fred's twins are of age, and I know Harry's and Ron's kids are of age... I don't know about Luna and Neville though..."

"I can't wait to see the old gang!" I cried, remembering the old days.

"Me either..."
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THE END! Or is it... The children's story MIGHT be posted...