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It's All in How You Mix the Two

Chapter Eleven; Might As Well.


Candy’s Point Of View

I laughed as Cherry walked right into Jepha’s big amp “Don’t laugh, Alex… You’re the one usually doing this...” she groaned in Swedish. “How did you even manage to walk right into it!?” I exclaimed with a laugh.

“I just didn’t see it…” She mumbled whilst rubbing her forehead “You sure you weren’t thinking of something else? Like… a cute boy that is in charge of the merchstand?”

Cherry glared at me “Fuck off, Alex” I fake gasped “Oh no you didn’t!” I said jokingly whilst snapping my fingers. “Hey, what’re two goodlookin’ Swedish girls doin’ here, huh?” Bert asked with a weird accent as he put his arms over our shoulders.

“Gosh, Bert, you’re such a girl-magnet!” I said whilst rolling my eyes “Hey! I prefer to call it ‘being sexy’…” He replied, winking as he did so. I just laughed and walked away, swaying my hips a tad, jokingly of course. I smiled and shook my head whilst looking at my “to-do-list”, yeah; I actually have one of those!

“Hey there, Candy! What’re you up to?” I heard a male voice ask me, I recognized that very lovely tone, it was Quinn. “Well… Trying to figure out what date it is today” I realized that I had completely lost track of time. “It’s the 24th of june” He answered with a smile. Oh dear, it’s my birthday today!

Today I turn 18. Oh my God, I’m 18! This is awesome! And also very scary, holy shit, holy shit… “Candy… are you alright? Is there something wrong with this date?” I just laughed.

“Nope, everything is perfectly fine, Quinn. Did you do something to your hair? It looks awesome!” I said, changing subject quickly. Quinn smiled a breathtaking smile that made my knees go weak. “You’re so cute” He said randomly before kissing my cheek and walking away. I shook my head with a sigh as I continued to walk to the tour bus.

A couple of hours later I bumped into Frida, I decided to ask her if she remembered that it was, in fact, my birthday.

“Hey, Frida, did you know that today is the 24th of june?” I asked her. “Oh! Fuck, shit! No, I didn’t… Fuck, I’m sorry! Happy birthday, Alex!” she exclaimed and gave me a hug. I smiled at her and said “Thanks, I thought you had forgotten”

“No, I just really lost track of time… shit!” I laughed “It’s cool, I did it too”

"So you're 18 now huh?" She asked with a wink. "Uhm.. yeah, I suppose I am" I answered and wrinkled my nose, 18 sounded so old in my ears. 18, eighteen, arton, acht und zwanzig... Wow, lost in thought again!

"You in there, Candy?" Frida asked me as laughter filled the air. "Sorry, zoned out for a bit there" I replied, she smiled at me and then began to drag me towards the bus, it was getting dark already.

We got on the bus and got lots of "Hello"'s thrown at us, I smiled and replied with a simple Hey.

We continued on as usual, me cooking, Frida cleaning (I swear, she loves it), the guys playing videogames and randomly shouting out angry or happy words, by the sound of it Bert was getting his ass kicked by Dan.

I rolled my eyes as Bert cried out his profanities. Dan smiled and yelled "Victory!"
"Hey, guys, food's ready" I told them.

"But..." Bert started "Oh, what the hell, might as well eat... stupid Dan kicking my ass..." he then mumbled angrily. Dan only laughed as he looked very pleased with himself.
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