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No One Ever Realized That They're Already Dead

♠ Presenting: Matthew Charles Sanders

♠ Insecurity: Am I ready for marriage?

♠ Nervous Habit: Cracking thumbs.

♠ Dirty Little Secret: I've never cheated on you Val.

♠ Presenting: James Owen Sullivan

♠ Insecurity: Will I become just like my father?

♠ Nervous Habit: Sucking in lower lip.

♠ Dirty Little Secret: I was told but didn't believe it.

♠ Presenting: Damien Alexander Gold

♠ Insecurity: Am I not a good enough big brother?

♠ Nervous Habit: Force cough.

♠ Dirty Little Secret: No mother I didn't hide your liquor.

♠ Presenting: Ivory Amber Gold

♠ Insecurity: Does my father really not want me?

♠ Nervous Habit: Stuttering.

♠ Dirty Little Secret: Sorry mom but I can't find your car keys or your wallet.

♠ Presenting: Ellamae Ann Gold

♠ Insecurity: Will I ever be as great as my older siblings?

♠ Nervous Habit: Sucking in lower lip.

♠ Dirty Little Secret: Um, no mommy, he- he never called back.

Gold’s stick together. Damian Gold and his little sister’s Ivory and Ellamae Gold, may all have different [famous] fathers but to them that’s as important as spilt milk. They spend their days surfing, skating, playing music, and just hanging together.

Life is good, however…

Damien wears the pain that his father knows of him but doesn’t want him, Ivory is bitter at any thought of her father, and Ellamae secretly wants to be a daddy’s girl.

Despite these things the young siblings continue life with how it is. However, one night ruins everything and fathers soon come into the picture. Good or bad? Life continues like life is meant to do but one major event can change everything. Make it so it comes to the point that everyone starts to question: are they already dead?

Note: January 17, 2012 - When I wrote and posted this the original name for Ivory was Iesha. So to any new readers if you find a chapter with Iesha in it, can you please comment/message me. Thanks a bunch! and enjoy the story :)