A story of the forgotten

A frosty little step.

Emilie's death struck a note of clarity. With her gone, she was back to nothing, more so than ever now. She should of known not to get attached. Everyone she had ever know died because of her, this was no exception.

She stayed at the hospital for a while, she just wanted to be with Emilie. Eventually she would have to leave, to say goodbye, for now however being in her presence was all that kept things together, being with her made things a little easier, as if all the while they are together, it will somehow work out and Emilie would still be alive. Several hours passed, she had been given Emilie's possessions, she didn't know what to do, didn't know who to contact, if Emilie had anyone else.

It was time to leave Emilie it was time to say goodbye, she kissed her cold lips and recited a poem they had written together at the cafe they had been to earlier that day. One stupid man ruined a perfect evening, one stupid man ruined one perfect woman, one stupid man ended two lives.

She cannot be called Snowdrop any more, you see she was Emilie's Snowdrop. Without Emilie she goes back to nothing, she becomes nameless once more. Her life meaningless, decaying inside herself.

She walked out of the hospital and headed for the public toilets they first met at. She looked back at the frozen corpse and could see nothing but beauty, love, burning up behind her, there was no way of expelling this fire. Not without serious consequence. When she arrived at the toilets she walked in went to the cubicle of which Emilie had previously gone in, she cried for a while and then washed her hands, 8 times in the fashion that Emilie would of done. All of a sudden the door swung open, the janitor had come to lock up for the night. She never understood that, why was there a janitor, all he does it lock the door at 11 o'clock and reopen it at 6'o'clock. He didn't even clean up the blood from that day.She didn't realize how long she must of been at the hospital. She sat on the pavement outside and reminisced, visualized Emilie, the moments they shared. The life they could of had.

She couldn't face going back to the flat so she wondered around for a while, ultimately she inevitably ended up at the bridge. A bitter frost whipped around her wrist, she looked down to see Emilie's scarf, drenched with blood it still smelt of Emilie, Of roses and tea, with a hint of vanilla and candy floss, a sent so unusual, so refreshing, so full of love. Her mind playing back film of the days events. Her heart pounding out of her chest. She walked over to the blankets and flask that were left in all the commotion, Wrapping one around herself, she discovered one of Emilie's hairs and she burst into tears. Pulling out of her pocket the bag of Emilie's belongings from the hospital. She pulled out a pen and a set of keys. From her bra she removed Emilie's photo, kissed it softly, and on the back wrote out the poem they had written earlier that day:

"What use is a story without a plot?
What use is master that time forgot?
What use are vowels without u and i?
To you I could never say goodbye.

A world of hate, death and crime.
A life, a breath of love that is blind.
A world torn in two,
of right and of wrong,
A life with you,
I have found where I belong.

What use is poem without a reader?.
What use is love without a receiver?
What use is a life without a true friend?
Without you I cannot comprehend.

A comet without its shiny tale
A glitter pot, with out sparkle, what a fail.
A beauty like you, without a friend,
A life that is doomed to end.

What use is a story without a plot?
What use is master that time forgot?
What use are vowels without u and i?
To you I could never, say goodbye."

Finally she opened the penknife on the keys, she did not even bother the usual cuts, she just thruster it with all the force she had in and out of her chest repeatedly until she could do so no more, With each jab she made she was a moment closer to her eternal love. With every ounce of force required to puncture through her skin, the slickness of the blade going through layers of tissue, organs and veins was soon to follow. Pulling it slowly, she wanted to feel the pain, nothing could compare to the pain she felt from her loss. Skin tightly pressed around the blade lifting upwards, stretching as she yanked it out followed by the gush of blood departing from the scene. It was finally over after everything, she had eventually managed it, she was dead, she could feel no more pain. It was over.

Her corpse still slightly warm, rolled into a hedge way She didn't scream out for help, she didn't have anymore tears left to cry this was it, she had said goodbye, Her empty body just a shell of all that had ever been. At that moment the sky's opened and once more it snowed, her body camouflaged leaving nothing but a stain. She was nothing to this world, her name, unknown. How long she was left there, it can't be exact, all that is known is all she had was in death. Nothing but an un-named box of ashes. That is all her life amounted to.
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The works of the needing to sleep....
chapters in one night, rather amazed, possibly utter rubbish though