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Would you carry me to the end

Chapter 27 What happens now

Getting up that morning Mikey was still aware of what he needed to do and actually remembered certain pieces of his dream especially saying good bye to Sienna.

A smile spread across his face as he walked in to the kitchen where he found his mother cooking breakfast and Jaslene already at the table eating.

Walking over to her he kissed her on the forehead and said “Morning Jazzy”
Jaslene looked up and smiled, she loved being in her new home and glad at the fact that she had her new Daddy all to her self.

Mikey on the other hand had Phillip on his mind and how he needed to help him and the only thing he could think of doing was for him to meet Jaslene and hopefully Phillip would then be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

After breakfast had finished Mikey made sure to have Jaslene dressed and all ready to go, putting her in the car and buckling her in, he got in to the driver’s seat and drove off.

“Daddy where are we going?” Jaslene asked while holding her Barbie doll

“We are going to see someone special” Mikey replied.

Before long they were there, Mikey hoped that Phillip wasn’t drunk as he didnt want Jaslene to see it. Hoping out of the car Mikey got Jaslene out and held her hand as they went up to the front door where Mikey rang the door bell and waited.

Straight away he could hear footsteps and then saw the door swing wide open with Phillip standing there fully dressed and clean shaven, looking how he used to be. Not the scruff that he had succumbed too.

“Good morning Michael...This is an unexpected visit.”

Mikey was speechless he was expecting to see Phillip down and out of it but he was the Phillip that Mikey had always known. “Jaslene and I thought we would pop around to say hello” Mikey replied.

“Well isn’t that thoughtful.” Looking towards Jaslene Phillip spoke “And how are you young lady?”

“Good” Jaslene whispered.

“Well come in wont you.”

Mikey and Jaslene followed Phillip in to the lounge where he asked them to sit, While Jaslene clutched her Barbie doll tight.

“Phillip it’s good to see you like this” Mikey said

“I guess I just woke up it’s like I had a epiphany, Why be a sad person when I should be celebrating my daughter’s life she wouldn’t want me to be like this, she would want me to move on and get to know Jaslene” Phillip replied with a smile.

Mikey was loving the fact that it looked like Phillip was finding his feet again and not wallowing in his own self pity, Over the next few hours Mikey and Phillip were able to talk and Phillip was able to talk to his granddaughter. Jaslene was told and utterly excited but at the same time didnt understand as Mikey hadn’t told her about Sienna yet he wanted to wait for the right time when he was sure Jaslene would fully understand.

After staying there a little longer, Mikey drove back home where he spoke to Jaslene “Jazzy how would you like to get a house of our own?”

Jaslene couldn’t contain her excitement and nodded and squealed yes a million times but asked “Daddy will I still have my own room and can Nonna and Pa visit.” (referring to Mikey’s parents)

“Of course they can” Mikey replied.

“What about Uncle Ge-ard, and Fankie and Bobo and Aye?”

“Everyone can come and visit...I promise”

Mikey knew life was only gonna get better for him and for Jaslene and he was ready for that next chapter in his life, to raise a beautiful little girl who was his DAUGHTER.