Love Is for Anyone

College buds

Two years later....

Sid's pov...
chris and I have been together for a while now and we're going to a community college. It's called Sam's town Communty college and it's pretty cool. We've been to nice parties and have friends that approve of us. Theirnames are Jack, Ashton, and Lucy, which the most awsome group of people we could ever meet. Right now we're in our appartment with the three cool people just watching movies and doing homework. Lucy sighed, "I hate math, you think you can do this for me Ashton?" He was chewing on caramel pop corn and mumbled, "Nope, do it yourself woman," Chris and I giggled, making her frown. She blew a strand of blonde hair from her forehead and continued copying numbers.

Jack was sitting on the floor, starring at the screen and wincing to the bloody scenes in the movie. I asked him, "Dude, don't you have an exam in like two weeks?" He nodded and continued looking at the screen. Chris sighed and turned off the movie, vewing the news, knowing this would get him to study. Jack frowned and headed across the room for his messenger bag. He sat next to Lucy in front of the couch and started reading the huge history book, getting bored by the minute. He would roll his eyes and turn the page, he's never gonna get outta here. I shrugged at my thoughts and continued studying chemistry with chris, he was great at it.

A while passed ad we were both ready for the test coming up tomorrow. Ashton was typing a term paper on AIDS and Lucy was asleep on the floor. The only one that was awake was Jack, he kept trying to focus but just couldn't I had to help him out since i getthis stuff. I told chris, "I'm a go help him out sweet," he nodded and gave me a peck. I stood up from the couch and he headed to our room to take a nap. I took my spot next to jack and asked, "Need help there, Jacky?" He looked at me with those pretty blue/green eyes and nodded. I asked, "What chapter you on?" He mumbled, "Chapter 3, it's hard to understand."
From there I started to tutor him and he began to understand it much better. After two hours of history, he thanked, "thanks Sid, you're awsome at this now i'm gonna kill this exam." I laughed and he smiled, getting his black fringe from his eyes. He's really attractive to me and he didn't seem to date anybody in high school.

I asked him, "Hey, um, why didn't you have a pair in high school?" Jack joked, "I didn't know i was supposed to." I laughed and scruffled his hair, he giggled and tried to put it back the way it was, he added, "You know it's not cool to flirt while your boy is taking his study nap." I glared at him playifully, which made him laugh louder. I tried to shsh him cuz he might wake up the others. He shutted up and gave me a peck on my cheeck, I was really surprised. He asked, "What? You don't like my friendship kiss?" I nodded and replied, "actually I did."