Funny How I Fell in Love With You


Pansy's screams fueled me to hurt her more and more. Her pain was my pleasure. "Hey watch where you are hitting!" cried a voice from below the sheets.

"YOU AREN'T SERIOUS ARE YOU?!?!!?!?!" shrieked Rosie as she saw Fred's head pop up from beneath the bed sheets. "Fred how could you?! I'm dead for like a few weeks and you get with trash like this?!?!"

"Heh, Rosie, I thought you were dead..."

"Well, you thought wrong!" shouted Rosie. SLAP! Rosie gave Fred a nice slap across his face, but to her surprise, she hit metal...

"What?!?!" said Rosie, confused more now than ever.

"Hang on!" I said as I knocked Draco on the head. Sure enough, he was made of metal too. "ROBOTS!"

"God damn it!" shouted Pansy who was all bloody and bruised. "Yeah, they are robots... The real Fred and Draco wouldn't do it with me... I put them under Imperius curse, Cruciatus curse, even threatened to KILL them, and still they wouldn't... But, they are still here..."

She pressed a button, and Fred and Draco suddenly appeared as the wall turned around. Both of them were chained to the wall, and were unconscious.

"FRED!!!!!" screamed Rosie.

"DRACO!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

"Both of them are in an induced coma," said Pansy with a smirk. "The longer they stay in the coma, the closer they are to death... Now, I propose a bargain... In exchange for their lives, one of you will have to PERMANENTLY die..."

"NO! You can't make us choose like this!" cried Rosie. "You can't be serious! Both of us have children! And husbands!!!"

"Tick tock! Time is going by... I'm going to need an answer..."

"I WILL DIE!" I shouted.

"I knew you would be so noble dear Tessie," mocked Pansy. "Dear old Tessie, always standing up for what is right... Letting others walk right over you... So weak..."

"Just kill me and have done with it you fucking whore!" I snapped.

(Rosie's Point of View)
There was a flash of green light, and Tessie dropped to the floor, dead as a doornail, and I sobbed as Fred and Draco were released from their chains, and brought back to consciousness. I walked over to Tessie's limp body, and felt around for a pulse.

'Please be alright... please give me some hope that you are alive...' I thought to myself.

"What happened?" asked Fred groggily.

"TESSIE!" screamed Draco as he ran over to me, taking Tessie in his arms. "YOU- you did this!"

He whipped out his wand and pointed it at Pansy, who only laughed maniacally. "You ignorant fool! Do you think that killing me will actually bring Tessie back? I made sure that she cannot be resurrected back again!!! And now... I can have the man I have always wanted... Now Draco, the two of us can be together like we have always dreamed!!!!


Pansy gasped as a jet of green light hit her straight in the chest, and she fell backwards, and moved no more.

"Tessie... Tessie please wake!" said Draco as he shook her limp body. Tears began to well up in his eyes, and I felt Tessie's cheek. Her cheek was cool, and I knew then she wasn't dead yet.

"Oh God! Oh God! Erm... Does anyone here know how to fix this?" I shouted as I paced back and forth. "She isn't dead yet, but she very will soon be if she is not healed ASAP! God, who the hell can fix her right?!"

Someone made a noise as if to clear their throat. "I think I can help fix her right..."

"Goyle?!" exclaimed Draco.

"Tessie must have dodged the curse a bit, but was hit nevertheless... She is just fading into death. I am a healer, I just never really told anyone this..."

Goyle stepped over to where Tessie lay, and knelt beside her. He put his hands over her heart, and muttered a spell. He pressed his hands into her chest, and in an instant, Tessie was alive again. She jumped up and hugged Goyle tightly, and he hugged her a bit, and patted her on the back. Tessie then pulled away, and ran to Draco, knocking him over in a passionate kiss.
(Tessie's Point of View)
I attacked Draco, and kissed him hungrily. "Love? Promise me you will never leave me again..." said Draco.

I smiled, and all of us walked out of the room. "So does this mean you will forgive Goyle now?" I asked Draco. Goyle looked nervously up at Draco, and wrung his hands with nervousness.

"Goyle, I am sorry for treating you so badly back then... The two of us know what we did then was wrong, and I know you are just as sorry as I am about what had happened between the two of us. You have proven to me that you are a decent person, and that you do have good inside of you... I forgive you, and I want to be friends again... If you still want to?"

Goyle grinned, and gave Draco a brotherly hug, and then did some secret handshake with him.

"What in Merlin's pink under shorts was that?" I asked.

"Slytherin brothers' handshake," smirked Draco. "We made it up in our first year..."

"Oh lord!" I sighed as I shook my head. "You think you have seen everything after dying almost twice, but you really don't..."

Rosie gave me a huge hug, and put an arm around my shoulder. "God, I thought you were a goner!"

"Well, now you know how I felt when you died!" I said. "I wasn't all YIPPEE! ROSIE'S DEAD!!! I was more of a can I kill myself?" I said as all of us walked out of the house and back to Hogwarts.

For once, having things back to normal scared me. What scared me most was that neither Lucious nor Narcissa remembered what they did to me. They treated me like they had before, kindly and respectfully.

Goyle soon married a nice, respectable woman of Slytherin blood who was most unlike Pansy. The kids love Uncle Greg to death, and I've heard that Uncle Greg will soon be a father. So Pansy was wrong, Goyle was fertile... She was the infertile one!

I decided not to have any more children because the death of my precious Aphrodite had really scarred me from having children ever again. I knew that there was no danger, no threat, but at the back of my mind was this set thought process that I would lose the baby again, and I sure as hell didn't want to go through that again...

Draco respected my wishes, although he did not necessarily liking them. So, the gang and I taught at the school until the kids graduated. I retired from teaching with Draco, and we bought a new house in Ireland. We left the kids the mansion, and lived in a lovely house covered with ivy and with a white picket fence.

This will come as a huge shock. Scorpius and Rose are still together, and plan to get married sometime in the near future, as do Rosaline and Hugh. Funny, I get to be related to Rosie, Fred, Ron, and Hermione! Soon, we will all be one huge happy family together! The other children are still trying to find themselves in the world, but I have no doubt they will find the right one for them. It's quite funny really... You go through so much pain, so much disaster, and when you finally get your peace and quiet, it's scary and you feel uneasy. Not that I am ungrateful that all of this war and hate is over! It just feels strange not having to fight evil once more...

"Dray?" I asked as I sat on the porch of our Irish house. "Do you hate me for not having any more children with you?"

"No... I could never hate you," said Draco. "It hurt me, because I so desperately wanted to have more kids. But you matter most to me, and I knew I had to respect your wishes no matter how hard it was to do so..."

"It's so funny Dray, you have changed so much," I smiled as I kissed him and held his hand. "You were a hellion when we first met remember? It's so funny how we fell in love..."

"I know Tess, and I don't regret one moment of us being together," said Draco.
♠ ♠ ♠
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!