Forever and Always

Daniellea and Matt have become an almost perfect family with their son, MC., but sometimes perfect isn't all it's cracked up to be. Tour life, drama, and unplanned surprises can be as upsetting to the family of rockstars as it can be to normal people, so it seems.
  1. It's Too Hard To Leave Family Behind.
    Daniellea is always sad to see Matt go, even with his look-a-like son there to comfort her.
  2. A Craving For Waffles?
    Daniellea meets some new crew.
  3. Got Inked And There's Not Turning Back.
    Daniellea gets a surprise call from her father.
  4. Where Do Babies Come From?
    Daniellea's new baby sister prompts MC to curiosity.
  5. Now I'm Tired and I'm Lonely And I'm Missing You Once Again . . .
    Daniellea misses Matt almost as much as he misses her.
  6. In Sickness and In Health . . .
    Daniellea is ill and tired of the tour life.
  7. You're Still Sick?
    Matt made a mistake.
  8. Worrying All The Time Gets You Everywhere, Apparently.
    Matt has become a worry wort but only with the best of contrite intentions.
  9. Wedding Plans Are Always A Disaster.
    When the wedding plans go awry, confrontations occur.
  10. It Should Have Been A Short Trip Back To You.
    The bus breaks down and it's Daniellea to the rescue in more ways than one.
  11. I Meant Eternity When I Said It.
    The End