The Aftermath Of Losing The Savior

Visiting Hours

Chapter 10 Frank’’s P.O.V

I was finally able to sleep in today since it was the one day I had off both of my jobs. I could either do some odd jobs around the house that have been needed to be done or visit Mikey. I hadn’t seen him in some time and I know if I don’’t visit him no one will.

I got up and took a very short shower, don’t want too high of a water bill. I quickly made some coffee and made some breakfast for Jamia even though she was still asleep. But it’s the thought that counts. I put on my shoes and coat but since I can’t afford a car I called a cab, which picked me up a few minutes later. I told the man who hardly spoke English my destination and he drove me right to the insane asylum where Mikey was now trapped.

It was such a depressing sight, the large white building with bars on the windows, a ten foot tall steel fence and a large gate just to keep the insane inside. How do they expect people to overcome their depression when this place is so depressing. I went into the building, more white walls. It was almost a hospital but no one seems to get better here. I waved to the nurses at the front desk after my many visits they new me by heart and I hated the pitiful faces that they gave me when they saw me.

I just ignored it all and walked to the room I’’ve been to so many times. It hurts seeing Mikey. Even though he doesn’t look much like Gerard it’s just. I opened the door and Mikey sat there in his chair looking out the window unaffected by anything. He was nothing but skin and bones literally he hardly ever eats now. He’s so cadaverous looking and gaunt. The pallor of his skin is just sickening as if he’’s a ghost.

“Hi Mikes” I called out softly. He turned his head and a small slight smile crept across his chapped lips. His face was so....sad, the stern lines of his jaw and cheeks looks like it hurts from how skinny he is. “What no hug” I called out with a smile. He stood up slowly and I walked over and hugged him feeling every rib as I wrapped my arms around him. “Are you okay, have you been eating” I asked as I let go. He nodded his head and went over to grab a pen and paper, our way of communicating.

“How’’s the kids” He scribbles on the paper. “Same as always happy and hyper” I answered. “Jamia?” He wrote. “She’s good, a little tired and her mood swings are a bitch” I muttered. “How far along is she?” He wrote down. “About six months” I replied. He nodded his head then wrote, “Sex?” “WHAT Mikey you know I’m married why would I what” I yelled. Mikey smiled like he was about to laugh but sadly nothing came out, Mikey shook his head and wrote some more, “Is it a boy or a girl you retarted midget” I glared at him in a joking manner. “I’m not that short, and uhh we want it to be a surprise” I said. Mikey nodded again.

“So how have you been doing in here” I asked, he shrugged his shoulders, then picked up the pen. “I live in a nut house and can’t speak. How do you think I am” He wrote. “Ehh atleast you don’t have to worry about paying bills and shit like that” I muttered. He then wrote in big letters “I can’t even smoke or drink in here” I laughed, “We both live really shitty lives and if I could I would get you out of here, but I can’t offer you a better life then this out of here and we both know your parents put you in here and only they can take you out” I stated. He nodded his head, I got up and gave him another hug and I swear as I pulled away I heard him whisper "Get me out of here” But I brushed it off knowing it’s impossible. The door opened, every time a door opened I hoped to see Gerard walk in and everything was just a sick twisted joke but this time a nurse came in.

Mikey smiled at the eye pleasing nurse with the long black hair and dark eyes. “Mr. Iero visiting hours are over I’d love for you to stay but we need to get Mikey to eat now” She said politely in a sweet voice. She seems like a new nurse I hadn’t seen her before she must be new, and she was the first nurse I had seen call Mikey, Mikey. “I will be back when I can Mikey” I promised and gave him a quick hug before leaving. Now it’s time to walk home or catch the bus then help out around the house.