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She's Syn Through and Through

Incest Is Just Oozing From All Up In Here

Jimmy and I walked in the door to find everyone in the kitchen eating popcorn intently watching Matt and Zacky profess their love for each other.

“I’m so sorry I hit you man, you know I love you dude.” Matt slurred as he crawled to Zacky and placed his head on Zack’s shoulder.

“I still love you man, I said some mean shit. I deserved it!” Zacky yelled the last part and they grabbed a hold of each other and started talking about old times.

“Remember that time I hit you in the nuts so you didn’t have to go on a date with that one chick that stalked you from around the block?” Matt asked.

“Fuck yeah, I can never thank you enough for that. My balls stung for days but you brought me a bag of frozen peas everyday.” Zacky commented and I held in a snicker. They’re such sentimental drunks.

“I’d do it all over again because it made us great friends!” Matt yelled before Jimmy slammed the pizza’s down on the table and gained everyone’s attention.

“You two about done sucking each other’s dicks, so we can eat?” He asked and the boys tried using each other to stand up but in the end, Brian and Johnny had to help them up. I grabbed them some plates and napkins, setting them on the table, before turning to go up to my room.

“Where you going Synny Cakes?” Matt asked and I smiled at the nickname.

“Jimmy and I already ate so I’m going upstairs.” I told him and he pouted like a 5 year old.

Once upstairs I changed into something comfortable and started to clean up a bit. I stopped in front of my full length mirror and laughed at myself. I was wearing tube socks, a crop top, and short shorts. Needless to say, I looked like I just fell out of the Playboy mansion. I went and found a hoodie. I slipped it on and noticed how huge it was on my small frame. I had no idea where I had gotten it so I just shrugged and went to read a magazine or something. I was bent over going through a stack of Seventeen magazines when Brian yelled.

“Jesus, put some clothes on! You’re to young to walk around like that!” I chuckled at my brother’s outburst and stood up.

“Bri, I’m 18, I could walk around naked if I wanted too.” His face contorted to a look of fear or disgust, maybe it was both.

“If I ever catch…hey, is that mine?” He stopped his rant and pointed to the hoodie I was wearing. I shrugged.

“I don’t know, it was one I brought back from Vegas.” I commented.

“Turn around.” He commanded and I scoffed but did what he said. I pulled the back down to examine the tag.

“Fuck kid, you took this from me before you left. I wrote on the tag…” I cut him off.

“So the jackasses in the van wouldn’t take it and it end up getting jizzed on. I remember.” We both laughed at the fact that he had wrote his name on every piece of clothing he took on tour with him back when they first started out. I went and sat in the large chair and Brian plopped down on the couch. He turned on the TV and the sound of Sponge Bob met my ears. We were having one of those strange bonding times. You know the ones where you do something together but don’t say a word. We had sat through two episodes before Brian spoke taking my attention off of Sponge Bob and Patrick doing bubble shapes.

“Why’d you leave?” He mumbled.

“Hmm?” I asked. I had heard him, I just him to elaborate.

“Why’d you leave and not tell me? I would have went with you, you know.” He said and I shifted in my seat as he sat up. This was going to be a conversation that could either be short or long and I was hoping for the first.

“I left because I felt like there was nothing here for me. Crazy thoughts for a 14 year old but, you know me best out of all people, I didn’t think like your average naïve teenager. I got tired of having everything done for me; hell I couldn’t even make my own bed before the damn maid got to it. It didn’t feel like it was my life, you know. It was like I was just there, watching from the side as everyone lived for me. So I grabbed some shit and took off. I had to live for myself.” I stated.

“You still should have told me, Bells.” He said softly using the nickname he and our grandpa used to call me. I smiled at that.

“You would have tried to stop me, I couldn’t let that happen.” I said while he looked to be in thought.

“You’re my little sister, of course I would have tried to stop you. Most likely, I would have dropped everything and went with you. You weren’t the only kid that grew up here and had everything done and planned for them.” I felt guilty when he said that. He made me feel selfish about the fact that I had left him here.

“Sorry” I muttered and got up to go hug him. He pulled me onto him and held on tight.

“Fuck, all of us would have gone with you kid. But you sure as hell turned out okay.” He said as he pulled back to get a real good look at my face. He had yet to do that since I’ve arrived.

“You look just like mom.” He commented and placed a small kiss to my head.

“Thanks Bri.” Our mother had died when I was just 5 so I didn’t remember her that well but Brian did. He used to tell me stories about how she would yell at us when we got into trouble but could never keep a straight face. Even our step-mom Suzy, told me stories about her. You see, Suzy was a really close family friend and had dated our dad before he met Mom. They were a prime example of the fact that you can stay friends with exes. She and our mom were best friends really. Well after Mom died, Suzy was here to help our dad out and they sort of fell in love. Brian and I were never angry about it, surprisingly. She was already like a mom to us so we couldn’t hate her. She even made sure that we knew she wasn’t trying to take our Mom’s place; she just loved us and our dad. How could you hate a woman like that?

Our little family moment was interrupted by the guys.

“Oh shit! Incest is just oozing from all up in here!” Jimmy said while holding a beer and bracing himself on Johnny. In the hour that’d he and I had been home, he had managed to become shitfaced. I’m pretty sure that’s a record.

“Fuck off Jimmy, we’re having family time.” Brian stated.

“Aw and you didn’t invite the rest of this family to cuddle!? That is outrageous!” He yelled before pushing Christ and making a flying leap in hopes of landing on the couch. Unfortunately for Jimmy, he’s having family time with my carpet. We all busted out laughing before Leana came in, grabbed his feet, and drug him out of the room. That woman may have been tiny, but she had strength. Brian let go of me and we got up.

“I suppose we should get these drunks to bed. Damn, why is this house swimming in booze this week?” He said as he went over and helped Johnny off the floor and out of my room. I had a strong feeling that a hazel eyed, dimpled face, husky voiced hunk of man would be my sleep buddy tonight. I couldn’t complain about that. I headed downstairs. Noah and Cara were slowly making their way from the living room giggling like little girls. I went to the kitchen to find Matt trying to shove marshmallows up Zacky’s nose. Zacky was most definitely passed out. He crinkled his nose and Matt snickered.

“Matthew Charles! Stop shoving marshmallows up his nose.” I said as Matt’s head whipped around and gave me an innocent smile. I laughed and shook my head. “Come on. Let’s get you to bed.” I grabbed the bag and placed it on the counter and helped matt stand up. He was pretty sturdy so I’m guessing he was sobering up which was good. He grabbed Zacky off the table and started for the stairs. He attempted the first step and said fuck it. Zacky gets to sleep on the couch tonight. Matt dropped him on the couch and headed upstairs. I, of course, being the caring person I am, tucked him in. Seems like I forgot about everything that happened the day before huh? Well I haven’t and that is exactly why Zack is sleeping with marshmallows up his nose. I turned out all the lights and made it up the stairs before tripping. I felt around for what made me fall and my hand met a face.

“Matt?” I asked and got a grunt in response. I rolled my eyes, I made him get up, and as I tried pulling him towards his door, he pulled me to mine. He walked in and flopped on the bed.

“Come on boo, let’s get the clothes off.” I said as I helped set him up.

“Bells, I’m not having sex with you, it’s too soon.” He whined like a girl and playfully swatted my hands from his shirt. I laughed and got his shirt off. I was working on the belt buckle when he stood up, pushing me down to sit on the bed.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Playing stripper, wanna see?” The look on his face was priceless. I giggled and nodded my head. This could be interesting. He started singing a peep show tune and slowly took of his belt and twirled it around in the air. He broke into sexual dance moves and I busted out laughing.

“If I had some ones, I so shove them in your boxers right now.” I commented while he fell trying to get his pants to come off his ankles.

“I give up, this game sucks. Can you get my pants off?” He pouted for the second time tonight.

“Sure thing, sugar balls.” I pulled off his pants. He got in bed and snuggled with my teddy bear. I pulled off my tube socks and climbed to the middle of my bed and placed a pillow one the side that was not occupied with Matt.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“I always do this, makes me feel safe. Don’t laugh at me.” I stated. He released my teddy and wrapped his arms around me. He was pretty much laying on me.

“Don’t worry, Shadows is here to protect you! No one shall harm my Synny Cakes!” He whisper yelled. I liked happy drunk Matt. So far, he was on the other side of the spectrum from angry tipsy Matt.

“Thank you Mattie.” I said as he placed his head in the crook of my neck. He said something along the lines of any time for my cakes but it obviously came out muffled. He looked up at me with his eyebrows furrowed together. Mine mimicked his before he placed a light kiss on my lips sending a shock through my body. He gave me a smile before he kissed my forehead. Matt put his head back in the crook of my neck and fell asleep.

Here I am, with Matt draped over me asleep, and I can’t even sleep. He kissed the tired right out of me. By the way, I’m giving myself 10 points for guessing that he would be my sleeping buddy. To bad I couldn’t join in on the sleeping part.
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