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She's Syn Through and Through

I’m Not Pregnant Either So You Have Nothing To Worry About

“Jimmy, is this how you want it?” I asked while hanging a stream of lights around the back yard. Today was the big day, Jimmy was asking Leana to marry him. She’s out right now with Noah and Cara following the clues. I can’t wait to see how pissed she is when she comes home. The last clue says something like ‘good job babe, you can follow directions, and you can come home now.’ I just hope she sees the back yard before she gets to Jimmy.

“Yeah, that’s perfect. I hope she likes this.” He stated. He was nervous and I found it adorable. I got down off my ladder; yeah I couldn’t reach the top of the fence with a stool so I had to use a ladder, and hugged Jimmy.

“She won’t like it, she’ll love it.” I said.

“Hey, Noah just sent you a text.” Matt commented walking over and handing me my phone.

“What did it say?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t read it. You never read a girl’s text message unless she tells you too.” I laughed at this. Things between Matt and I had been getting better. We were still just friends but he stayed with me at night or me with him. A few random kisses here and there but other than that, we were acting the same. Matt’s anger has chilled out too, I’ve noticed. Nothing has been punched, broken, or thrown in the last week. Well except for Johnny, Matt’s thrown him and punched him but so has everyone else. The good thing is, he hasn’t been broken yet.

“You’re a pussy dude. It’s just a text message.” Jimmy said letting go of me while I moved my thumbs around the blackberry like a mad woman.

“Hey man, Leana kicked your ass last time you read one of her texts. You couldn’t sit down for two days.” Matt retorted. I laughed.

“But I wasn’t a pussy about it.” Jimmy replied.

“Of course you weren’t, you were too busy whining about your ass.”

“Alright! Noah said they should be here in a few minutes. Leana’s beyond pissed so, Jimmy, I suggest you stay out here. I’d like her to reach the backyard before your ass.” Jimmy chuckled and sat down at the patio table. I walked into the house to grab them some beers and get the rest of the guys outside. I was at the fridge.

“You’d be the perfect wife, Syn.” Matt commented as I placed the beers on the counter. He had a smile on his face and one graced my face.

“Don’t get used to it. Whoever I marry will be one trained motherfucker. I’ll just reward them with an occasional beer.” I said as I opened one for Matt and handed it to him.

“Again, you’d be the perfect wife. My kind of woman.” I blushed at this and grabbed the other drinks and headed back to the patio. I found the guys already sitting there laughing and talking. I smiled at my boys. Matt took his seat and I set the beers down opening them.

“I love you super short shit.” Johnny said as I handed him a Budweiser.

“Thanks short shit. Here you go Zacky.” I handed him a JD.

“Dude, I love you too.” He said taking a long drink. I handed Bri and Jimmy theirs before taking my seat and drinking my Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I decided that I’d like to stay 95 percent sober for this occasion. We sat talking for a few minutes before we heard the front door smacking against the wall. The guys faces went white.

“James Owen Sullivan! Where the fuck are you?! I’m kicking your ass so hard you’ll be begging for mercy!” Leana’s voice was furious. Jimmy composed himself and yelled back getting up and standing by the large box that had her name on it.

“Out here babe!” She was out here in 3 seconds flat. “You look pretty.” Jimmy commented with an innocent smile. She was about to yell again until she took in her surroundings. The backyard was decorated with white and red lights, in the middle of the yard, a box that was large in size and was covered in different things like ribbon and drum sticks. Jimmy even super glued his hand to it in the process of making it. Jimmy stood next to the box holding a balloon that said It’s a boy. Don’t ask me why he chose that one.

“What is all this?” She asked. Noah and Cara now occupied the rest of the doorway behind Leana smiling. I waved them over to come and sit.

“It’s for you, come open it!” Jimmy yelled all giddy. Leana smiled and walked over to him. “Oh, I’m not pregnant either so you have nothing to worry about.” He said pulling on the balloon string making it bounce around. Leana rolled her eyes and studied the box before slowly opening it. She started pulling things out that had sticky notes on them. Each note said why it was in the box, like for example, Jimmy decided to put in a pair of her underwear, the note said that they were us favorite because she had to take them off during a date because they kept giving her a wedgie. Then he said that they made things less difficult later on in the evening. Jimmy sure knows how to charm the ladies. It took Leana 30 minutes to get to the bottom of the box. At the bottom, there was a sticky note taped down that said ‘…and this is my favorite ring of yours.’

“What ring?” She softly asked finally looking up at Jimmy. He reached his hands in the box and torn off the note. He picked up her ring and dropped to his knees, not just one, but both. He wrapped his arms around her middle and pulled her into him.

“Marry me” It wasn’t a question but a demand. Jimmy was never one for tradition. Leana tackled him to the ground and kissed his face all over saying okay over and over again. Once she was done, she punched him in the arm.

“That’s for saying I follow directions well and making me drive all over the damn city!” She yelled.

“I love you” was all he said back to her. He put the ring on her finger and they got off the ground and Leana pulled him into the house.

“Well looks like phase one is complete, ladies and gentlemen, phase two: plan a kick ass wedding has commenced.” Cara said in a secret agent voice before raising her drink. We all did the same and clanked out alcohol together.

“I don’t know about you fuckers but I’m so not up for drinking tonight. I’m pretty sure I’m still hung over from last night.” Johnny said making us laugh.

“I think we’re all still hung over from the past week. I say let’s go out for dinner for those two crazies in there.” Brian pointed to the house when he said crazies.

“I’m done. Kylie said she wanted to hang out with all of us soon.” Cara and I perked up. Kylie was pretty much Zacky’s other half but they damn idiots didn’t notice. She moved away to go to Penn State after high school and Zacky met Gena.

“She’s back!” Cara and I yelled together.

“Who’s Kylie?” Noah asked looking at all of us.

“One of the coolest girls in the fucking world, she is Zacky’s other half.” I said before taking a drink and earning a smack to the back of my head from Zacky making me slightly choke. I swallowed and punched him back. He was now rubbing his arm while the guys called him a pussy.

“Alright, if you guys like her, I’m sure I will.” Noah said while Cara and I nodded vigorously.

“Let’s go get ready ladies. Men, no sleeveless shirts unless you have a jacket on, no holy jeans, and no chains.” I said getting out of my chair and walking with the girls into the house. I heard them all groaning about rules for clothes. What babies.

We were all upstairs in my room trying on dress after dress waiting for Kylie to come. The door bell rang and Cara and I stopped laughing about something stupid and looked at each other. We both bolted down the stairs and jumped on to Kylie. Some how she managed to hold both of us while we hugged and screamed in her ears. Did I mention that Cara and I were only wearing underwear? Well we are. Noah and Leana finally joined everyone in the room, fully clothed; those bitches. We jumped off of Kylie and I covered myself but Cara just shrugged continuing to give everyone a full view of her top half. Now you all know why she and Johnny are perfect for each other. Brian’s eyes were covered and Matt was holding his shirt out to me. I smiled and took it and slid it on. I punched Brian and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Damn, new rule, you can’t come out of your room unless you have top and bottom coverage. I’ve seen too much.” He stated and I rolled my eyes. We snatched Kylie up and ran up the stairs.

“Thanks for letting us go down there without shirts.” I said sarcastically to Leana and Noah. They just snickered.

“Let’s just get dressed so we can go eat. I’m hungry.” Cara stated. We introduced Noah to Kylie and they hit it off. We dubbed them Dumb and Dumber because they were both blonde. Matt yelled at us to hurry the fuck up. We all put on our shoes and headed downstairs.

“Took you long…you’re beautiful.” Matt said as I approached him. I gave him a million dollar smile and grabbed his hand. You could feel the sparks flowing from his body to mine.

“Let’s go already! I want chicken tenders!” Cara yelled. She was squirming around underneath Johnny’s arm because she wanted to leave so bad and order from the kid’s menu. Laughing, we all headed out the door and to our cars or should I say escalades because these boys had a serious obsession with them. The last thing said before we hit the road was from Cara.

“Do you think they have applesauce?” Oh how I love this girl.
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