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She's Syn Through and Through

Hangovers Aren't Pretty

We all got home at 3am and by the time us half way sober ones got the drunken into bed it was 4am. All I wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed. I walked into my closet to pick out something to wear to bed. I decided on a pair of pink boyshorts, a sports bra, and a black Soulcal sweatshirt with pink stripes. I turned on my iHome and turned it up loud enough to hear it over the pounding water. I grabbed a towel and set it on the counter then jumped in the shower. I could feel the dried sweat and spilt beer washing off. After I don’t know how long I got out when the water turned cold. I dried off and clothed myself. Wrapping my hair in a towel, I turned off the lights and went to bed. Sleep felt like heaven as it consumed me.

Damn birds, don’t they know it’s too early to be happy and chirping away. I rolled over to find red numbers staring back at me: 9:36 am. Fuck. I got up and took the towel out of my hair letting my natural curls fall down. I threw the towel in the hamper and went to go to the bathroom. I looked at my hair in the mirror. My hair looked like I had been head banging for days. I grabbed a hair tie and pulled my hair into a messy bun before applying a small amount of foundation and mascara. Next it was time to get dressed. I’m going comfy today. Besides who wants to get all dressed up when they are going to be shopping for hours. Not me. I threw on a pair of denim shorts, a loose black and blue striped t-shirt, and a pair of black sandals. Pleased with my outcome, I made a mental note to lie out in the sun later. I grabbed my wallet and cell phone and headed to Noah’s room.

“Good morning sweet cakes!” I yelled while pulling open her curtains. What’s that one Disney movie were the chick pulls open the curtains? Well that’s how I felt.

“Go the fuck away.” Noah mumbled before shoving her face into her pillow.

“No can do kiddo, we’ve got shopping to do. Now get up and go get a shower. God knows you need one and I’ll get your clothes picked out and have some advil ready for you when you come down for breakfast.” I’m so glad I wasn’t the one hungover. Noah mumbled something about flinging me of the balcony on her way into the bathroom. I chuckled and moved onto her clothes. I love this girl to death but I just don’t understand why the fuck she chose the clothes she did to bring here. I finally came across a strapless floral romper and I paired it with some gladiator sandals. After I made sure Noah hadn’t fallen asleep in the shower I walked down the hallway banging on doors yelling at everyone to get up.
I made some pancakes and bacon and put out plates with 2 advil tablets by each. I was getting out the syrup when Zacky, Brian, Matt, and Johnny came into the room arguing over a song arrangement.

“Morning boys.” I stated as I placed the syrup on the table.

“You cooked?” Zacky questioned while looking amazed.

“Yeah I figured that 5 men living by themselves wouldn’t be able to make a meal together. Plus I noticed that you still had the pans in the box.” I smirked as my roommates looked embarrassed. They took their seats and began piling food onto their plates. Mid way through, Noah came stumbling into the kitchen.

“Mowrnig” Zacky said mid chew.

“What? I don’t speak pig.” Noah stated. At least she’s sobering up. I laughed.

“What are you two doing today?” Brian gave me a questioning look before turning back to his breakfast.

“Shopping and then coming back here to chill. What about you guys?” I responded before taking a bit of my own pancake.

“We’re gunna write for a few then just chill here. Why don’t we order some dinner and then we can talk about shit.”

“Sounds good Bri. Noah are you ready to go?” I asked.

“Yeah the advil is kicking in.” She got up off her stool and walked toward the door. I laughed and got up.

“You boys clean up the mess after you are done eating.” I heard groans and protests as I was walking out of the house.
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