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She's Syn Through and Through

Hands Off the Merchandise Bub

I had to pee. I know, I know, not the most pleasant thing to hear but hey, you when you got to go, you’ve got to go. I groaned and slowly tried inching toward the edge of the bed where I would usually roll off and crawl to the bathroom. I moved about 3 inches before, in one swift motion, I was pulled back and into something warm and hard. I opened one eye and took in my surroundings. Matt’s room. I smiled to myself and turned over. He was gorgeous. He slept with a dimpled, lopsided grin on his face. I blew in his face attempting to wake him up. After almost passing out from blowing so much, and no don’t take blowing out of context people, I looked around for something to get him to release his death grip on me. I spotted his remote for his stereo on the table next to me. This should be fun. I turned up the volume before taking it off pause. Good Charlotte blared through out the room and Matt jumped up, fully letting me go. I rolled off the bed and stood up. I stuck my tongue out at him and then smiled. I ran into the bathroom and locked it. He began pounding on the door.

“You are going to pay for that Syn! Now hurry up I have to pee!” He shouted and I laughed harder. I finished my business and then unlocked the door. Matt came plowing in and went straight to the toilet.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait before you unleash mini Matt!” I yelled covering my eyes.

“Nope, sorry kid but I’m not waiting and for the record, there is nothing mini about what is about to be unleashed.” He stated and then of course he wasn’t lying. I laughed and ran out of the room and over to my own.

I began getting ready for the day. I did the basics then went to get dressed. I didn’t know what I was doing today but I wore my leather skirt anyways. I was feeling badass. I finished everything and walked over to Noah’s room. She was in the shower.

“Hey bitch, where leather today.” I stated while jumping up onto the counter top.

“Why leather? Into bondage today?” She said with a laugh.

“Oh yeah, you know me, can’t go a week with out hot and damaging sex.” She just laughed harder.

“Go pick out an outfit for me then.” I did as she said and picked out clothes. Leather for lounge day at home, who would have thought? I located a CD that satisfied my music hunger at that moment and put it in. Lil Wayne and Eminem filled my ears and I was happy. Funny how music makes me feel whole.

“Turn that shit off!” Brian called from the hallway.

“No can do bro, I know you have all the Eminem albums and I’m pretty sure I saw some Weezy on the shelf downstairs!” I yelled back to him and he just laughed. He knew I was right. Everybody likes a little rap. Noah and I spent about 2 hours up in her room just doing whatever; mainly dancing around like gangsters singing along. By the time we figured out that our stomachs were growling and it wasn’t just from the bass sound penetrating our bodies we walked downstairs hand in hand to find everybody cleaning and running around like mad women. Yeah I said women because that’s what they are; a bunch of girls. I’m so nice to them.

“What’s going down ZV?” I asked as Noah and I jumped up onto one of the bar stools in the kitchen. He stopped scrumming the stove and turned to us. First let’s tell you what he is wearing before we go any further. Dude’s in an apron that says Miss California 1996 with some killer yellow gloves that you wear when there is a big ass mess to clean up and all in all, he is wearing is signature bowtie with gelled hair. I was trying to crack up but only because he looked totally distraught.

“The girls are coming home today and we all forgot!” He yelled and turned back to scrubbing.

“When are they getting here?” I asked.

“After we pick them up which is in…” He checked his watch to verify the time. “Holy shit! We got to go!” Every stopped and shoved all the cleaning stuff into the hall closet and charged for the door. Noah cracked and let her laughter fill the air and I joined in. We slowly walked out to the escalades. Everyone else was in their chosen places and I noticed that the ones with girlfriends were in one car so Noah and I jumped in the other one.

“You guys are wearing leather to LAX?” Brian questioned from the passenger seat.

“Fuck yeah this is Cali.” Noah stated and I started cracking up. She joined in knowing what I was about to say.

“No…this is Sparta!” I yelled in my attempt of a manly voice. Matt chuckled and then Brian. Soon we were all saying lines from 300 just for shits and giggles. We arrived and went to find their terminal. We stood for what seemed forever before Noah decided that she needed airplane peanuts.

“Why the fuck do you need those?” I asked and she grabbed my hand dragging me to the guest shop.

“Because we are in an airport and one can never miss the opportunity to get plane food.” I didn’t argue. After purchasing every peanut bag in there we started to walk back to the boys.

“Whose that pretty chick talking to Matt?” I gave her a confused look and turned my attention to Matt.

“That whore is Val.” I said while I watched a guy come and greet Val. That must be the douche that decided to help Val cheat. As we got closer I could hear their conversation.

“I see you were dragged here.” Val stated pushing the fact that he was here not waiting for someone. Matt looked pissed, annoyed, and mostly hurt. I took this as my cue to save him. I ran up behind him and jumped on his back and kissed his cheek.

“Hey good looking’.” I said and hopped down. Matt looked at me and smiled a genuine smile. I returned it. Val’s voice broke the happy moment. Bitch.

“Oh whose this, Matt? Babysitting now?” Although she tried to hide the fact that she wasn’t jealous, it didn’t really work. A for effort.

“Val! I haven’t seen you in forever! How are you?” I played the nice card. She looked confused.

“Val you remember Syn right?” Matt said while putting his arm around my shoulder and I grabbed a hold of his hand.

“Oh my god! Syn! You’re so grown up!” She said and reached to give me a hug. I, holding back a gag, received her hug.

“Yep, 4 years does a person wonders.” I said letting her go and going back to Matt’s side. She looked from me to him and her smile faltered.

“You’re beautiful dear.” She said and I just smiled. I took this as an opportunity.

“And who is this?” I gestured toward Sir Douché with Matt’s and mine in-wound hands.

“I’m Tyler.” He offered up and smiled.

“Nice to meet you. You sure chose a faithful one, didn’t you?” I said with a shit eating grin and walked away pulling Matt with me. I looked back to see Val fuming and Tyler looked like he knew he was in for a rough night.

“I love you Syn.” Matt said while pulling me into a tight hug while we were walking.

“And I love you too. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have saved you.” I said with a smile. He chuckled and we walked back to the group. We were in for a fun night I could tell. Michelle was arguing with Brian over who knows what. No wonder they aren’t together. Gena was trying to talk to Zacky but he wasn’t having it. Jimmy and Johnny were pretty much having sex with their lovely girls all while Noah stood by the luggage stuffing her mouth with peanuts moving her head back and forth between ‘couples’.

“Come on let’s get the arguing men and the fucking jack rabbits back home. Oh and let’s not forget about the avid movie watcher.” I gestured with my head toward Noah and Matt shook his head letting go of me and going to get the baby makers. I decided to start with Brian.

“Yo bro-sef, let’s go!” I yelled as I approached them. Michelle looked confused.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m Ari, I came back. Your sister is going to be bitching tonight about it.” I grabbed Brian and walked over to Zacky.

“Baby, I couldn’t find you.” I put on my best whore slash clingy girlfriend act.

“Sorry babe but this fan wanted to chat.” I looked to Gena and she looked pissed.

“Well sorry hun but Zacky has some punishing to do. I’ve been a bad girl.” I winked at Zacky and Brian was starting to crack up but he looked horrified that his little sister would ever say such things. I started to walk away and Zacky slapped my ass. I yelped. He was going to die when we got home.

‘Hands off the merchandise, bub.” I said while sticking my butt out.

“I thought you needed to be punished.” He said and did a creepy growl and laughed. I ran to Matt.

“He tainted your purchase.” I stated and pointed at Zacky.

“What?” He asked utterly confused.

“Apparently, she is your purchase and I tainted it.” Zacky clarified.

“Got that straight bitch!” Matt shouted earning a glare from an old couple. He said sorry and his cheeks turned pink. I laughed as we exited the airport.
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