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She's Syn Through and Through

You bitch, Slow the *** down

When we got out of the airport and back to our cars I noticed that the escalade next to us was gone. Those damn rabbits. I chuckled and shook my head.

“Ahh fuck.” I heard Matt mumble. I looked over to him. The guys were laughing at something. I walked over to them with a raised eyebrow.

“Ahh fuck what?” I asked while Zacky just pointed to the windshield. There written in bright pink lipstick was Guys and Bitch, I went with the over sexual beings, Love Noah. I cracked up. Matt went to smear it with this shirt but I stopped him.

“Ah, ah, ah, don’t smear it. It will stain and it will just make the window frosty pink. Unlock this damn beast and I’ll fix it.” He did as I asked, more like commanded, and got my makeup wipes from my purse. I got the lipstick off with no problems. I smiled at my work and hopped into the driver’s side.

“Oh no you don’t, no one drives my baby but me and Bri so out.” Matt said after he reopened the door and pointed his thumb backwards. I pouted and started to whine. I’m so mature.

“But Matt, I want to drive!” I stated seeing if he would break for my tone before I broke out the puppy dog eyes.

“No” I could tell he was going to crack. This is too easy.

“Please Matt, I really want to.” I started in on my puppy dog face as he sighed and started yelling.

“Fine, whatever, I’ll just suffer in the passenger seat as you kill us all and most importantly my baby!” He was fuming and it was hilarious. He got in the passenger’s seat.

“I’m not going to hit anything, I got this.” I told him.

“Yeah like you had it when I took you out driving when you were 14 and you backed into a light pole in the parking lot.” I laughed remembering. I was a terrible driver but he still took me out. He could have said no. I was about to laugh when Brian shouted from the back seat.

“You let her drive! That car was wrecked and you let my baby sister drive that hunk of shit! You could have killed her!” That was it. Zacky and I busted out laughing while Brian had his finger going in Matt’s face about an incident that happened 4 years ago. I decided Matt had had enough.

“Dude, Brian chill. He couldn’t resist my face just like you couldn’t when you let my try my first beer. Remember that?” I said and watched Brian freeze and Matt started in on him.

“You let her drink! She’s a baby and you let her drink! You motherfucker!” Matt yelled and Zacky and I started laughing again. After about five minutes, everything stopped.

“So Zacky what did you let me do?” I turned to look at him still flush from laughing.

“Aw shit, I let you do so much stuff. You two always said no and I said yes.” They slowly looked back at him. What was this share everything-thing-you-weren’t-supposed-to-let-me-do time?

“What you guys know that face she does, you can’t say no to that shit.” They were both about to open their mouths before sighing and looking defeated.

“That’s right bitches, I get what I want!” I stated and they chuckled. Matt reached over and turned on the radio. Hero by Skillet came on and I smiled as Matt automatically reached and cranked it all the way up. I put the just beast in reverse and chuckled as Matt started to repeat oh god, oh god, oh god to himself. I pressed on the gas as we flew backward and I perfectly executed backing out. Matt yelled.

“You bitch! Slow the fuck down!” I was past hysterics. I was full on crying as I put it in drive and pulled out of the airport parking lot still laughing my ass off. The rest of the ride went smoothly and Matt released the suicide handle, as I call them, and actually relaxed. I pulled into the driveway and we all got out. I was the first one to get to the door and it flew open. Audrey came flying out at me and we both fell into the grass being girly and shit saying how much we missed each other.

I was currently curled up into Brian’s side as we watched Nightmare on Elm Street. This dude was fucking creepy as fuck. Yeah fuck is my favorite word. To top it all off it was storming outside. The movie was reaching another climax and I screamed as the TV shut off and something outside made a loud bang. I jumped so bad I was now on the other side of my couch cushion digging my nails into Matt’s arm. It was pitch black thanks to the power outage.

“Um Syn, You think you could retract the claws.” Matt whispered and I did as he asked. Brian’s voice made me jump again while Matt chuckled and I swatted him.

“The transformer blew. I’m guessing we won’t have power until tomorrow at the very earliest.” He stated. I sighed. I heard someone mumble something about candles and someone say bed. I thought the latter of the two words sounded better. Apparently Matt read my mind.

“I’m going to head up to bed, want to go up?” He asked me and I nodded which was stupid because he couldn’t see it. “I’m guessing that was a head shake.” He stated as He stood up and pulled me up with him. He told whoever was in the room that he and I were going to go up to bed.

“Remember kids, no glove no love.” It was Jimmy. I was about to say something when I heard Matt’s low chuckle and a smack which earned a whine from Jimmy.

“Damn babe, I was just kidding with them.” I heard him say as Matt lead me out of the living room. We made it to the stairs and I smacked into the wall next to them.

“Damned bitch, move the fuck out of my way.” I grumbled as rubbed my head.

“Are you talking to the wall?” He asked and I mumbled a yes. “Nice” was his response as he picked me up and placed me on the first step.

“Thanks Matt” I said as I slowly started to make my way up the stairs and Matt’s hands never left my waist. There go those butterflies again. I reached my door and I turned to face Matt.

“Night Shads.”

“You never call me that.” Was his response.

“So, what’s wrong with changing things up. I could call you Matty, or Mattypoo, or my personal favorite, the Mattster.” I said the last name with a macho tone. He chuckled and pulled me into a hug.

“Matty is fine by me Bella.” He whispered into the calm air. I smiled and kissed his chest.

“Okay, night Matty.” I said as he released me and I turned around and smacked right into the wall…again.

“You mother fucking, bitch ass, cock sucking, shit screwing, fucking fuck!” I yelled at the wall as I once again rubbed my aching head. Matt started laughing and Brian yelled from downstairs.

“You okay Ari?”

“Yeah I’m fine Bri, I just ran into the wall…again!” I shouted back while Matt continued to laugh.

“Thanks for your concern Matty.” I said sarcastically and found my doorway and walked through it… successfully I might add.

“You’re right it wasn’t that funny.” His breath ran down my neck and goose bumps formed. He engulfed me in an embrace wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his head on my head. He sighed.

“I like this.” He stated quietly.

“Like what?” I asked playing stupid.

“You and me” I smiled at this turned around in his arms.

“Me too” I pulled away and grabbed his hand leading him over to my bed. “Lay with me?” I asked him.

“Always” It’s official, I, Aribella Haner, really, really like one Matthew Sanders. We lay down and he pulled me into him. He kissed my head and I smiled for the billionth time today because of this boy. I just hope it continues.
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Just over 6 pages. I feel proud of myself. I'll admit when I first started this story I had nothing in my head but ideas just keep coming and i like it. I had to change aubrey to leana because I couldnt think of anyone else with Jimmy well with all the guys actually but since Jimmy passed, I can't put him with anyone but Leana. So I have some questions for you guys

1.) Should I do chapters from other character's point of view (i.e. Matt, Brian..yada yada yada)?

2.) Is there anything you would like to see in this story? I'm open to suggestions. :)

3.) How long should I wait to make them a couple? I find in other stories I write I get them together way to soon and then I run out of ideas. haha

I'd like some comments before I update again. I might even post another chapter this week if I see some feedback.

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