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She's Syn Through and Through

Great Foursome On A Lonely Saturday Night

I give up. Sleep just doesn’t like me this morning. It’s Saturday and 7 am. I opened my eyes and saw Matt. I felt my corners of my mouth turn up. See, now they do it on their own just because of his face. I slowly got out of bed and made my way downstairs. I grabbed a big bowl, the milk, spoon, and a new box of Frosted Flakes. I plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. Cartoons were on. I’m such a kid. I poured myself a bowl and started eating while I watched Tom and Jerry. That fucking cat is never going to give up on that damn mouse. I was half way through the cereal when Noah came and sat down next to me with a spoon. This chick knows what’s up. We ate in silence. By the time 11 am rolled around everyone but Matt had joined us and was watching intently. Noah went to pour more cereal but only crumbs came out. Stupid crumbs.

“Fuck!” We yelled in unison and threw our spoons in the bowl. Johnny and Jimmy both jumped while Brian winced since he was closest to us. Cartoon time was over and I’m pretty sure I just gained 5 pounds.

“You guys are fucking weird.” Johnny mumbled as we walked past him with our full stomachs and empty bowl.

“Well thanks Johnny.” I yelled back and laughed. Everyone followed us into the kitchen.

“It’s Saturday, I say we have a barbeque down on the beach and get shitfaced.” Zacky suggested and I perked up from my full tummy blues.

“I’ve missed those days.” I commented and remembered all the fun times. One time in particular, my boyfriend of 2 months had tried to force me to have sex with him but I said no and he still tried. I finally slapped him across the face and ran. I will tell you why this was a good memory for me. I promise, I’m not insane and thinking that almost being raped is fun.

“Hey Synny, what’s up? I’ve been looking for you.” He said as I merely nodded. I was never like this and I was hoping that he wouldn’t notice. “What happened?” Damn it, he knows me too well.

“Sam…tried to force me.” It came out muffled against my arms that were being a pillow for my tear streaked face.

“He tried to force you to do what?”

“To have sex with him” I whispered. I felt Matt stiffen.

He pulled me into his lap. This was my first real heartbreak and, of course Matt knew, he knew everything. Even the stuff I never wanted him to know, he did. .

“Let’s go pay Sam a little visit shall we?” He asked as he was moving me from his lap.

“Matt, can’t we just let it go?” I begged with him. I didn’t want to cause a scene.

“No way in hell am I letting this go Ari.” The amount of venom in his voice scared me. He started to walk and I grabbed his hand making him stop. He looked back at me and I gave him a hug. I felt him relax against my body and I smiled. He sighed and rested his head on mine.

“I’m sorry he did that Syn.” He whispered and I nodded.

“Let’s just leave it, if he tries anything again, I promise you can hit him until he is unconscious.” I told him and he smiled and agreed. We walked back to the bonfire and I chilled with the guys and girls for a while before I got thirsty.

“I’m getting a drink, anyone want anything?” I offered. They all said no and I shrugged. As I walked over to the drinks, I felt like I was being watched. I just figured I was on edge from earlier until I felt his breath on me. His hand found my lower back and I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Go away Sam.” I tried sounding intimidating but it came out as weak.

“But why baby, you know you don’t want me too.” He was buzzed. I could tell he by his breath; it smelt like Jack Daniels. Sam couldn’t form sentences when he was drunk so I knew he was aware of what he was doing. His hands traveled to my ass and his lips went to my neck. I shrugged him off.

“Don’t” I warned but he wouldn’t stop. I pushed him off again but he grabbed my arm and spun me around and forced me up against the small shed my parents had built our here just for us kids to keep our stuff in for nights like this.

“Just hold still” He mumbled before going back to my neck as his hands roamed my body. I felt frozen in place and time seemed to stop just for him. I closed my eyes again and breathed in. I was about to scream when I felt him pulling away. I opened my eyes to see Matt pulling him over more toward the fire. I followed behind shaking. He stopped and turned to the kid before punching him square in the jaw. I jumped. Matt kept going and wouldn’t stop.

“Don’t you ever try pulling that shit again! Not on her, not on any girl. Didn’t our mom teach you how to treat a lady?” Matt’s voice boomed into the night as cracking noises seemed to respond. Sam was yelping in pain and Matt was smiling.

“Matt!” I screamed as people were running up to see what was happening. He paused mid swing and looked at me. His eyes were no longer hazel; they were a dark green. His face softened and was about to walk away from him.

“That all you got? She’s just a worthless whore. Take my advice, don’t go for her, she’s been around a few time.” Sam smirked making the blood on his face turn in a new direction. Matt didn’t even think about it, he whipped around and struck him over and over again. Brian, Zacky, and Jimmy were trying to pull him of.

“Jesus Christ Matt, stop. You’ll kill the kid!” Brian yelled as he struggled against Matt.

“That’s my plan!” He yelled back. I couldn’t do this anymore. I went up and started to pull Sam away from him. Leana and Kylie came and helped me while the guys pulled on Matt. Johnny had grabbed the first aid kit and started to try and stop some of the bleeding on Sam as I heard someone call the cops. Matt was standing back up and breathing hard as he wiped blood from his mouth. He saw me and he shook the guys off. I ran to him and he hugged me as I yelled and hugged back none the less.

“You are so fucking stupid Matt! He is so fucked up and someone called the cops! You could be taken to jail you dumbass!” I was screaming and he was rocking us back and forth. Dude’s a freak.

“Ari, shut up. It’s okay, they can’t do shit to me. I’m sorry you had to see that though.” He whispered.

“They can do something Matt and don’t be sorry, I promised you that you could do that.” I said back and he chuckled.

“I won’t let anything happen to you Synny, I’m always right there.” He said as he pulled my face up and kissed my forehead

That night I had to do a lot of explaining. Turns out they didn’t do anything to Matt because they were tired of dealing with his bullshit. Plus they said he was defending me so they couldn’t do anything. That was also the night that I fell in love with Matt. Sure I liked him then and I like him now but from that day forward I was in love with him. Of course when I moved away, I fell out of love with him, or at least I think I have but I’m crawling right back to it. Noah brought me out of my thoughts.

“Ari, hello?” She sang while waving her hands in front of my face. I swatted them.

“Stop it. Sorry I was thinking.” I stated and Brian’s face changed sinister. No pun intended.

“About him?” He was seething now. I nodded and smiled at him.

‘It’s okay Bri, I’m over that asshole and what he did.” He calmed down and sighed.

“Sorry” He apologized.

“No need to say sorry. Noah, did you want something?” I looked back at her.

“Yeah, we don’t have bathing suits.” She stated and I smacked my face. I thought for a moment and went to the fridge.

“Okay here is the plan. Noah and I will get suits and two of you guys will come with us…” Before I could finish, everyone yelled not it. Brian was the last one. Poor guy didn’t see it coming. Matt is up stairs so I guess he is coming too.

‘Anyway like I was saying, Matt and Brian will come with us and then we will get the food and shit. You three plus I’m guessing the girls will set up and call people. Got it?”

“You got it sister!” Jimmy yelled and stuck out his hand. I rolled my eyes and stuck mine out too. Everyone joined.

“Johnny, would you like to do the honors?” Jimmy asked.

“Sure will big shit, on three. Ready, 1, 2, 3… Get your head in the game bitches!” I laughed as I walked back up stairs to my room to get ready. I peeked in the door and saw Matt still sprawled out on my bed hugging my pillow. I chuckled and went to his room. I got him out some clothes and put them in the bathroom. I felt like such a mother. I crept back into my room and jumped on Matt. Nothing; he didn’t even flinch!

“Matt…Matty… Matt wake up… MATTHEW!” I yelled the last word and he shot up throwing me to the side.

“What the fuck is with you and bad waking up people skills?” He asked. I giggled because I don’t think he really understood what he just said.

“Go take a shower. I put some clothes in the bathroom for you already. You are coming with Noah, Bri, and I to get food for a barbeque. Noah and I also have to get a swimsuit.” I told him what was going down and he got up and stretched. He mumbled an “I’ll be back in a few” as he walked out. I took this time for my own shower. I was in my bra and underwear when Matt walked into my bathroom.

“Yo” I said while I finished my last coat of mascara. “What’s up?”

“I’m ready but obviously you aren’t.” He stated giving me a once over.

“What are you talking about; I was planning on wearing this. Is it too much, you think?” I played.

“Shut up and go get dressed.” He laughed as he pushed me toward my closet.

“Shit, you did buy a load of shit.”

“Yeah but I didn’t manage to buy a swimsuit.” I chuckled while I thumbed through the racks. I couldn’t find anything to wear.

“I like this.” He held up a cropped tank top in a floral print.

“Yeah, I like it. Now for shorts and shoes and whatever other junk I’ll wear.” It took us a few minutes. Matt found my shorts and accessories while I found my shoes. I was pulling them on when Matt spoke up.

“Uggs in the summer?” He inquired.

“Yeah, they are comfy plus all my other shoes don’t seem to match.” I pointed out and he just shrugged. I stood up and we made our way downstairs.

“Hey losers, let’s go!” I yelled into the kitchen as Matt and I made our way to the car. We decided to drive my car today. It was nothing special just a 2009 Dodge Ram truck. I could barely get into it but I loved big vehicles. I gave Matt my keys and he smiled.

“I drove your beast yesterday, you can drive mine today.” I said as I opened the passenger side door and threw my wallet and phone in. Matt was already seated comfortably while I was jumping into my seat. He laughed.

“What? I like big cars.” I said as Noah and Brian got in the back. We headed to the mall first. He found a spot to park near the front. We got out and made our way in.

“Where to first?” Noah asked.

“Let’s try that store over there, I miss it.” It was a family owned business and had some of the best stuff. Noah and I held hands as we walked in between Matt and Brian. People were staring at us but I wasn’t sure if it was because of who they were or because here were two small girls walking in between two massive men. I figured it was the first one. We entered the store and Noah and I started looking for suits to try on while the guys went to find a place to sit. When we found a good amount of stuff we walked back the dressing rooms. Matt and Brian looked completely bored as they sat there on a purple and black couch.

“Alright, we’re going in.” I told them as Noah and I entered the large dressing room. We share everything. I put on a suit just to mess with Brian. It barely covered anything and I knew he would yell at me.

“Dude, that barely covers your tits.” Noah stated as she adjusted her bottoms.

“I know, Brian is going to flip a lid.” She just laughed and opened the door. She walked out first and looked in the mirror. I followed close behind.

“Aribella Syn, no way in fucking hell are you buying that.” He stated as Matt laughed.

“What big brother, you don’t want me to find a guy that I could marry at this barbeque?” I questioned as I turned to him with a smile plastered on my face.

“The guy you marry will marry you because of your brain not your boobs which by the way look suffocated in there.” He pointed and we laughed.

“Fine, it’s giving me a wedgie anyway.” I said as I dug the wedgie and walked back into the changing room. I heard Brian say attractive while Matt laughed. We put on our next choices and came out.

“Noah, get that one.” I said as I looked it over. It was a purple suit that looked like it was reversible with red on the other side. There was a small gold emblem on the top and bottom.

“Yeah I like it but I’m going to get some more suits too.” She pointed out and we walked back in. I picked up a monokini that was black and mostly crocheted. I loved it as soon as I put it on. Noah turned around and looked it over.

“Damn” I laughed at her and opened the door.

“I’m getting it.” I stated as I looked at myself in the mirror.

‘I like it.” Matt said as Brian snapped his head in Matt’s direction.

“I mean…uhh…it looks nice.” Brian raised his eyebrow at Matt but let it go when Noah came out. She was wearing a simple purple suit. Brian’s favorite color. I noticed his slack jaw and spoke up.

“Like that suit Brian?” I asked while Matt chuckled and Brian blushed. We walked back in and tried on a few more. We each chose five and went to pay for them.

“Oh my god! You’re M. Shadows!” The girl behind the counter yelled. I didn’t even hear him come up.

“Yeah, hey.” He greeted the girl and gave her a smile. She looked like she was about to faint until my brother came up too.

“Got everything?” He asked me and I just laughed.

“Say hi to a fan Bri.” I said and nodded my head toward the girl who had her mouth hanging open and wide eyes.

“Hey, you look cute.” He pointed out. The girl was wearing a cute tank top and a few necklaces with a dark pair of denim shorts. She was really adorable.

‘Th-thanks.” She stuttered and blushed.

“Hon, I don’t mean to ruin this but could you finish ringing up this stuff. We have to go to another store.” I smiled at her letting her know that I was sorry. She nodded and smiled back and continued to ring up our stuff. I grabbed a small tank top from the side and threw it on the counter too. As she rang it up I noticed a sharpie next to the register and I grabbed it and the shirt. I handed it Brian and Matt.

“Here, sign it for her.” I said and she looked up.

“Really?” She questioned with a really giddy smile.

“Of course. What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Taylor” She stated while the guys nodded and signed and wrote her a small message. They handed her the shirt and the sharpie back.

“I hope it fits. You look to be a small so that’s what I grabbed.” I said while I grabbed my bag off the counter.

“Yeah it will fit. Thank you guys so much! Oh and come back again.” She said the last part to Noah and me.

“We will, have a nice day.” Noah said back as she grabbed my hand and we followed the boys out of the store.

“That was nice of you guys.” Brian said as we were walking back through the mall just looking around.

“Well she was a fan.” I said with a shrug and Matt placed his arm around my shoulder.

“Not one of the girls had ever done that for a fan. Well Leana made us sign someone’s arm before with lipstick.” He said and I laughed.

“Hey if I saw you guys or one of the girlfriends, I would freak out too. So I figured why not, she was sweet.” I said and we continued walking. I noticed that Brian was holding Noah’s other hand and had her bag in his other. How stinkin’ cute! My best friend and brother. We were about to go into Hot Topic when some kids screamed.

“Hey look, Avenged Sevenfold!” One guy yelled and people started to come over and cameras started flashing. Noah and I were being pushed into the store by Brian and Matt. The manager came up to us all in a panic.

“Do you want me to close the store?” He asked and I heard Matt says yes. He got up to the front and started yelling at people to back up. He got the front gate thing and pulled it down.

“Man, that hasn’t happened in a while. Thanks man.” Brian said as he shook the managers hand.

“No problem, I’m going to call security so they can get you guys out of here and clear out the people. Feel free to shop around.” He said with a smile and disappeared into the back. I found my way to the cds and started to browse. Soon enough Matt joined me.

“That’s a good one.” He said as I pulled out In Utero by Nirvana.

“It’s one of my favorites but I lost it a long time ago.” I said with a chuckle thinking back to when some friends and I got high and threw stuff out of my house that we thought would float in the pool down below. That is what I get for watching Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

“They have our first album!” I swear he just squealed. Matt Sanders just squealed like a chick.

“Buy it and grab me a copy of every cd they have of yours.” I said while I picked up Drake’s new album. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the greatest hat I had ever seen. I slowly approached it in awe.

“Noah, come see this beautiful master piece.” I waved her over and she halted her conversation with Brian and walked over.

“Holy shit, this is the greatest thing I have ever seen. Let’s get some!” Noah jumped up and down and held onto my arm.

“What the fuck? It’s a panda hat with strings, why would you want that?” Brian asked and I narrowed my eyes and turned to him.

“Don’t insult this fine artwork or I mean fine knit work.” He looked afraid and I scoffed and turned back to pick out my hat. I took the panda one off the hook and walked to the counter.

“They have beavers, wait no they have raccoons!” Noah yelled and I laughed.

“Go with the raccoon!” I yelled back to her. I noticed the manager come back out.

“Ready to check out?” He asked kindly.

“Yes sir.” He rang everything up for us and I noticed that the crowd outside was disappearing.

“Thanks for closing the store man, it means a lot.” Matt said as he stuck his hand out.

‘It’s no problem really.” The guy smiled and shook his hand. Brian also shook his hand.

“Is there anything you would like us to do for you?” Brian asked.

“Well we kind of have this thing where if a celebrity comes in, we like to get there picture and we hang it on the wall over there.” He pointed to a wall with lots of photos on it. I smiled.

“They’ll do it.” I said for them and the guy laughed. The guys nodded.

“Let me get Jerry from the back. He can take the picture.” He left without a response from us. A few seconds later they came back out and the guy that I’m assuming to be Jerry was holding a camera.

“Ya’ll come over here and get together.” Jerry said. Noah and I joined Jerry. “No you ladies too.”

“But we aren’t famous.” Noah blurted out.

“I don’t care; you came in with them so you are going to be in the picture.” He was a pushy old guy. He seemed cool. Well any old guy that worked at Hot Topic had to be cool. Noah and I stood next to manager guy and matt and Brian stood on the ends. We heard a click and we all moved apart.

“Could you sign this for us? We’ll put it the picture in it.” Jerry handed the guys a black frame and a silver sharpie. “You girls too.” He did as he said but only because Jerry seemed like a badass grandpa. A security guard knocked on the glass signaling that it was safe to come out. We said our goodbyes and left the store.

“That was eventful. I haven’t been stuck in a store since Taylor and I went shopping.” Noah stated and I laughed. She had called me when they were locked in.

‘Taylor who?” Matt asked as we made it to my truck.

“Taylor Swift. She’s talk.” Leave it to Noah to point out something obvious and random to the conversation. That was why she is my best friend.

“Alright, to the grocery store.” Matt stated and we were on our way.

“Can we get some of those little umbrellas for the drinks? I like to dress Jack up when I drink.” Noah said and I started cracking up.

“Who’s Jack?” Brian asked.

“You know, Jack Daniels. He’s only my rebound boyfriend along with Ben and Jerry. Damn, do they plus me make a great foursome on a lonely Saturday night.” I was in tears at this statement. I give you Noah McGee ladies and gentlemen.
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