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She's Syn Through and Through

50 Things to Try and Make Your Partner Scream

“Silly String!” Noah and Syn yelled as we entered Wal-Mart. Brian and I rolled our eyes and I grabbed a cart.

“They are in-fucking-sane.” Brian muttered as we made our way to the meats.

“Yeah but they fit right in; Jimmy and Johnny would have done the same thing.” I commented as I picked up 4 large boxes of pre-made hamburger patties and threw them in the cart. Brian grabbed the hot dogs and added them to our already almost full cart.

“Why do you need so much food?” He asked as I shrugged and we went to get the buns.

“We need another cart for beer and shit.” I said as a crash was heard and two very loud fucks were screamed. I knew who those fucks belonged to and by Brian’s large eyes I could tell he knew too. We deserted the cart and ran to the aisle next to us. Noah had and Syn were laughing their asses off. They had rammed their cart into one of those poles that sat in the aisle. I noticed they had three carts. The one with two kegs was now kissing face with the pole.

“Damn, I wouldn’t drink that for awhile.” Syn commented wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Oh we got the beer for you.” Noah pointed to two of the carts Vanna White style. I just chuckled and walked back to get our other cart. I got everything I needed and walked back out to the aisle way and noticed Noah and Syn trying to push the one of the carts but they barely moved. Brian was laughing and stood by two carts. One with kegs and one with silly string and other odds and ends. I think I saw some sparkles.

“Come on, you guys get this cart and the silly string cart, Bri and I will get the beer.” The girls stopped pushing and stood up and put their hands on their hips.

“Mattypoo, do you think that we can’t push this cart?” Syn inquired as people stopped and stared.

“Of course not babe, but we need to get going and at the pace you two are moving that fucking thing, we’ll be lucky if we get out of here before midnight.” Brian laughed even harder.

“Okay, Noah, let’s get to pushing.”

“That’s what she said!” Noah yelled and the girls started to crack up. I rolled my eyes and tried not to smile but my attempt soon failed.

“Oh look, 50 things to try and make your partner scream!” Syn yelled as we were standing in the check out lane. I whipped my head around and saw her reading Cosmo.

“Hey, I’ve tried this one.” Noah motioned to something on the page.

“Yeah, I know, I heard it go down.” Syn said.

“Sorry” Was all Noah said before turning pink in the face.

“I’m sorry for that one time too.” Ari said and Brian looked like his eyes were going to fall out of his head they were so far out. I could see the little pulsing veins in his head.

“You’re not a virgin?!” Brian yelled. Ari froze to her spot.

“Psh, she is, she just likes it down on her knees.” Noah commented.

“It was one time! It was the most disgusting thing I have ever done.” Syn explained and Brian calmed down.

“Well as long as you aren’t having sex.” He muttered and Syn smacked his chest. “Ow”. Brian was such a wimp.

“Need any help?” I looked up and noticed an overly tanned blonde girl.

“Uh, no thanks.” I mumbled.

“You sure, I noticed you had a lot of beeping.” She stated.

“Hey baby, you forgot to ring this up.” Syn appeared out of nowhere and handed me a pregnancy test before turning to the girl.

“We got a little crazy last month.” She said and the girl turned her nose up disgusted and walked away. Syn grabbed the test out of my hands and threw it to the side.

“That was nicely executed.” I said.

“Thank you my dear. Need help?” She offered and I nodded my head. We reached the end of the shit and I took out my card to pay for everything.

“Can I type it in?” Aribella asked and I chuckled.

“Sure.” I told her my number and she put it in and handed me the pen thing to sign.

“Cash is dispensed below the scanner, thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.” Syn and Noah said as we were walking away with our purchases. Brian and I just looked at each other and shrugged. They were strange. We loaded everything into the car and we headed back home.

“Yo bitches, go get the rest of the shit.” Brian yelled as the girls ran past us with the silly string and their bathing suit bags and disappeared up the stairs.

“Hey, can I talk to you dude?” Brian asked following me up the stairs and into my room.

“Sure” I said as I sat in one of the chairs by the tv.

“Do you like Syn?” He asked straight forward. I felt a knot in my stomach.

“Uh, she’s cool.” I tried playing it off.

“I know that but I’m asking if you like her like her.”

“Yeah” I said and waited for him to strangle me.

“I knew it, I say go for it because I’d rather you be with her than some douche bag.” I was shocked. When we were younger he actually gave us guys a speech about how not to think about his sister like that. I, of course, couldn’t. I’ve always loved that girl even when Val was in the picture.

“Thanks man.” I said. He nodded and left my room. I sat there for a long time thinking about what to say to her. This was going to be a long night. I sighed and stood up to go get ready.
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