When Two Worlds Are Crossed


May 13th, 2007

I was in a strange place, and I don’t knew where it was. It was a strange, yet beautiful. A large green field, covered over by a clean blue sky, which never seem to look the clouds. Behind me, or rather, the place where I was, had a few steep hills, well covered with grass, and after them, in other lower hills, fertile fields had already planted and hills covered with flowers of different colors. Around me, the place was surrounded by pine trees. Definitely, the place was magnificent. I watched with devotion.

Suddenly, in the middle of nothing, a ray of light appeared in front of my eyes and I found the most beautiful creature that I had never seen in my life: an angel, dressed completely in white and black wings. He was extremely pale, half light brown wavy hair, taken with a pigtail. He has to face with some very fine features, red lips, thick and fleshy, and some awesome emerald green eyes, who owned a beauty indescribable.

The angel, which was extremely high compared to my sixty meter faces before me, looking at me fixedly. I look her up, which was almost impossible to shake off. I was completely mesmerized. Then took my hand and placed his palms against mine and hugged me hard, while looking into my eyes. Suddenly I felt like my heart beat at the same rate as his, and I felt it, an enormous sense of inner peace, something impossible to describe with simple words. I smiled, showing what I felt. He, who was still watching me passionately; I went the smile, seeing her all the joy I was feeling and living alongside them.

And suddenly, so like he appeared, I started to feel like he vanished slowly, without removing my eye sight. His hands were increasingly distant from mine. And disappeared, leaving me all alone at that stage.

I saw the clouds changing color. It moved from its usual blue color to take an overwhelming dark gray, with clearer tones, which seemed to be clouds. A cold air came over me, and then began to rain.

I began to feel lonely and I looked to the angel that stole my heart, but the search was in vain. There was not a single sign of their traces. And I felt like things started to go away that they had in place: the pines, the hills, fields and flowers planted. Also stopped raining. I felt my conscience was completely wiped this place until I awoke.

It was all a dream. A simple dream, but I will never forget.
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