When Two Worlds Are Crossed

An Irresistible Surprise

It isn't been so long since I've been here. I have just a few months here, but the truth is that so far, this year in university I lived all the things that I lived in twenty years of my life. Many more things and also much stronger, I feel like my clock turns every time faster and faster.

I am in my first year of the career of Acting. I love my career, since I was just a girl I have many interest in the backdrops and scenes. I always liked confront the public, and I believe this is for the most part because to the shyness that I had, and for a moment, I want to have the opportunity to "not to be me."

But theater is not my only vocation, my other weakness is music ... and specifically for musicians. Yes, I'm a groupie, but many people do not believe it. In this year I've linked to many artists, both famous and unknown, and I do not know why but many I like them too, I learned to seduce guys in a way that would never think when I went to school. I must thank to Araceli, for convincing to this vocation. It is my best friend and she is groupie since she was fifteen. She is from Argentina, and there are, people are very liberal. The things that we, Chileans, this may seem misguided for them can be the most normal thing in the world.

Still, Araceli and I shared the same ideals of freedom, to live without limits. So then, when we had time and enough money, we moved into our own home and create the First World Fraternity of University Groupies. There were many interested, among which were Luciana, Vanessa, Estrella and Macarena, who moved with us later. The relationship between us and them is typical between teacher and pupil, but also our friends.

We have won very much popularity in the Chilean university environment, and until now we are satisfied.

And so, the time of us is divided between studies, theater productions, our duty as fans and the meetings of the fraternity. A frantic combination no? However, a surprise would impact my life, making it even more frenzied than it already was.

It was October of 2009, and Araceli and I arrived at the fraternity, after an exhausting afternoon of tests for what would be our year-end performance exam. Luciana and Vanessa had gone to get some curtains to dry cleaning, but also participate.

It occurred to me to open the door, and we were of dead tired. In the end, it wasn`t necessary, because it opened of itself, and then Estrella grabbed me strong by the arm and sat me on the couch.

- Jazmin, Jazmin! - Screamed ecstatic.
- What? What happens to you, why so effusive? - I said stunned by his attitude, while Macarena was on the computer and Araceli watches the scene totally perplexed, in shock.
- Guess! - Star exclaimed, insistent.
- Estrella! You know I'm not good fortune-teller! Please let's not much screaming and tell me what happens. -
-"You won. -
- What? What thing I win? –
- Do not play! Valo's contest! Next week you're going to get interviews with Ville Valo, so you'll have to think of two good questions.-
I was deep in the white mind. HIM, my favorite band would come to Chile the next week, and I did not remember this famous contest between lots of tests. I did not know if to stay in shock and lost in my thoughts and scream and jump like crazy as it was doing Estrella. I stood for a moment until the Macarena interrupted.

"But Melissa also won. - said.
- Do not be a bird of ill omen! Do not ruin the opportunity to Jazmincito! -
- Opportunity? What? What questions do you want to make to Ville? -I asked totally out.
- Jaz, I wonder! You're too creative for that kind of thing! - Araceli answered.
"But ... Ville is so unpredictable! I'm afraid! - I said, sighing.
"Yes, that's true, but well, we with Jazmin we go to bed, because the truth is that we are very tired and tomorrow we continue with the tests.-
"Good night. - Estrella said.
"May you rest. - exclaimed Macarena.
I absolutely disagreed of Araceli’s words. I do not know if I was so because fatigue, the impact of the news or because do not knowing which questions to ask Valo ... all I knew is that for a week I would be unable to sleep as God intended.
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The Fraternity of University Groupies is an invention mine (if you search it in Google you will can't found it xDDD) It's inspired in the Sims 2 Fraternities (I love this game :P)
I hope that you enjoy it ^^
Thanks for reading :D