When Two Worlds Are Crossed

From Villain to Hero

I went away from the Hall so fast so that nobody would notice, but it's all in vain, they all realized what was happening. While I left I heard a "short cut” we cancel all ". I did not take much account of the comments they said, and took the elevator to arrive at the first floor, all I wanted was to leave the hotel and go to the fraternity. I knew that I had done was not right, but I could not find proper Valo’s attitude, what does he is believed to treat us that way?
When I got upstairs I see that Ville was in the elevator, he had followed me. A best reason to get out of there as soon as possible. Although it’s difficult for me leaving the hotel I did not miss much in the place, as Luciana lived by those around and we had gone a few times at her home. I knew Santiago almost like the back of my finger.
As I ran I could see as Ville was following me. He was really fast, but still I did not think giving up, in this time I don’t thought to give any explanation because I believed that he did not need them.
When I reached at the nearest Metro station to the Sheraton I had given up him and I carried some guilt feelings with me but was too late. He had found me and grabbed of my arms, I tried to let go successfully, and I entered to the station, of course, Ville followed me until we reached the ticket window and grabbed of my arm very hard, so hard that now I could not let go, I just spit.
- Well, now you're going to hear yes or yes. - He said aloud, in the face of all the bystanders who were at the station.
- No! I have no reason to listen; now I understand what kind of person you are! --
- Look smug little girl, you've got to listen to me if you really think that you're right! --
- I do not think listen to you and let me go and throw me to the subway! --
- Now the "princess" threatens to commit suicide! Clap to her that bigger value! –
While our discussion was getting stronger and all the people who were there had their attention on us, I began to cry, giving reason to Ville. I did not like his attitude, but this way of behaving, so impulsive, was not correct to say him. He only managed to me with his beautiful green eyes and hugged me. The only thing I did was cry his shoulder.
"Come, let's sit around and talk what you think? - He whispered me. I nodded.
We went to a place that was near the Metro, we sat in front of a playground. He took my head with his hands and put his eyes in front of mine.
"I wanted to apologize you, I really offended you with my answer: --
"Yes, but I’ve should apologize to you, I should not act that way, with this outburst. -
At that moment, a police car. From it down two police and headed for us.
"Miss, you must come with us to the police station. - He said one of them with strong and authoritative voice.
- What for? - Ville replied flatly.
"Sir, this girl was attacked you, so we have to take her. -
- Why? It's all settled! She apologized and her reasons are more than acceptable. -
- Is it true? --
"Yes, indeed, I recognized my mistake and he apologized. - I said between tears.
"Well, for this time we are let go it, but we hopefully that not happen again. -
"I assure my officer, will not happen again. - Ville I said hugging.
The police left, leaving us alone in the square.
"You have a very difficult character, I'll tell you. - Ville replied.
"Yes, indeed, all people tell me. Sometimes it seems that I'm not afraid of anything ... but I'm afraid you do. -
- Yes? And do you still afraid of me? --
"Well, a little, probably when I get to know you better it's going away. -
Jazmin, you said that it's your name right? Beautiful name ... and you're so beautiful, so dry your tears and all these happened "Let's have a coffee there and talk? --
"Well, I think. - I said trying to wipe my tears.
We arrived at a small coffee shop near the square. It was a very elegant, with many old paintings and vintage decor from the 40 and 50 years. Ville and I sit at the first table that was in front of the door. While he ordered two coffees, I looked at some pictures I had drawn attention.
- Do not you want something more, darling? --
"No thanks, I'm not very hungry. -
"Ville, you know, I have to thank for saving me from the police, especially when I had to go.-
- Why you had to leave? If it was I who offended you! Moreover, a good view of a girl is much more important to me that an interview. -
-And so what? If they took me all that they have to say me is that sign once a week. I do not think that they would shut me. -
- Why? --
"Because that is the justice in this country, suddenly they took at the innocent people, and the real criminals and leave as if nothing. -
- Yes? Well, let's talk about something else, tell me, Jasmine, What do you do? --
"I study theater at the University of Chile, I'm in first year ... --
Our conversation was interrupted when Rocio and Araceli came to our table. We were greeted with kisses by them.
"Look Ville, they're Rocio and Araceli, two good friends of mine, girls, this is ... Bah! For what I present you if they know you? --
"That's true in all things. - Araceli said laughing.
"In all things.-" Ville said.
- Jaz! I knew it! - Araceli exclaimed sighing.
"Please Arita, Ville and I do not want to talk about, sit please. -
"What happens is that Melissa laughed because she swore that you were going to take prey, she had said that you had planned all this to catch the attention of Valo. - said Rocio.
- So? Am I in jail? --
"Yes, you're prey; I currently do not think to leave you alone. - Ville replied.
"Do not unless us.” – Araceli replied.
-Jaz, Can I say that? I find it easier, "So you study Acting? Now I understand why you are well! We have much in common then! --
"Yes, I think, but ask Araceli. She is my best friend, we are on the same class and she can tell you better than anyone who I am.-
- Yes? --
"Yes, and Jaz is one, is a rebel without a cause, like me, but that makes our popularity rise as the foam. -
- And do you make this because you are so popular? --
-No, actually if we were interested in to be popular do not meet with Rocio, because it is the other side. -
"Those dudes of Medicine see us as freaks and they do not want to approach us less of hundred yards. -
"I'm not well, I do not discriminate. -
"Ro, of course, but you not seen the faces that your companions make us when we get you to college? --
"Mmm ... yes, but they do not have made comments to me also must recognize that Acting career is a real institution for Groupies, I have heard comments. -
When he heard that Ville just laughed. He still not believed that we were Groupies.
"Artists are bipolar by nature. - argued Valo.
"That's true .-
"And speaking of artists, we go to rehearse with the band Jaz, Ville, if you want, you can come with us and you can give us some of your wise advices .-
- Do you have a band? Wow! So there I am, but I'll have to go there at 7, because I stay with my manager at Caupolican Theater... --
-Valo, Caupolican Theater is 2 blocks from our house, we're going to leave it ourselves when we go to leave the other little bird of God where her aunt.- I said looking Rocio. Meanwhile, Araceli was throwing looks at Ville frequently, trying to get their attention, when in fact, he looked at me, trying to get my attention.
Soon, we were the place and leave the money in the account and some tips for the waiters and left us.
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