When Two Worlds Are Crossed

The Throne of Inmortality

Meanwhile, during the pre-dawn HIM concert in Chile, a strange event would be held at the General Cemetery.
Four creatures appeared in the middle of nowhere: a tall guy, extremely pale, with long blond hair, taken with a ponytail, and with piercing gray eyes. He was accompanied by three girls, dressed in black and very pale skin like him.
The first was blond, wavy hair and brown eyes, the second was tall, long purple hair and green eyes, finally, the last one had straight hair, and brown shoulder-length. His eyes were dark brown and wore a transparent veil of black.
Anyone who was at the place would see right away that they are not human.
- Hey Stefano, why did we get here? What do we do? "Ask Camila, the blonde girl.
- What do you think we come! Let's sabotage the HIM concert in Chile! Or do you want to be our heir Ville Valo and ruin the whole race? --
- Of course not! None of us will be governed by Valo, but, my love, why we are here in the cemetery? Should not we be at the hotel? - Question Monica, the vampire nut.
"We must devise a good plan, so we're here. -
- But there must be a good plan if we want to defeat Valo and his troops, so think now! - Voce Camila exalted.
Stefano gets nervous. He had forgotten that Ether Vampires reign in immortality since the birth of Jesus Christ, and that much had happened since that time to this new breed of bloodsuckers acquired great strength and power, counting even with the support of some werewolves.
Stefano stops for a moment and think. His look is totally exorbitant, and his attitude is absolute self-absorption. He is addressing a nearby tomb and drinks blood from a glass that he was left over. He is interrupted of his thoughts by Lorenza, the purple-haired vamp, which is about Stefano and begins to seduce.
- I know! I have the perfect way to bring down Ville Valo ... leave it all to me, heart .-
"Lorenza "No, It isn't necessary ... we will bring down Valo where more it hurts him... --
Meanwhile, in the fraternity, all the girls were sleeping soundly, especially Jazmin, who was in a deep sleep ...
She is in the cemetery, but by day, she goes by. She stops near the crematorium ... perceived a strange energy in this sector, moving to enter the crematorium itself, and reaches the park of it, being there with Ville's body lying on the grass. Jasmine comes to him, touches him and confirmed that Ville is dead, at that time just screams:
- No! Ville cannot be! You're not dead! --
And while she tries to revive him in vain. At that time her mind goes blank and a tear running down her face, that tear falls on the cheeks cold of Ville.
While Jazmin provides the look of the latter, Stefano appears behind her, taking her hand.
She looks into his eyes, with some dread. Stefano looks at her with intent to hypnotize.
"Welcome to death, Jazmin. -
At that time only a cry and Jazmin awake.
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