When Two Worlds Are Crossed

The Concert

I do not know what happened after I had this horrible nightmare ... only I screamed and then woke up. Araceli heard my screams and went to see what was happening with me, I told her my dream.
"Relax Jaz, Ville's fine; you'll see in concert right now, you'll see how the guys the break and then we will see in the backstage, so you sleep well, because if you stay altering you only get that grow your sugar. I'm going by insulin. - She said.
Araceli was right, Sugar up to me like foam. I am diabetic since age 5 and every time I have strong emotions I have a fatal moment. However, I did not want to sleep, missing 10 minutes to get up and dream had left me more than marked but ... something strange was in Ville ...He is a guy totally mysterious, and I noticed from the first moment He went me into the hotel. Why this interest in me, so obsessive?
Araceli came with the insulin syringe; she passed me and helped me to injecting in the left arm because I was too nervous to injecting me alone. After that, she went to shower. Meanwhile, I wrote in my diary, I wrote the dream and all the strange sensations of fear and madness that made me feel Valo, but mostly, I felt an immediate attraction that made me think all the time on him and also, I had a passionate desire to see him although the fear that I had him.
After breakfast we all went to college. In class there was nothing special, just that our Voice teacher had not gone, she was in Spain visiting her sick mother. So we only had Makeup classes and optional English class. After that some classmates decided to try a dance performance that we had to present on Monday but Araceli and I prefer to go to the hotel to see Ville and his men. My sugar went worse than ever and I was very scared that a new attack of insulin returns to me. Vanessa and Luciana, the other two girls who went to school with us, chose to remain there.
Apparently, Araceli was more interested in seeing Ville that take care of me itself, I never seen so much interest in tear of the auditions, both alone ... until now ...
We went by the subway to the hotel. While Araceli listening to music on her Ipod; I was looking at a fixed point in the window, while analyzing the blissful sleep.
The subway station is only 3 blocks from the hotel, so once we got there, we had to walk. I had horrible dizziness, so well that I nearly fainted ... and I fainted. It was one of the worst attacks that I had.
All I remember was a strange voices that I heard inside my mind and that despite my unconscious, I always felt watched ... and even spied on ...
That is, until I awoke, I see immediately that I was in the hospital, for the reason that I see all white things and many beds with patients like me. However, when I come out from the coma, with the first thing that I found was those cat eyes and that angelic smile. I don't understand how Ville heard about my swoon; I corroborated it later when Araceli came with three coffees and a box of chocolates. She left on the shelf.
Ville kissed my forehead and said:
- Are you okay, darling? --
"Mmm ... ehm ... yes, I'm fine. – I answered.
-Ville was leaving the hotel when we went there; he was to meet the band at the theater. - said Araceli.
-Jaz, do you really feel well enough to go to the concert? - Insisted Ville.
"Yes, I'm really good, besides that I bought the ticket, so I have forbidden sick.-
At that time the nurse came in with the reviews that they had done to me. Indeed, she said that I had been a diabetic coma with mild hypoglycemia and I had to bed rest. I insisted that I was fine and I would not have complications. At that time the doctor arrived and, he seeing me so stable after fainting that he decided to give me high but always that I take caring me well, I had been constantly with medicines, and I had avoid strong emotions, especially if these were negative. I nodded, I got up from bed and I put on my clothes. While we went to the fraternity to change clothes and prepare for the concert at 8:30, Ville had to be in the Caupolicán to finalize tests with the guys from HIM about it would be the concert, but as the theater was near to our house he accompanied us to the entrance and he left.
"Please Araceli; take care Jaz and that she don't make overexertion or doing strange things in the show. - Araceli nodded and looked him straight in the eye. I ratify there that Araceli definitely wanted something with Valo. For my part, I wanted to go to my room, while the other girls were already at home. They were very worried about me and ask me how I felt, but especially asked me about Ville, I told them there was nothing, just we're meeting.
"Well, now is not nothing but prepare for the concert. - said Luciana.
All they nodded.
"And to prepare for the rows, to get a good place, although Ara and Jaz and will help us to be near Ville "No?" - Replied Estrella.
While all are prepared them, Araceli was calling Rocio, asking if it was necessary that we get by her, but she would find us later.
I did not want to go so weird clothes as I used to go to concerts; I preferred something more simple and convenient because of my health at this time. So I wore my black jeans and my HIM shirt, my Converse, and I let my hair loose and smooth, then put me a necklace with a heartagram that my ex-boyfriend gave me for my birthday.
The other girls were ready, only I was missing, so they just saw me we went as quickly as possible for to be in the first rows. But we haven't so much trouble, because the place is near our home and also when we arrived there it was only the fan club people, and they know us very well and we had very good vibes with them, so we were a good time talking with them. The worst part happened later when began to come the whole troop of fans together. It was just 5:30 pm and it had a row of at least 2000 people, I did not expect, because HIM is not known for having a large audience in Chile, at least not on a mass level. Mostly of fans came to the university, school or work directly, because it was Friday, and they all were conscious that if they wanted to get a good location in the theater, they had to be there as soon as possible. Fortunately, we were the first, so the only thing that worried us most was the push that we got from the other fans. People that traveling along the street looked us puzzled. The mostly put attention in gothic outfits of many, maybe wondering how it could have so many people dressed in black in the middle of spring, with 25 degrees and a huge sun.
It was six o'clock in the afternoon and just there opened the site. The Ticket Sellers began to order tickets, which surprisingly, it was all sold. We were the first to go, and really caught our attention to see the theater, so great, which, however, later to become totally small, given the large amount of people to expect it. "And to think that after we will become to act in stages like it." I thought.
At seven-thirty the place was full. Behind us was the directive of the fan club, which had come with us. I looked back and was packed with people. Three quarters of the audience were women, as HIM known for having a predominantly female audience. All they were anxiously that the band show in the stage. Behind me was a very attractive blond guy, like the guy that I saw in my dream. He looked at me eagerly, but I could not understand their looks.
Eight o'clock the concert began. The first in show out were the opening act, a local Goth metal band, whose name I forget at this time. They were about 25 minutes on stage and the truth is they were good, I liked a lot, but I do not know if they can the opening act for a band like HIM, well, something begins.
We waited about a half-hour for to see HIM in the stage. Many people at the time advantage of using the bathroom or go for something to eat, but the truth, I had no hunger, but if I went with Araceli at the bathroom to inject me the insulin, which I had forgotten because the ecstasy into which I had because the concert. She took advantage of changing pad towel, because she was with the menstruation and she does not want to have a mishap during the concert, much less be the laughingstock of the guys or other people present, despite her relaxed character.
Just HIM appeared on stage, all the girls began to scream the name of Ville with impetus, and they don't left of say him flatteries of all kind. Beside us was a group of girls who came to cry even. We also hold at the other girls with our screams ... we could not deny, if it was a collective campaign. But mostly, I noticed Ville very concentrated in a concert. I had seen videos of other HIM direct online, but none he had been as deep as this. As for the sound, it was fine and the guys were really focused on that they did it, which give like resulted in impeccable instrumentation. It seems that they had been more than happy with our country, and generously, the concert lasted almost 2 hours, and this was unusual at the gigs that taking place in Chile.
As in the U.S. tour, they opened with Passions Killing Floor and closed with The Funeral of Hearts. An interestingly anecdote, while they playing Buried Alive by Love, people that was behind started pushing to us, that we were more closely, which gave me the opportunity to climb onto the stage and outwit security, Araceli and Rocio together with other guys took me in their arms and I ran over the guards. In the end, Ville had to help me get up on stage or else, an accident happens just at the concert and I end up in the hospital again. I sang with him the final chorus of the song and then we kiss on the mouth. I wanted to see Melissa's face at that moment. Although really no, I'm not bully or competitive, at least not in that sense.
In gratitude, Ville invited me to sing again as they played Vampire Heart, with the difference that this time was the guards who helped me to get up on stage. At the band threw everything: stuffed animals, shirts with the Chilean flag, towels, chocolates and even brassieres. I never have felt so corny and mesmerized at a concert when I was just of the girls that pulling the underwear on stage.
All I knew it was that at that moment all the girls present, and even my friends hated me in this time.
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