When Two Worlds Are Crossed

Twin Souls

At the end of the concert mostly of people went agreed. But we had some that don't conform only to the concert itself and decided going at the backstage. Of course, Araceli and I had certain advantages over other fans, because all the stories that we have happened with Mr. Ville Valo in the last two days. The place was very full, not surprising for us, since we had frequented some dressing rooms more full. There were many girls crying and many fans anxiously awaiting the band appear at least a couple of inches from the dress room door. Some people were waiting with a camera in hand to get some photos and others with notebooks and notepads, trying to get some Ville’s autographs or of his partners.
At that time, I saw a paper lying next to my shoes. It was a small paper and was a little crushed, probably it should have been one of those secret messages that you frequently send as password. For me it was perfectly normal, because with so many people who had it in the locker rooms one could not even speak. I opened the paper and had the following message:
See you at the cafe in ten minutes,
with love, Ville.”
I read it and was shocked. I don’t believe that Ville was there, but I wanted to go to corroborate it, I told it to Araceli, and she said:
- How? Is it possible, Jaz? But Ville has not even come to the door! How you can believe such things? --
-Neill ... Ville is in the locker room with the guys ... "Rocio said sighing.
I heard the comments of the girls, but I ignored them and went to the theater’s cafe, for to corroborate that Ville sent me the message, and if not him, confront to the supposed impostor. The surprise that I found is that there was nobody there. Suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, appeared the blond boy that had seen in my dream and that both caught my attention.
"Good night, Jazmincito. - I said.
I simply stammer, trying to leave me some word. However, he interrupted me.
- Ah! I see that you are very shy ... you're afraid to talk to strangers as Valo and me, eh? “
How, Valo? Did he not human? He has a lot of strange, but this guy is even stranger than him.
"Well, you have fifteen seconds to say all that you have to say in this life before that you pass by the other, tells Jazmin, Do you believe in the beyond? --
I thought to respond him at this time. But before of to articulate a word, I saw Ville walked entering by the door as if nothing in the cafe, and tightly gripped to the blond boy with a hand on his hip and another in the neck, intimidating him.
-Ok, ok, Ville Valo, I let go Yeah? For once, I let miss, but one thing I advise one thing to you two, you cannot easily escape from me! –
After to say it that, he went out the front door of the cafe, leaving Ville and me alone in that scenery. Ville took me in his arms, I could not shake off his look, it was inevitable match him.
- Are you okay? Does not hurt you that guy? - He asked by the blond guy.
- Who is he? Do you know him? How does he know your name? - I questioned.
"Someday I'll tell you all, it's a long story and hard to understand. - He just told me.
At that moment Araceli came with Mige, Gas, Linde and Burton, the other band members. Behind them came Vanessa, Luciana, Estrella and Macarena. All very worried about us.
- Are you okay? --
- What was it that happened? --
- Who went there? --
Those were some of the questions that they did us.
"Actually no, what happens is that Jazmin and I feel about ... a few steps into the cafe and we wanted to see if there is anyone .- Ville said apologized him.
- And in the end there was anyone? --
"No, there was no one. - I said no more. It was hard for me to believe even that Valo was an expert myth-maniac; at least he was quick at the time of making excuses, and with this he left me very stunned. While before I saw him as a mysterious boy, now I see him as a totally strange guy, dare I say that he is not a human, though of course nobody would believe me and he would deny me.
At that moment came the band's manager, Seppo, with a face not very happy for say it.
- Guys, what's all this fuss? It is demanding me from the administration of the theater! It is assumed that no one should be here during the concert! --
"Ask to Ville Valo. - Said Mige.
"Mmm ... what happens is that ... well ... I do not know how to explain ... Jazmin and I had a paranormal experience here. -
- Jazmin? Ah yes! If you're the girl of the drink do not? What paranormal experience had you, eh? --
"Because with Ville, we hear a few steps here and gave us curious to see who had, but we have not found anything.
"Anyway, this theater includes many stories. - said Luciana, who was the best known hereabouts.
"Yes, I've heard a couple of them. - I said.
- Yes, but please get out of here, if you do not want that direction to get out us of here! - Seppo insisted.
"Yes, indeed, going to backstage. - Ville said.
Meanwhile in the dressing rooms there were still people, and we were with the band, talking about the concert, so great had been it, and we were thinking of doing a party in our humble fraternity with the band and with present fans, not forgetting of course, on the directive of the Fans Club, the Street Team, and Nathanael and Rocio. For me, at least, was the best day of my life ... or rather one of the best days. The truth all this that everything that had happened in recent times had become something magical for me, something that in real life I was not used, never was so entranced by a simple concert. And more over we party with our favorite band! However, HIM were not the first to have this experience. Before, bands like The Rasmus, Muse, Nightwish or Cinema Bizarre were spectators of our delirious parties in the fraternity when they stepped on Chilean soil, and they found that in them, everything could happen.
We left the theater on the vans that brought HIM to the place. Some, who went in car, take more people, and others simply chose to walk, since we were only two blocks from the theater. However, many people preferred to go by car for security. It was already half past ten at night and we went with the band in the first van. Somehow we did to fit in vehicle, and we were laughing, singing, throwing jokes and the guys told us anecdotes of the band. We stopped at a liquor distributor near the site, to buy drinks and appetizers. This was the part that more hurts to Ville because now he was sober, so we brought two big bottles of drink. However, he felt lucky to have that have on to Araceli and me in his arms.
We came very fast at our home. It was all made a chaos, since none of us had been in charge of the toilet for the concert and classes. The guys, on the whole technical staff who had come with us offer to volunteers for clean the house before the arrival of other guests. It took less time than if we had done it alone. We put in the dining room the snacks and drinks, we take off the chairs and living room's furniture aside and closed the bedroom ... but sooner or later they end up ... and left everything impeccable for guests, that not late in coming.
It was eleven o'clock at night and everyone was dancing. The party was armed seriously, was far more pompous celebration was done in our fraternity, so much so that people who never even knew, and that like us, were fans of HIM, joined us. Everybody was dancing in the living room. Some were sitting in the dining room to chat and take some drinks. But I decided to leave to the backyard with my cell phone, I wanted to call my mother, tell her that everything was fine here and she does not worry about me. Still I do not understand how I become in what I am having a mother so apprehensive.
"Hello Mommy. -
"Hello daughter," Are you there? Cannot hear anything! --
"Oh yes ... Mom, I'm fine and do not worry about that noise ... it’s that we went to the HIM concert and now we're doing a party with the band and the fans club. -
- What! --
"Do not worry, if it’s a party healthy, in fact I have not even drink. -
"No daughter, do not worry, you only did not listen, I'm glad you're well and things do not make unreasonable not drunk you okay? --
-Ok. Mother, I have to go, bye. -
"Goodbye my dear.-
We hung together. I love that my mom would believe me about what the "undue things". Many times I have analyzed the lifestyle I led in so little time, I know that is not correct, but for 19 years I have lived my life like a girl "role model" when I was a teenager so I concentrated on studies and in the theatre that I did not have time for friends and parties. From boyfriends not speak, I have had Nathanael and a guy that I dated for a time after leaving school but after two months I broke with him because I cheated me with another girl in Buenos Aires. And if so, we add extreme shyness, it is almost impossible to think that I have ever been popular, or that I stands out for something else than studies or art.
I was still there, outside, watching the full moon. Then, Ville left the kitchen and sat in the chair that we had in the terrace. He was smoking a cigar while, as I also watched the full moon, I went there to sit together him.
- How many have you smoked? --
"This is the first, heart. -
- Really? Did not you lying? Behold, because I know about you, in that you are expert. -
"No, really, the guys are taking a few drinks and dancing, but I'm sober and I do not like dancing. Moreover, there are many times when I need my space. –
- And tonight is one of those, right? --
"The truth is that yes, after so many tours, so much recording, all that traveling, interviews and this stuff I needed this: sitting to smoke a cigar and watch the full moon .-
- Is it beautiful, right? --
"Yes, it is beautiful, but never as beautiful as the woman next to me. You know anything, Jazmin? I wanted to tell you something ... --
- Tell me, I'm all ears.-
-That during all the years of my life I never had a so strong connection with a girl like with you; you’ve impact me a lot. You're beautiful, intelligent, great artist, we have the same tastes, and what else can I say? I love you Jazmin, I love you! - As he said he huddled in my arms like a real child. We hugged us and I embrace him, playing with her hair and looking into his eyes. We smiled and played with our faces, making strange faces. Then he stood from his chair and took me in his arms, and then he sat down. I sat in his arms and he hugged me, then we kissed. The kiss was long, hot, and passionate. I could not get rid me of it his mouth, he was a great kisser. While I know Ville Valo from two days ago and, given my condition as a groupie, it happen with him something strange, something that never in my life have I experienced even with Nathanael, who was the only "formal" boyfriend that I had. Could it be the effect of the full moon? Or the one glass of beer that I drink? I do not know certainly, but all I know is he was a very special person to me, and not just because of being my favorite singer or by such superficial datings that I had with certain celebrities for whom I was "the girl on duty.” He is do not so, or at least I wanted to believe it.
"Jazmin, do you believe in soul mates? - He asked me with a sincere look.
I hesitated too long to respond. I knew what they were soul mates, but I did not believe that Ville were really mine, at least not want to believe it at that time, I did not have any illusions of what would probably be a simple affair. Ville was everything to me, but I would not break my heart.
"Yes, yes I believe in them, but I do not know what I would do if I met mine, I'm really scared. - "You have here. - He said with a warm smile.
Given this declaration I was left perplexed. I knew that he would give me that answer, but he left me without reply. I just hug and smile, like a real little kid. I had never felt that way, maybe it's love, but I'd prefer that not.
"You are the most valuable thing that I have in the world. I do not know if you will be my soul mate, all I know, now I'm with you and nothing else matters, I live it all with you Ville Valo, yes, everything .-
- So you're ready for everything for to be with me? - He asked defiantly.
"Yes, absolutely everything, I'm young and nothing else matters to me. -
- “Do not even your love for the stages? And does your family or your friends? --
-Ville, I really do not understand, first you say that you love me, I'm your soul mate, then you make me these questions so ... conflicting ... I do not know what to say.-
"I say exactly for it, because I will not want to suffer my soul mate, I do not want that you doing things that you apology later, Jazmin, I do not want to hurt you, but I know that I will do sooner or later, so I'm asking you .-
"In this life you have to take risks, love, and if I have to leave something aside to be with you, I will, everything has its reward, I hope .-
- I love your words! - He said, and completely dominating me, he kissed me again. Yes, it was the first time that anyone has dominated me and I could not avoid it.
"I never had happened me this with a fan, in fact I've never had dating anything with a fan. -
"There's always a first time for everything, Valito. -
I decided to dominate it and I took his hand. This time we went to the pool, we look and we sketch a mischievous smile. He winked me, as if he has divining my thoughts and with his arms shagged me. -
- How beautiful is the full moon! It keeps getting more beautiful! - He said, trying to tilt my thoughts, as if I don't knew what he really meant me.
"Yes, of course, is very beautiful. - I said, playing along.
- It's perfect! It contrasts with the color of your skin, that I love it. -
"Mmm ... I do not like, often envy white people, like Araceli, I love the color of her skin and more if it has freckles! The best thing for me! --
We looked for a long time, and then we took our clothes, leaving us only with underwear, and throw us into the pool. Then he hugged me and we looks at the full moon.
"You're not the first to be thrown into the pool with me in underwear. -
"But I am the first to do it with the light of the full moon. - He said, looking from feet to head.
- Now I do not want to be angry, but I love the color of your skin! --
- Well, not loved me? --
"Yes, actually I love them both, except that the skin tone, cinnamon, it is not seen in my country, must be why. -
- Yes? --
"Yes, indeed, from now on you're my cinnamon girl. -
- What about me how you would then? "My ... cotton guy? Or maybe ... my snow guy? --
"Tell me either way if you like, Darling.-
Then, something strange happened, light went off. Suddenly, two guys arrived in the middle of nowhere. They were strange creatures, it came flying ... I suspected the worst ...
"Excuse us Mr. Valo that interrupt you in his gorgeous evening with this beautiful lady. - Said one of them, had a smooth, black hair and strange gray eyes.
- What do you want now? - Ville asked arrogantly.
"We wanted to know if you are ready to venture...into the underworld ... .-
"Ah ... I know what you come, if you are the mediocre subordinates of Mr. Stefano Dallagio, let me say that we are having a party at after our concert in Chile and therefore you are not welcome .-
"We do not need invitation, Ville. Furthermore we understand that this is not your house. - Said the other vampire.
"Now, if this beauty invites us assume that we join in your celebration. - Said black-haired boy, taking my hand and looking in detail my attributes. I looked at him disrespectfully.
This provokes to Ville, causing him to explode in anger. He lunged against them, pulled a knife and was buried in each one. First, the companion and then the black-haired vampire, whom he left the knife buried. Both guys were killed instantly.
- Ville, who are they? What do they want from you? Why the mystery? - I asked desperately.
"I told you, heart, someday I will tell you the story, but now is not the time. - he said me holding my head and kissing her forehead.
-Ville, I don’t know ... I'm so scared ... I do not understand that they want about you, but if they kill you, they kill me too ... that's all I know and I will not allow. -
"Relax, while I'm here you do not have to worry ... I will protect you with my life if it was necessary. - I said, and then shagged me in his arms. Then we went to the pool and watched the full moon.
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