On the Edge of Eternity

Lestat de Lioncourt has been in a deep slumber for the past half century, when he was awoken in New Orleans, in our day and age by a band, Satins Night Out. After reading is former companion, Louis’s , memoirs, Lestat’s mind is filled with new and almost indescribable plans. One night while hunting, a strange and baffling girl crosses his path. From the moment he laid eyes on her he knew he wanted her .
Amber Waters has had more than her fair share of tragedy in her life, but as she enters college she plans to put that all behind her. And she does a pretty good job at it. But what happens when a creature she has only known in fiction takes her by the hand and leads her in to his world, on of Sex, Blood, and Rock and Roll… but most importantly immortality.

Based on the Queen of the Damned, the book not the movie. Basically a rewrite of The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned adding a principal character and its told through her eyes. I will stick VERY close to the actual events of the Queen of the Damned and I promise that Marius didn’t make Lestat in this, it was still Magnus. (This was formerly La Mortelle et le Vampire)

Anne Rice owns The Vampire Chronicles, and all the Characters there in, not I.