Opposites Attract.

Truth Be Told

Getting up from my seat, I then grabbed my book, as did Harry. We turned to page 143 in our potions book, and we started to read the instructions, in total silence. I was nervous. I've never been so close to the boy in flesh without bullying him. Our hands were so close together placed beside our books whilst reading.
Slughorn came over with the questions to ask each other. "Here you go Draco, Harry" He passed us a piece of paper with the question on it. "Do not show or ask the question to each other until you have taken a sip of your potion, remember that." We both nodded, and then he walked away to Pansy and Hermione.
I looked at my piece of paper and it said "What is the one thing you loath the most?" Pfft, what a pitiful question to ask, I must say, everyone knows what Harry's one is. Voldemort.
We finished reading our questions at the same time and he finally spoke "Right, pass me the ingredients." He ordered me, and I did do as I was told.
It was like that the whole time. He just asked for something, and I gave it to him. No eye contact, no chatter, no esteem at all.

Once we finished, or should I say, once Harry finished making the potion, we poured it into two cups.I picked up one of the cups. It still felt warm and smelt awful "Well, here goes nothing." I said as we both took a gulp of the potion.
We both started squishing our faces and squinting at the taste of the potion.
"ERGH! What a dreadful taste! Well, I guess the truth can be sometimes bitter." Potter joked. I laughed. I didn't want to, but I truthfully thought it was funny. Oh god the potion was taking effect. It really does work.
"Right, you should ask the question first." Potter ordered me.
"Alright then." I spoke, picking up my piece of paper and reading what it says on it. "What is the one thing you loath the most? But to be truthful, I think I already know what the answer is." Harry glared at me. Wow, he was truly angry at the starement i just said.
"Lord Voldemort." He spoke angrily. I wanted a different question, something that would tell me what he truly wanted in a sexual manner. If he fancied boys, if he could ever fancy me. or maybe even...
"What is the one thing you desire the most?" Harry questioned me.
Or even that question.
Shit...try and force something else out. Don't say you, don't say Harry Pott..
"You, Harry Potter, you are what I truly desire." I spoke, a bit too loudly.
SHIT! I HATE THE TRUTH! SHIT DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT?! I said in my head over and over again.
He just looked at me, truthfully shocked. And i stood there, truthfully embarrassed. I noticed a few people in the class overheard us. Gossip was suddenly happening around the room.
I felt tears starting to form and decided it was a good idea to leave. Shoved my book into my bag, then glanced back at Harry. He just stared at me, confused written all over his face. I then grabbed my bag and stormed out of the class. I heard Professor Slughorn yelling something to me in a plea tone, but I did not care. I could hear lots of murmuring, but i could not make out what it was. All I was thinking was I finally let out a secret that no one should've ever known. Potter knows, the whole class knows. Soon enough, the whole school will know, then my parents will know.

I was power walking back to my dorm room, tears rushing down my face. Embarrassed by what happened, scared of what everyone else thinks, what would Harry think?
As i was walking, I heard someone calling out my name. I stopped in my path. His voice sounded slightly rough, yet friendly. It was the only voice I wanted to hear at the moment. I turned around to see Harry Potter standing there in the distance.
My heart skipped a beat at that very moment.
♠ ♠ ♠
Hope you enjoyed. This one was a bit more rushed than the other two. I got a bit of a mind-block whilst i was writing this.