Cassie Walker was a waitress at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe, co-owned by Green Day bassist, Mike Dirnt. She meets the other two members of the band one day at work and falls in love with lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong after starting a friendship with him. She begins dating drummer, Tre Cool, so that she can continue to see the happily married man. After a string of life changing events, Cassie finally understands the often blurred line between true love and unhealthy obsession. She has many secrets that she would stop at nothing to keep buried to protect the ones she loves.

Disclaimer: I do not own Green Day, their families or their affiliates. This is a work of pure fiction and is no way intended to be a documentation of actual happenings. However, I do own this storyline and those that you do not recognize.
  1. "Drunk it is!"
    Green Day are enjoying the downtime from their current tour but one of them holds a secret that is painful for him to even think about.
  2. Warm, liquid emeralds no more.
    Billie continues to deny everything Cassie said to him, killing her even more inside.
  3. Waitress Heaven
    Cassie begins remembering back to the first time she met Tre and Billie Joe.
  4. Tainted Love
    Tre loves Cassie but Cassie loves Billie Joe.
  5. Shh, don't tell
    Cass tells Billie Joe she's in love with him, much to his disdain.
  6. Come And Get Drunk!
    Tre becomes a little suspicios and Cassie thinks of life without Billie Joe.
  7. Friendship- A Bond Not To Be Broken
    At Mike's barbeque, Cassie tries to fit in with the other wives, but ends up hanging out with the kids as usual.
  8. Young Love
    Cassie finds out about the budding romance between Joey Armstrong and Ramona Wright. What will Tre and Billie Joe think?
  9. Red Glittery Lip Gloss
  10. Billie's Decision
  11. What's With The Attitude?
  12. Billie's Confession
  13. Charades
  14. Sirens
    Cassie and Adrienne talk after Billie goes missing.
  15. Blame
  16. Breathe a Sigh of Relief
  17. When Adie Finds Out
  18. Is This Love Real?
  19. I Love You...
  20. What Will She Say?