Sequel: Breathless

There Are Still Rules To Break

In So Deep

Amanda could do nothing but smile as Patrice drove through the streets of Quebec City, his right hand lightly holding her left from across the center console of his car. They rode in silence, catching each other’s eyes every so often causing them to smile and grin at each other, or just burst out laughing. It was ridiculous how much they had missed each other after being separated for under two weeks. If their relationship were to last well into the start of a new Bruins’ season, just how were they going to survive those incredibly long road trips Patrice and his teammates would be on at least a few times a year?

But the word ‘if’ was not something either wanted to think about. They needed their relationship to last. They had fallen so hard and so fast that neither Amanda nor Patrice could imagine their life without the other. It was too painful of a thought. And to say the least, it shocked both of them how easily, how quickly, and just how much they cared for each other. Neither had been looking for someone or anything serious, but they had met and by some act of fate, they connected to each other with such an intense attraction.

Amanda’s eyes were scanning everything they drove past. There was a certain charm about Quebec City, and Amanda could easily see herself loving it. The streets were crowded with people, and it was so alive. It felt like she was in a different country, something she had long heard about Quebec in general; it was like a little slice of Europe in Canada, and Amanda found that to be nothing but true. She vaguely heard Patrice giving her names of the big, beautiful buildings they passed, but Amanda was too enthralled in her studying of the sites to remember what he had said.

“This is it,” She heard Patrice barely whisper as the car pulled to a stop. She turned her head straight ahead of her to see the car was sitting in the driveway of a modest sized, beautiful stone house. Her first thought was that it fit her boyfriend perfectly. She turned to him with a wide smile, not being able to help laugh at the hopeful and shy look that graced his features.

“I love it already,” She said, unbuckling her seat belt before gathering her purse into her lap and opening the door. Patrice ran around to her side of the car, holding a hand out to her that she eagerly took. She told him to leave her bags in the car for a while; she just wanted to see the house. Laughing slightly at her excitement, he pulled her up the stairs of the huge porch that stretched the whole width of the house and to the front door.

Quickly unlocking it, he pushed the door open and smiled at Amanda, leaning down to whisper into her ear, “Bienvenue à ma maison.” She bit the inside of her cheek as Patrice put his hand on her lower back and guided her through the door, wishing he hadn’t spoken French at such a time. It would be inappropriate and rude of her to throw him against a wall the minute they got to his house, after all. Though, she had a feeling he knew exactly what he was doing to the American girl by welcoming her into his house with a few, whispered French words. Shaking her head of the dirty thoughts, she let her eyes look over the clean, marble floored foyer.

“This is really nice,” She said, letting him take her purse from her hands and set it on a coat rack. Patrice grinned, kissing her cheek and grabbing her hand with his again.

“To the left is the office, which I really never use,” He told her with a laugh. “It looks cool, though, right?” Amanda laughed and nodded, making Patrice grin. “To the right is the fancy living room I never sit in, either. So, basically the whole front of the house is just for show.”

“You would,” was all Amanda said, letting herself be pulled through the center of the foyer, past a staircase that no doubt led upstairs where the bedrooms were.

“I figure since you love my apartment kitchen so much, you’ll really want to see this…”

At the end of the narrow hall, Amanda found herself stepping into a huge open room, the center part being the large, decorated and stocked ‘to the nines’ kitchen. Everything a chef could ever need was there, and Amanda felt her body get giddy with excitement at the prospect of cooking in it. To the right of the kitchen was an equally as large dining room, also beautifully decorated with warm colors. She felt Patrice pull her hand towards him and he motioned to the left, where Amanda saw another living room, this one with a huge, flat screen TV, video game systems, movie racks, and large, bed-like looking couches. There was a stairway to the far left side of the room, another way to the second floor no doubt, and what looked like a bathroom off to the right. She saw exactly why Patrice loved the room; it was close to food, stocked with entertainment, and was close to a bathroom. What more did a man need?

“This,” he said, pulling her through the kitchen and down the few steps to the lowered room. “Is where I live in this house.” Amanda laughed, flopping herself on the large, cushioned couches, letting out a sigh of relief as her body relaxed into it. She felt Patrice lay down next to her, and she smiled when his arms instantly wrapped around her body and pulled her into him.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” he said, just above a whisper, staring directly into her eyes. Amanda felt the heat rise in her body as she tangled her fingers in his, “I’m glad I’m here, too.”

Pressing his lips softly against hers, he pulled her petite body on top of his, his arms wrapping tightly around her. Smiling into the kiss, Amanda let one hand rest on his hip while the other went to his neck, playing with the short strands of hair there. She didn’t think she would ever tire of kissing Patrice; each time was like something completely new. She never knew just what she was going to feel when their lips connected, because each time was something different. She liked it. It kept her guessing, which was what she loved about she and Patrice’s relationship to begin with. She never knew what was coming next.

Breaking the kiss, Patrice smiled down at her, “Shall we continue the tour?”

“Nah,” Amanda laughed, shrugging her shoulders. “I’m good right here.”

Patrice laughed and leaned down to give her a short kiss before pulling away and hopping off the couch. Amanda frowned at him and sighed dramatically before following his actions. “Let’s get your bags and then head up to the bedrooms.”

“Sounds good to me,” She laughed, winking at him, making her grin when a soft blush rose to his cheeks. She knew what he had meant, but how was a pervert like her not supposed to take the opportunity to embarrass her shy, non perverted, and completely romantic boyfriend? She walked in front of him shaking her hips with each step, knowing he was looking at her as they made their way to the front door. She grinned to herself when she heard him groan from behind her and his hands grasp her around her hips. Swatting him away, she pulled the front door open and made her way to the back of his car, laughing at the sullen expression on his face as he popped the trunk.

Grabbing the smallest two bags on top, she gave Patrice a sweet smile before retreating back into the house, leaving her three largest and heaviest bags for him to grab. When he finally re-entered the foyer, he glared at Amanda, shaking his head as he passed her and heading up the stairs. He led her into the first door they reached, telling her it was the guest room. The walls, the bed, and the floor were all a deep cream color that offset the dark wood of the furniture. It was completely neutral, too, not coming off as either too masculine or too feminine, just like the guest room in Patrice’s apartment.

“I figure you can just use this room for the closet and drawer space, since there’s no way you’re going to fit all of your things in the master bedroom with my things.”

Amanda smiled. So she and Patrice would continue to share a room, much like they had in his last days in Boston. She had been unsure of the sleeping arrangements; she wasn’t sure why, but she had been. Throwing her suitcases onto the bed, she grinned at Patrice as he did the same.

“Why did you bring so much stuff?” He asked, his hands on his hips as he stared down at the five bags on the guest bed.

“I wasn’t sure how long I’d be here!”

“I do have a washing machine and dryer just down the hall, Manda.”

“Well…” She started, wanting to defend herself. “I didn’t know what kind of clothes I would need. I kind of brought everything.” Patrice laughed, taking a few steps toward her and wrapping his arms around her waist mumbling how he found her well-preparedness cute before capturing her lips in another kiss. Amanda laughed into it, wrapping her arms around Patrice as well. It was another short kiss, Patrice again being the one to cut it off since he seemed Amanda never did or would.

“Come on,” he said, pulling her hand. “I’ve got a few more things to show you.” They passed another bathroom and the laundry room which Patrice had been quick to point out, making Amanda laugh and shove him into the wall. She could see the master bedroom at the end of the hall, but Patrice stopped at a closed door with a large smile. “I think you’ll really enjoy this room.”

“What is it?” Amanda asked, laughing. “Your sex chamber?” But Patrice ignored the comment, only shooting her a look as he pulled her into a small sized room, a large desk all along the walls. She saw a high speed color printer and color copier in the middle of the desk, separating the two computers that sat on the desk. “Do you really need two computers?” Amanda asked, knowing Patrice wasn’t much of a computer guy.

“No, I don’t,” he replied, pulling the desk chair from in front of the white Macbook Pro out and motioning for her to sit in it, which she did. “This one is for you.”

“Are you serious?” She asked, her eyes wide as she looked at him.

“A writer needs good equipment, and you’re always complaining about your laptop, so I bought you a new one. Think of it as a thank you gift for coming to spend the summer with me.”

“If anyone deserves a thank you, it’s you.” Patrice frowned, staring down at Amanda curiously, wondering what she meant. Amanda laughed and continued, “You’ve been nothing but amazing to me, and you didn’t even have to invite me here, but you did. You could have left me in Boston and forgotten all about me, but you didn’t. So, thank you.”

Patrice spun the chair so Amanda was fully facing him. He pulled her up and into him, his lips grazing against hers as he whispered, “I could never forget about you, Amanda. Don’t even think that I could.” His lips were on hers again in a forceful kiss, making Amanda’s heart beat increase rapidly along with her body temperature. She had never felt so much emotion from Patrice, and she knew that she had upset him with her words.

She knew now because of how he kissed her and how he held her that she should never doubt his feelings toward her; they were as real and as strong as her feelings toward him.
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