Sequel: Breathless

There Are Still Rules To Break

The Next Level

Meeting the parents was not supposed to go that smoothly. At least one person in Patrice’s family should have disliked her, or been apprehensive, but none of them were. They all loved her, or least it seemed like it to her. Pulling her hair into a ponytail, Amanda quickly removed her makeup and washed her face before pulling a black, silk nightgown on. Stepping out of the master bathroom and into the master bedroom, her eyes fell to the bed where Patrice laid, his nose buried in a book.

“Today went really well,” She started. “They liked me, right?” Amanda smiled and walked to her side of the bed, pulling the covers back. She was about to climb into the bed, but she felt Patrice’s eyes on her and she froze, looking up from the sheets to his face. “What?” She asked.

But he didn’t say anything; he dropped his book to the bedside table next to him without taking his eyes off of her. Amanda realized that his eyes were not stationary and were not looking in one place, like her face. No, Patrice was staring at all of her, and she cursed under her breath at the decision to wear the short, silk nightgown. Before she could say anything else, his lips were on hers, his hands were on her upper arms, and he was pulling her toward him until she spun and was lying on the bed on her back. She gasped into his mouth as she fell against the mattress, Patrice coming down on top of her, his lips never leaving hers.

“Patrice,” She whispered, as his lips moved away from hers and down her jaw to her neck. His left hand kept him propped up above her petite frame, and his right gripped at her side. Her own arms wrapped around his neck as he kept kissing the tender spot below her ear. She whispered his name again just before his lips were on hers, silencing her.

“I told you they were going to love you,” He told her, just as quietly as she had spoken his name. “They do love you, just like I do.”

Amanda felt her heart stop as Patrice stared into her light brown eyes with his own dark brown ones. She wasn’t sure if he had meant it the way she wanted him to mean it; the way she would mean it if she said those words, too. She guessed Patrice could tell she was lost in thoughts, because he put his large hand to the side of her face and continued to stare directly down at her.

“I love you, Amanda.”

She was sure she couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face. She nodded her head, gripping the back of his neck tighter, Amanda pulled his lips down to meet hers. She tried to show him how she felt about him in that one kiss, and she was sure she succeeded when a barely audible moan escaped past his lips. But in case she hadn’t gotten her feelings across, she smiled up at him and told him that she loved him, too.

It appeared neither of them cared that they’d met each other only a little over a month before, or that they had been an official couple for half that time; they were both ready to take their relationship, in both an emotional and physical aspect, to the next level. Amanda couldn’t deny her body almost ached for Patrice, and she had a pretty good idea that his ached for hers. There was no denying the unbelievable attraction between the two of them. If their first kiss had been any indication to how much chemistry they’d have together, Amanda could feel her body shake in anticipation.

Still using one hand to prop himself above her, Patrice slid one hand from her bare knee, up her bare thigh, and onto her stomach underneath the nightgown. As Amanda kissed him, she brought her hands to the hem of his light tee shirt, tugging at the bottom to get a good grip on it before she pulled it up and over his head. She grinned when she ran her finger nails over his chest and he groaned into her shoulder, his teeth lightly scraping against the sensitive, soft flesh.

It was Patrice’s turn to rid Amanda of her top. Sliding the nightgown up, he leaned down to kiss at the newly exposed skin of her bare chest. He stared down at her, and she felt self conscious under his gaze. She brought an arm in front of her chest, almost wanting to cover herself, but Patrice stopped her and gave her a look. He had told her to never be embarrassed in front of him; he loved everything about her. Amanda blushed, smiling shyly up at him as he hooked his fingers in the sides of her panties, silently telling her he wanted them off.

Amanda lifted her hips, letting him slide the fabric down and off of her legs. She bit her lip, her fingers gripping at Patrice’s shoulders as he kissed down her body. Her hands moved to his head, her fingers gripping at the short hair there, it having not quite grown completely back from when he had shaved his head just before the playoffs. A loud gasp escaped from her mouth as his lips kissed over her most sensitive part, his eyes darting upward to meet hers. He grinned against her before pulling himself up and letting his lips connect against hers again in a short, soft kiss.

Amanda bit at the inside of her mouth after he climbed off the bed and headed toward the bathroom. Bringing a hand to her forehead, she was surprised at how hot it felt to her own touch. Putting both hands on her cheeks, she realized they were incredibly hot, too; she was sure she had been blushing non-stop since Patrice had put his hands on her, and she cursed how easily he could get her going.

He came back just a few seconds later, his eyes immediately locking on Amanda’s as she lay naked on top of the bed. She laughed a little and sent him a wink as he pulled his boxers off and left them on the floor before climbing on top of her again. He gripped at her hips, pulling her body up so her head was high up on the pillow as he kept his lips against hers. Pulling away just slightly, he whispered against her lips, “I love you,” again before he pushed himself into her. Her back arched and a moan escaped past her lips as he pushed himself as far as he could. He kept his eyes locked on hers, one of his hands just next to her head, and the other on her neck as he repeated the movements until they were in such a rhythm that even their breaths were perfectly matched.

Every upward movement of his was met with a downward movement of hers, bringing them impossibly close together as they repeatedly met in the middle. Amanda felt that with every movement, as they kept their eyes locked on each other’s, that she was falling more in love with him. She felt as though Patrice had taken a hold of her heart from the first time she talked to him, and with everything he did, and everything he said to her, his grip got tighter. She should have felt nervous because she knew that he had the ability to crush that heart of hers into a million pieces, but she wasn’t. If anything, she wanted him to hold onto her heart tighter. She was his.

Feeling the need to tell him in some way, she pulled herself up and shoved Patrice to the side. He fell back against the bed with a quiet ‘thud,’ his eyes opened wide as he looked up at his girlfriend. Sliding herself onto him, she leaned down to his ear, her lips just grazing the skin on his neck. As she moved, she felt Patrice’s arms wrap around her middle, his hands moving up and down her back, his finger nails digging into her skin every few inches.

“Patrice?” She asked, purposely blowing as much hot air as she could as she spoke. “I want you to know that,” She paused, kissing lightly below his ear. “I’m yours.”

It was like Amanda ignited something primal within Patrice, because the next thing she knew, she was on her back again and Patrice was pushing deep inside of her again, but this time with just a little more pressure. She gasped at each thrust, her fingers gripping the sheets below her as he worked his way in and out of her. Reaching up exhaustedly, she curled her fingers around his neck, dragging his head down to hers so she could press her lips to his.

She could feel the pressure building up, and by the way Patrice pushing in and out of her faster and faster and by the look of exhaustion that was coming over him, she could tell he was close, too. Keeping her hand around his neck, she flexed her muscles around his length as he finished himself off and in the process, finished her off as well. His body collapsed down on top of hers a few seconds later, his hand still holding tightly onto her hip as he moved up and down with her heaving chest. Bringing on of her hands to her forehead, she wiped the thin layer of perspiration that had collected there before putting her hand on Patrice’s face and making him look at her.

“I love you,” He told her again before she could say anything, making her smile.

“I love you, too,” She grinned, kissing his forehead lightly. “I meant what I said, too. I’m yours, okay?”

“Easy,” He said, putting his head back on her bare chest. “You’re going to get me going again.”

Amanda smirked and pinched at the skin on the back of his neck, getting his attention. Patrice stared up at her, confused, but when she connected their lips, he realized she wanted to get him going again. Pulling himself up, he deepened the kiss and thought he could easily get used to his and Amanda’s relationship being taken to the next level.
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