Sequel: Breathless

There Are Still Rules To Break


His apartment was absolutely beautiful. It was big and spacious and tastefully decorated. In Amanda’s opinion it was less than Patrice could afford with his NHL salary, but that was just something else to like about him. As they drove to his place, she realized he lived in a neighborhood that she loved to visit, since it was so close to her own. It was filled with restaurants and small shops; it fit Patrice very well.

He smiled at her as she looked over his place: the dark wood, the black leather couch, the hardwood floors, and the colorful walls. He could tell she loved it, and he didn’t think it was anything special. He wondered how small and un-special her place was.

“Want a tour?” He asked and laughed when she said nothing but nodded her head. “Well, you’ve seen the living room,” He said, shrugging his shoulders and motioning to the deep red room. He grabbed her hand and led her into the kitchen, just off the living room. The stainless steel appliances stood out against the black marble counter tops and the dark wood finish. As soon as she stepped in, the kitchen felt like home; straight out of a magazine.

“It’s so pretty.”

“Too bad I can’t cook.”

Amanda snapped her head to look at Patrice. She ran her free hand (the one that was not wrapped in Patrice’s own hand) and ran it over the smooth counter, “I love to cook.” He smiled at her, nudging her arm, “Maybe you can cook for me sometime.” She smiled up at him and nodded her head lightly, before she felt herself get pulled down the hall.

They stuck their heads into the guest room, but it was very plain, he told her. The master bedroom was more decorated. She pulled her past the bathroom, but Amanda stopped dead in her tracks. She moved her hand to flip on the light switch and when the room was illuminated, she gasped, “Oh my god.”

It was like a girl’s dream. A counter top stretched across an entire wall, two sinks with it. A mirror took up the whole wall above the sinks, bright vanity lights lighting up the room. There was a large Jacuzzi tub and a large shower. It was light green and peach, and Amanda decided that she could live in the large room. It was practically the size of her bedroom.

“It’s just a bathroom,” Patrice whispered into her ear, and again Amanda felt the familiar shiver at his words and his accent. She shook her head telling him he didn’t understand how important a bathroom was to a girl. He laughed and grabbed her hand again, pulling her into what he told her was his favorite room, his bedroom.

She was sure she was blushing at the way he had winked at her as he told her he loved the bed. He smirked and pulled her further into the room, gold walls, cream colored carpet, and black furniture and bed. “Lay down,” He told her. She gave him a weird look, but he just smiled. “It’s the most comfortable bed ever.”

She sat down on his bed, keeping her feet on the floor. She saw Patrice frown and shake his head. Stepping forward, he put one hand on her shoulder and the other on the side of her knee, pushing her back and further onto the bed.

When she opened her eyes, he was right above her. She could feel his breath on her cheek, and she bit her lip. He reached up and ran a hand over his shaven head (though the hair was growing back rather quickly) and continued to move over her to the other side of the bed.

“Well?” He asked as he watched her squirm in her spot, flopping her head back onto the pillow again.

“Well…” She started, smiling at him. “It’s pretty comfortable.”

“Pretty comfortable?” He shook his head. “You’ll learn to love it.”

She raised her eyebrows. And just how was she going to ‘learn to love it?’ Was Patrice anticipating Amanda spending many nights at his place? The fact was that he was. Sure, it had only been two weeks since he had first met her. But did he give a shit? Not at all. Amanda was someone whether as a friend or something more (but fuck, he hoped it would turn out to be the latter) that he could see in his life for a long time to come.

He was selective about the people he really let in. It wasn’t that he was trying to shut himself off from people; he was just cautious. Something about the twenty year old girl lying beside him just made him drop his guard. He would tell she had just as big a wall up as he did, he supposed. Even though she was three years younger than him, he knew she was not like other twenty year old girls. She was on her own, she was responsible. She knew what she wanted, and she didn’t play games. She was one hell of a tease, though.

Her eyes were closed as she lay on her back, her head on his pillow. He threw his arm over her waist and pulled her into him, right up to his chest. Amanda opened her eyes and smiled up at him, bringing her hands to his chest, while his moved to her thigh, making her skin burn under his large hand.

“What?” She asked.

“Nothing, really. I was just thinking.”

“About what?”


If she wasn’t blushing already at the fact that she was in Patrice Bergeron’s bed and that his hands were all over her body, she was sure she was then. He stared into her hazel eyes with his own deep brown ones, before running a hand through her light brown and straightened hair.

“You’re cute when you blush.”

Putting her hands over her face, trying to shield the ever-growing redness, she tried to turn away from Patrice, but he held her firmly in place, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” She laughed, settling back into his chest where he had pulled her again.

“Amanda,” He said after a few minutes of silence, making her open her eyes that she had again closed. “I can’t get you out of my head.”

She raised her eyebrows.

“Since the baseball game…” He added.

“I’m sorry,” She started to tell him, but he cut her off with a small groan. “Don’t apologize, really.” She nodded her head and moved her hands back to his chest, running a finger nail up and down against his shirt.

When he groaned again, except this time out of pleasure and not embarrassment, she smirked. “Manda, don’t do that.” Smiling at how he had said her name, she asked, “Do what?”

He dropped his head to her shoulder, moving his hand slowly up and down her thigh, rubbing against the jeans she wore. Amanda was pretty damn sure she had stopped breathing, but she let Patrice do as he pleased.


He looked up at her to see her reaction to his words, but she didn’t have one. She only nodded her head, but when Patrice smiled, she did too. He slid off his bed and walked to Amanda’s side, pulling her up with him. “I’ll get you some clothes to sleep in.”

She nodded, and let his hands fall from hers as he walked the few steps to his dresser and pulled out a tee shirt and boxers, telling her she could change in the bathroom. She grinned at the thought of being in that room and practically skipped into it.

Patrice sighed deeply and quickly changed into his sleeping clothes, wanting to finish before Amanda got out of the bathroom. He slid on a pair of boxers, and while he usually slept in just that, he put on a thin white shirt. When he heard the bathroom door click open, he turned to see Amanda in his doorway, the tee shirt he gave her loose on her and her clothes and the boxers he had given her in her hand.

“They won’t stay up?” She half stated, half asked.

Patrice laughed, but inside he groaned. What was he thinking asking Amanda to spend the night? She was fucking gorgeous and now her bare legs were on display for him to see, even more so than they had been that morning in her little denim shorts.

He pulled the sheets down the bed and climbed into the spot he had been in before. Amanda slid into her side, looking apprehensive and unsure of herself. Patrice laughed and pulled her into the bed, again bringing her right up to his chest.


“For what?”

He shrugged, wrapping his arms around her warm, soft body, feeling her smooth legs tangle with his own. In a king sized bed, they found themselves huddled in the middle, their arms wrapped around each other.

“Tu es tres belle.”

Knowing full well what he had told her, she smiled and said a thank you. He laughed lightly and pressed a kiss to her jaw, “Goodnight, Amanda.”
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