Theirs horrible break ups and good break ups ... today i wasn't very lucky. After five months of dating life fell into a hell whole called DRAMA!. We were so in love, then he just started thinking that he wanted to end it so i helped and pretty much broke up with him, its a little confusing. Why do these things happen , I'll tell you one thing hardships can go screw themselves.So moving on with me and my crazy high school life. So today at school i was pretty happy friends are great to be around in a time of need, but my sister she just hugged me all day she might be little but she gets life like a frickin 45 year old woman.

" I heard were getting a new student today? Do you think hell be nice? I mean hes gonna be two years older than us?"A blond girl named Celisia said.

"Well i heard he was to die for hot!" The brunette Gisslyian boomed.

"well if hes a somebody then hes mine!" Said the she bitch Candaliyana , with her black falling along her shoulders.

"Oh please Nova wouldst touch someone like you trust me!"all of the plastic bimbo s turned toward me and laughed.

"As if were the prettiest girls in school, you on the other hand stand no chance" that remark made me laugh, not only cause I was better than them, but because those words came out of the dumbest bimbo of em' all Gisslyian.

"i have known nova for two years, you have no clue what he wants or what he likes , so id back off if i were you"they all jumped like i just bit them.

"Oh ladies, ladies, ladies I'm not that much of a guy anyway"

"Nova!!!" i turned around to see him much taller than me now still gorgeous with that black hair falling on his perfect pale skin, his chocolate brown eyes much bigger, and damn he looked good.

"Neo!!" he screamed jumped and hugged me. Which i didn't mind at all it was nice. It had been so long and i forgot how warm he was .

"Well sorry little miss Neo but i have to interrupt this" Candaliyana pulled me away from him threw me against a locker and kissed him. I saw Nova tense and he looked really pissed.he pushed her away and came running to my sad what happened next shocked me.

"don't you ever! lay a hand on Neo! you got that you whore!?" he was raging i had never seen him like this, what was going on i dint get it why! the hell is this happening. He should have loved a pretty girl all over him
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