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January 21, 2009
Shaking her head, Evelyn couldn’t help but laugh at her best friend. It wasn’t like Phoebe had never been to a Blackhawks game before. Phoebe had told Evelyn to shut up and that it was different this time. She’d be meeting the players. Evelyn shrugged, “Whatever. They’re just boys.” Phoebe rolled her eyes, mumbling something about Evelyn not understanding because she hadn’t grown up a die-hard fan, watching and playing.

The Chicago-native was downright giddy. When the game started, both girls let themselves fall into the excitement of the game. It was hard not to do, especially now that Evelyn was able to comprehend what was going on. Standing up she yelled, “That was a slash!” to the referee that stood in front of them. Phoebe stood, too, laughing but also agreeing with the slightly older girl. It took a few seconds for Ben to get up from the uncalled slash and the hit that followed, and Evelyn bit her lip.

“He’s fine,” Phoebe told her as Ben got up and skated to the bench. All she could think about was last season, and how he had barely played because of concussions. The extreme tiredness, the dizzy spells, the headaches, and even the fainting all came back to Evelyn in waves. She didn’t want her boyfriend to have to go through that again. And then, when all of the concussion drama seemed to finally be over, he hurt his shoulder, ending his season.

“Evelyn?” Phoebe asked as she watched her coworker sink back into her seat. “Is everything okay?” The first intermission had just started and all around them, fans were filing out to concession stands. “I’m fine.” Phoebe looked skeptical, “You don’t look fine.”

Evelyn sighed and dove into the story of her worries, getting sympathetic looks from Phoebe as she told of the terrible time Ben had had last season. Of course, Phoebe being a fan knew of the injuries. She felt bad for Ben as a fan, but she never really gave it that much thought. Now, to be hearing about all he went through, all the frustrations. Evelyn squeezed her eyes shut, and that was when Phoebe saw the first tear slip from behind her eye lid.

“It’s probably sounds so stupid, but I think I had a harder time with his injuries than him.”

Phoebe laughed as she pulled a tissue from her purse and dabbed at Evelyn’s eyes. “I swear… I fell in love with him the minute I met him. I just didn’t realize it until later.”

“You and Ben have such a beautiful relationship, Lyn. I look at you two, and I wish I could have that.”

Evelyn smiled, giving herself a final wipe at her eyes, “I’m so emotional.”

Phoebe shrugged, “Oh well.”

The rest of the game, Ben didn’t give Evelyn any more reason to be nervous, but she still was anyway. No matter what he did, she was nervous. She always told him that hockey was an unpredictable sport and that he didn’t know what could happen. He would just smile at her, and tell that she had nothing to worry about. “I can handle myself.”

When the game was over, the Blues had won two goals to zero. Phoebe was more bummed than Evelyn was. I mean, what did she care? It was officially All Star break and she and Ben were leaving for Hawaii in just a few hours. All of their stuff was packed and in Ben’s Navigator. The girls, still dressed in their work clothes since they had come straight from the office, headed down to the locker room. Their stiletto’s clacked on the floor as they walked. Evelyn wished she had put on more comfortable clothes that morning, instead of the tightest pencil skirt she owned and a silver, silk blouse.

Phoebe, who had obviously planned ahead knowing she was going to the Hawks game, was more sensible in her outfit choice of slacks and a nice sweater. Evelyn just shrugged, “This is Ben’s favorite skirt.” When they reached the door leading into the locker room, Phoebe stopped suddenly.



“I can’t go in there.”

“Ben said they’re all decent…”


“Of for fuck’s sake,” Evelyn mumbled, dragging the younger girl into the door behind her. The giant locker room was split into different parts, which fans had gotten to see as James Wisniewski had just filmed a video tour to put on the Hawks site. Evelyn pulled Phoebe past the lounge area and into the actual locker room, where everyone seemed to turn their heads to look at the two girls, seeming to sense the presence of Ben’s pretty girlfriend and her equally as pretty friend.

“Hey, Phoebe,” Ben smiled, pulling her into a hug. “Guys, this is Lyn’s coworker, Pheobe.”

The room sounded with greetings and Phoebe blushed, realizing that all of the Blackhawks had their attention on her. She waved shyly before seeming to sink behind Ben. Evelyn laughed and looked around the room, noticing eyes were back on her since Phoebe was hiding behind Evelyn’s monstrous boyfriend. She knew, she thought with a laugh, that her outfit would be getting a lot of looks. The skirt was skin tight and her boobs were practically spilling out of her shirt.

”Hey, baby,” She finally said to Ben, leaning up to kiss him. He grinned down at her, cupping her ass with his large hands, making her squeal, “Are you excited?” Evelyn let out an exasperated sigh, “I am so ready to be gone for a few days. Work can fuck off.”

Phoebe frowned, “What the hell am I supposed to do with myself while you’re gone?”

“Stare at Michael?” She asked before she could stop herself. Phoebe raised her eyebrows in surprise as Evelyn let out a nervous laugh, but Ben didn’t say anything, instead he just gave Evelyn a look and turned away from her. Phoebe put a hand over her mouth, trying to stifle her laugh, but when Evelyn glared at her, she quickly composed herself.

“Lyn,” Kaner said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

“Hey, bestie,” She laughed, putting her own arm around his waist.

“I want you to meet the new guy. He got called up for the game today.”

Evelyn let herself be led across the locker room, jerking her head for Phoebe to follow. The girls were quickly introduced to Niklas Hjalmarsson, who had played a total of fifteen minutes that night. It looked like the young Swede was finally being called up officially after bouncing from the AHL to the NHL for the past couple of seasons, and he was only twenty two. And, Evelyn had to admit the boy was attractive. He towered above both girls, even in their heels. He had a sweet face, and Evelyn noticed before he pulled a shirt over his head, a rock hard body.

Glancing at Phoebe, Evelyn knew her young friend was in trouble. Her mouth hung open slightly and her eyes were wide. Niklas hadn’t taken his eyes off of her either, and even Kaner seemed to notice. He nudged Evelyn and nodded toward the two of them, “My bad?” Evelyn could only laugh, “I fucking love you, Patrick.”

Making her way back toward Ben, she left Phoebe with Niklas. They had started up a conversation, which one had finally snapped out of the starting contest, Evelyn didn’t know. Ben still hadn’t put a shirt on, but he wore a pair of jeans now. Evelyn didn’t bother pulling her eyes away from his bare chest and abdomen. Sometimes, she still couldn’t believe that he was hers. He held his finger up, laughing to himself before pulling a shirt over his head. Evelyn could only laugh as she looked at the ridiculous Hawaiian shirt her boyfriend was wearing. Were those dancing girls?

“Ben,” She managed to get out through her laughter. “Oh my…”

“We need to go!” He said, throwing his equipment bag over his shoulder.

Evelyn nodded and turned to Phoebe, who had taken a cab with Evelyn to the game. “You want us to drop you off at home before we head to the airport?” Phoebe pulled her top lip into her mouth, thinking. She shyly glanced at Niklas, whom she had still been having a conversation with. When he smiled at her, Phoebe shook her head, “You guys go. I’ll be fine.”

Evelyn nodded and turned to the rest of the boys, “Thanks again for the trip.” Ben nodded his head in agreement, before excitedly pulling Evelyn out of the locker room, not stopping until they reached his car. Quickly sliding into the Navigator, she reached into the backseat and pulled a pair of sweatpants, a fitted tee shirt, and a sweater into her lap.

“What are you doing?” Ben asked as he pulled out of the parking lot.

“Changing.” He just looked at her, and she looked back, “You think I want to wear my work clothes on the plane to Hawaii?” He shrugged, “I suppose not.”

“Exactly,” She laughed, sliding her shirt off of her shoulder, leaving her in her bra. She heard Ben groan from the driver’s seat. She had worn some of her sexiest under garments for that reason, to torture him. When she slid her pencil skirt down her legs, he seriously contemplated pulling over in an alley somewhere, but they had to catch a flight to Hawaii, and he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to spend four days on the beach with his girlfriend.
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