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I'll Be Right Beside You

"She still got butterflies."

She was sure that if Ben was awake, he would yell at her, but Evelyn didn’t care. She had gotten a text from Phoebe the night before, but since she and Ben had been occupied, she hadn’t gotten the chance to talk to her coworker yet. Dialing the number she knew by heart, Phoebe was quick to pick up, “How’s Hawaii?!” Evelyn laughed and told Phoebe it was amazing. She and Ben had done so much site-seeing, including seeing the Haleakala Crater and whale watching.

After ten minutes of talking about work and how things were in Hawaii, Phoebe told Evelyn she had something to tell her. Urging her to continue, she let out a little giggle at Phoebe’s words, “Me and Niklas have been talking…”

“Have you?”

“Mhm,” Phoebe let out. “After you and Ben left, I went to a bar with the guys. We talked more, and then he asked for my number.”

“That’s awesome, Pheebs. How is he?” Evelyn asked, referring to how he had gotten sent down to the Blackhawks’, AHL affiliate, the Rockford Icehogs. Phoebe told Evelyn he was hopeful he would be back on the main roster soon, “He even said, ‘I hope I get called up again… Is it stupid that I miss you?’ Of course I told him that it wasn’t stupid. I mean, I miss him too, and I only met him once! Lyn, he’s like, perfect.”

Laughing at her friend’s infatuation, she told her that falling for a hockey player had its ups and downs. Phoebe laughed, letting out a dramatic groan, “I am falling for Niklas Hjalmarsson!” She continued, telling Evelyn to get back her vacation, “I’ll see you in a couple days.” Evelyn bid her coworker and friend goodbye before again turning off her cell and putting it back into her beach bag. Beside her, Ben moved a little, drawing her attention to him.

Evelyn had to admit that if she didn’t know Ben and she just saw him on the street… She’d probably be slightly terrified of him. He was huge, six foot three inches and a full, muscular two hundred and thirty pounds. Add onto that a seemingly permanent scowl, and he was sure to scare people. It wasn’t like he wore the scowl on purpose, he always tried to tell her, but Evelyn full heartedly disagreed. If he was even just a little stressed, the scowl was there. So, really, for the entire season, he looked angry all the time.

But if you got close enough to see his blue eyes, you’d know he wasn’t angry at all. Evelyn thought it was surprising, how much his eyes could tell someone about the way he felt. They were, without a doubt the thing that drew her to him.

But now as Evelyn and Ben lay on towels stretched out on the white sands of Maui, she had never seen him more relaxed. She was on her back, a pair of Gucci sunglasses taking up her entire face and a small black bikini on her body. She turned her head to the side to look at Ben, only in a pair of red swimming trunks and lying on his stomach. His eyes were closed and he wore a small smile on his face. He had had to put almost a whole bottle of sunscreen on his skin; he was just so fucking pale, he laughed. Evelyn, since living in Chicago had lost a little of her color after spending her whole life in Arizona.

But, still, she knew she would not burn like Ben would if he went unprotected. The sunscreen made Ben’s bare back glisten under the hot Hawaiian sun. Biting her lip, Evelyn rolled to her side and pressed herself up against him, letting her lips fall against his jaw. He opened his eyes slowly, a lazy, even wider smile spreading across his face, “Oh, hey.”

“Hi,” She said back, bringing her leg up and throwing it over him, letting her toes run along the back of his legs. A low moan escaped from deep in his throat, and Evelyn giggled, “So, I just talked to Phoebe.”

“What did she have to say?”

“Oh, not much, besides the fact she’s in love with Niklas Hjalmarsson.”

Ben laughed, “He’s a good kid.”

“Is he?” Evelyn asked, wanting to laugh at how old Ben sounded the way he had said it, but instead she was genuinely interested. Ben nodded, “I asked Barks yesterday when he called,” He said, referring to Cam Barker and easily Ben’s best friend on the team. “He spent a lot of time on the Icehogs with Nik; said he’s a real nice guy, genuine too.”



“Did you really check to make sure Niklas was a ‘good kid’ because you saw that he and Phoebe hit it off?” He shrugged, “I was just looking out for her…”

“You are so damn cute,” Evelyn giggled, nuzzling her face into his neck. “Hey, Ben?”


“Can we go back to the room?”

He stood up before she even finished the sentence. He grabbed his towel, her towel, and her beach bag. Grabbing onto her wrist, he pulled her from the beach and to the walking path that led to their resort. Evelyn laughed and let herself be pulled along. “What if I was kidding?” She asked, as Ben pulled into the lobby and to the elevators. “You better not have been.”

As soon as the elevator doors were closed, he dropped everything he had been holding except her hand. Pushing her against the wall of the elevator with his body, his lips immediately found her neck, his teeth clamping down on the spot he knew to be the most sensitive on the base of her neck, where her shoulder started. Evelyn was torn between letting him attack her neck and wanting to stop him since they were technically in a public area. Putting her hands on his chest and pushing him back lightly, she decided on the latter, making him frown.

“Not here, baby,” She told him, as the doors slid open after it had reached their floor. Ben sighed dramatically, making Evelyn laugh as she picked up the things he had hastily dropped. She laughed more when he fumbled with the key card, having trouble unlocking the door. “Shut up,” He almost whined. “I’m excited.” Patting a hand on his back before taking the key card and unlocking the door, she smiled, “I know you are, big guy.”

Pulling her through the door, he knocked everything out of her hands and again pressed her against the wall, like he had in the elevator. “You should wear a bikini all the time,” He told her, nipping at her neck. “Why’s that?” She squeaked out, Ben having bit down. “Less to take off,” He shrugged. “Less time wasted.”

Evelyn laughed as she ran her hands over his bare back, feeling along the smooth curves of his body. She wanted to make a smartass comment about foreplay, and how he wouldn’t take it away from her, but she bit her tongue. Ben had lifted her up and maneuvered her legs so they were around his waist. Finally pressing her lips to his, she felt that familiar feeling she didn’t quite know how to describe. All she knew was that his kisses sent her body into a fervor, wanting nothing more than she wanted him.

He sat them down on the bed, really forcing Evelyn into straddling him. Never breaking the kiss, he laid back, bringing her down on top of him. “Baby,” Evelyn let out, pushing her hips further into his, feeling his excitement through his swimming trunks. Ben let out a grunt and brought his hands to her back, quickly untying her bathing suit top, practically ripping it off of her.

Her bathing suit bottoms were quick to follow, as were Ben’s trunks. Evelyn kissed him again, letting her hands fall to the side of his thighs, scraping her nails along the skin there, knowing full well how crazy that drove Ben. He situated them so Evelyn was on her knees and he was behind her. She gasped went he entered her without warning, moaning as he moved in and out of her. His hands rested on her stomach, pulling her against him as he moved.

It was silly to her, almost, that even after a year together, she still got butterflies whenever Ben touched her. She wondered if the feeling would ever go away, but shook her head of the thoughts; she didn’t want it to. Arching her back, the back of her head rested on his shoulder as they continued to move together. She felt her body tense up, and she knew she was close to orgasm, and it seemed Ben knew it too. Picking up his speed, he smirked when Evelyn moaned his name out, falling forward and gripping onto the sheets of the bed as she rode out her orgasm. Ben finished soon after, and moved to lay down on the bed, pulling Evelyn with him.

“I love you,” He told her, kissing her neck, damp with sweat. She moaned a response, really unable to form any words, but Ben knew she would have said it back if she could. That thought alone, almost made him hard again. He loved that he could make her feel the way she was feeling now, and to be honest, she loved it too.
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