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Road Trip - Part 1

February 7th 2009
The whole team was exhausted, but they had one more game to play before they could finally head home and sleep in their own beds for a change. Being away from Chicago and playing in front of fans who hated them could really wear down a hockey team. There was nothing like playing in front of the home crowd, especially when your home crowd was Chicago, the greatest sports town in the world.

It was the day of their sixth and final game on the western swing. They had lost to Anaheim and Los Angeles, but had beaten the San Jose Sharks, which was something no one was really expecting. After that win, the Blackhawks kept the momentum alive by beating both the Oilers and the Flames. They were hoping to keep the momentum going still, and the team was in good spirits, despite the overall feeling of being homesick that surrounded all of them.

“Eags, I need to hide in your room,” Adam Burish said as soon as Ben had opened the door, shoving past Ben and walking into his and Dave Bolland’s hotel room. Ben shook his head, “Burr, what did you do?” The older winger grinned, “I turned on Sharpie; shaving cream everywhere.”

Ben and Dave raised their eyebrows and laughed. “You put shaving cream in his bags?” Dave asked, shaking his head. Adam grinned again, “Nope, him!”

Him?” Ben laughed. Adam shrugged, “I woke up from my nap first.”

“He’s going to fucking kill you,” Dave sighed, but he suddenly widened his eyes. “He’s going to think we helped you if he finds you here. Get out!” Adam gaped at his teammate, throwing his hand over his heart, “You’d kick me out?”

Ben laughed, “Yes, we would. Get out!”

Both Ben and Dave had a hard time shoving Adam out of their room; the fucker was stubborn, but yet they managed to do it. Just as he got shoved into the hall, a still shaving-cream-covered Patrick Sharp came tearing at him, letting out a war-like cry as he lunged himself at Adam. The Wisconsin native let out a girlish scream as they hit the floor. Ben closed the door, turning to Dave, “I’d rather not see the two boyfriends make out in the hallway.”

Dave agreed, laughing, as they went back to watching TV and eating the room service they had ordered. Dave’s cell went off as he and Ben continued to eat and watch TV. Noticing Evelyn was calling him, he turned to Ben and asked, “Where’s your phone?” Ben frowned, “Right here, why?” Dave shrugged, answering the call, “Hey, Evelyn, what’s up?” Ben snapped his head to look at his roommate, wondering why Evelyn was calling him.

“Ben, is your phone on?” Dave asked with a laugh, which made Ben look down at his phone and realize it was dead. Relaying the message back to Evelyn, she sighed, “Can I talk to my idiotic boyfriend please?” Dave laughed and handed his phone to Ben who took it, sending Dave a sheepish look. “My bad,” Was the first thing he said to Evelyn.

“You’re a doofus,” She laughed. In the background, he could hear Phoebe yelling to Evelyn, wanting her opinion on the outfit she was wearing. “What are you girls up to today?” He asked, looking at his watch and noticing it was just after noon in Chicago, two hours behind Vancouver, where he was with the team.

“We’re driving to Milwaukee.”

“Milwaukee? Why?”

Evelyn smiled, “Phoebe wants to see Niklas.”

“That’s adorable,” Ben laughed, prompting Dave to look over at him with an amused expression. Evelyn probably wore the same one, he figured, when she burst into a fit of giggles and really asked if he had said what he had. Ben grumbled a ‘shut up’ and asked if they knew where they were going.

“Yeah, I asked my boss. His daughter lives in Milwaukee and he drives up there all the time. He gave us a pretty easy route, and one that goes right to the Admirals’ arena.”

“That’s good. I don’t need you getting lost on the way to Milwaukee. I’ll be home tomorrow, you know.”

Evelyn grinned, “I know. I missed you so much. Sometimes I think I should quit my job and just follow you around.”

“Do it,” Ben laughed, knowing she was kidding. He knew she was rolling her eyes when she said “I’ll get right on that.” They spent another few minutes talking, Ben learning that both of the girls were planning on sporting Rockford Icehogs gear while in Milwaukee and at the game. Ben laughed and told her that would be sure to gain them fans in the Milwaukee Admirals’ arena. They hung up a few minutes later, Evelyn telling Ben she needed to help Phoebe before the girl killed her. Ben laughed and told her to be careful driving and that he’d see her the next day.

Dave looked at Ben after he hung up and tossed the phone back, “What about Milwaukee?”

“Evelyn and Phoebe are driving up there to see the Icehogs play the Admirals. Phoebe wants to see Niklas.” Dave rolled his eyes, but he was smiling. Those girls were something else, and he had only seen them together once. “I don’t know how you handle them.” Ben laughed, “It’s hard, but Phoebe is Lyn’s best friend; they’re like a package deal.”

. . .

Evelyn was dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a pair of black leather ankle boots, and a red women’s Rockford Icehogs shirt, a black sweater to wear over it. Her hair was curled and her makeup was done. It was funny; she hadn’t gotten pretty to go out in a while, well, besides with Ben. She and Phoebe were having a girls’ day (kind of). The whole point of going to Milwaukee was for Phoebe to see Niklas, so Evelyn knew at some point she’d be the third wheel.

She was okay with that, though, since Phoebe had been the third wheel with her and Ben for so long. She was one hundred percent happy for her best friend having feelings for a nice guy. Of course it helped a little that Niklas was hot. And Swedish. But that was beside the point. Phoebe had crushes all the time; what girl didn’t? But for Phoebe to actually travel out of state to see a boy? That was something, and Evelyn was more than happy to go with her.

Phoebe’s hair was straightened and her makeup was perfect, but when Evelyn walked into her bedroom and saw her best friend in only a pair of dark wash, skinny jeans, black heels, and her bra, Evelyn knew what the problem was. “What do I wear?” Phoebe almost whined. Evelyn laughed, “Honey, Niklas won’t care what you wear.”

“I want to look nice, though.”

“I know you do, and you will, but calm down. Do you want to wear this Icehogs shirt, or do you want to wear something else?” Evelyn asked, holding up the shirt that was just like her own, but black. “It shows off cleavage real nice,” Evelyn continued, motioning to her very visible cleavage. Phoebe laughed, grabbing the shirt and throwing it over her head, “Ben would love you going to a hockey game that is not one of his like that.”

Evelyn shrugged and laughed, slipping her coat on and putting her hat, scarf, and gloves on. (Which was really kind of pointless; she knew that as soon as her car had warmed up enough, she’d be taking them all off. She hated to drive all bundled up.) Phoebe did the same and grabbed her purse, and the thermos of coffee Evelyn had made her. Walking out to Evelyn’s Hyundai Tucson, the cold nipped at the tiny bit of skin exposed.

“Fuck, it’s cold,” Phoebe mumbled, reaching to turn the heat on as soon as Evelyn turned the ignition. Plugging in her iPod, Evelyn blasted her driving play list and peeled out of the spot she was parked in. Phoebe laughed and bounced her legs up and down in excitement. Evelyn shook her head, “One hundred miles to go, Pheebs. Calm down.” Phoebe glared at Evelyn, but she couldn’t hold the angry expression for too long. She was too damn excited.

The trip from downtown Chicago to Milwaukee should have only taken close to two hours, but with a lunch break, bathroom breaks because of too much coffee, and highway traffic, the drive took almost double the time. The game didn’t start until seven, and it was nearly four. Phoebe texted Niklas as soon as they got off the highway, telling him they were there. He quickly texted back, giving them directions to the hotel.

Phoebe was a ball of nerves as Evelyn pulled into a parking spot, “Oh my god, why am I so nervous?” Evelyn laughed, “It’s a good thing you are. You must like him a lot.” Phoebe groaned, putting her head in her hands, “I do so much.” Evelyn turned the car off and got out, having to drag Phoebe behind her. “Do I look okay?” She mumbled, as they got into the elevator.

Evelyn turned to Phoebe and smoothed the slightly younger girl’s hair out and inspected her make up, “You look gorgeous, relax!” Phoebe just shook her head and sighed as they stepped out of the elevator, following signs to the room Niklas shared with Antti Niemi. The door was swung open as soon as Evelyn knocked. She barely had time to move to the side before the tall Swede flew out of the room and engulfed Phoebe in a hug, picking her up and making her squeal.

Evelyn rolled her eyes, but she was grinning. They were so fucking cute. She quickly moved herself into the room, wanting to avoid being hit as Niklas swung her friend around, pressing kisses to her cheeks. “Hey,” Evelyn said to the Finnish goaltender, who stood watching the same scene with just as much amusement. “How long have they known each other?” He asked, nodding toward Niklas and Phoebe.

“Uh,” Evelyn laughed. “They were introduced on the twenty first of January, so… just over two weeks?” Antti laughed and shook his head, sticking his hand out toward Evelyn, “I’m Antti.” Evelyn nodded, “Evelyn.” He motioned for her to come and sit down, even telling her to help herself to the food in the room. Evelyn grinned and stole a few fries off the plate in front of her. “I love fries,” She grinned.

He grinned at her, motioning for her to help herself, but his gaze turned back to the young defenseman and the girl at his side, “Looking at them,” Antti said, as Niklas and Phoebe walked into the room hand-in-hand, “makes me want to bring my girlfriend here from Finland.” Evelyn smiled sadly, “I’m sure you miss her. Ben’s only in Vancouver, I know I get to see him tomorrow, and it’s still rough.” Antti smiled, “Everyone who gets called up to the Hawks comes back with a comment about you and Ben, you know…”

“Really?” Evelyn laughed, raising her eyebrows. Antti nodded, “It’s just funny to some of the guys, I guess. Ben has a reputation as a big, tough guy, and then we hear about him and his girlfriend being so perfect. It’s just funny.” Evelyn grinned, yeah, she and Ben were kind of perfect, weren’t they?
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