The Vampire With The Pink Handbag

Set in modern-times Oriole Brique a lonesome, desolate yet highly presumptuous young vampire boy begins his first day at an all vampire College. Although he has been accustomed to attending human schools he was now going to endure school with other vampires, which is something he once feared strongly. Oriole knew he was far different and could never live up to the vampire male expectation; he was feminine and sensitive and this was unheard of in the vampire community. He meets a group of handsome, imperial and highly mysterious vampires boys called the trio. Oriole begins a reckless and tumultuous relationship with one of their members; a vampire boy who is in denial about his sexuality. Life after this relationship will never be the same because it spirals into a fantastical adventure in this book series.
  1. Day One
    The start
  2. The Apple Tree
    A mysterious boy hides in an apple tree as the moonlight reveals his face Oriole notices that it's........
  3. The eye of the tiger
    I don't want you, but damn....... I want you badly........I need you.
  4. Torture
    I need to stop myself, I need to maintain self control, damn these vampire emotions.