Learning How to Swim

Alyssa-Valentine Roe has never been a worrier. She has always thought with reason, taking care of her older sister, Karolyn-Felicia Roe. Kara has always been the crazy, lovable girl without a dull feeling in her soul. But Kara slowly slips under the pressures of teenage life and tries to kill herself. She is diagnosed with bipolar depression, and Alyssa just hadn't seen it coming.

While Kara faces her demons, Alyssa must face hers. Steven Quigley, an eccentric teenage boy, knows what she's going through, and he wants to help her. Alyssa has no idea how much Steven knows, but she knows that she wants answers and he's just the man for the job. She finds a friendship with the oddest boy in her class, and they slowly piece together the puzzle.

But Kara can't seem to keep her head above the water, and Alyssa knows that time is running out. She can't stand by and watch as her sister drowns, no matter what they say.

Will Alyssa get caught up in a world of lies, or can she find a way to save a girl that simply refuses to be rescued?

*Inspired by Black Box by Julie Schumacher, an excellent read.
  1. Good Ol' Beckham
    Alyssa visits her sister at the psych ward and doesn't believe what she sees.
  2. Dinner and a Show
    Turns out Beckham isn't all it's cut out to be.
  3. Swept Under The Rug
    Alyssa meets her new therapist.
  4. The Term "Normal" Becomes Overrated
    Steven Quigley makes a point to speak with Alyssa.
  5. The Wheels on the Bus
    He never denied that he was a bit...odd.
  6. Proper Parenting
    Sometimes opportunites just end up on your doorstep!
  7. Just Another Dissection
    Steven is a nice topic for therapy, no?
  8. Swimming Lessons
    It's been seven days since Kara was admitted to the psych ward.
  9. Just a Matter of Time
    Alyssa seems to be a walking target, and Steven tries to build her back up.
  10. Every Flaw in the World
    Steven offers to be shoved out of a window.
  11. In The Closet
    It must have been rather awkward.
  12. Drowning Sessions
    Alyssa and her therapist don't agree on many things.
  13. Not-so-Clever Analogies
    There's a list.
  14. Trust is so Fickle
    Wasted apologies.
  15. Smother Me
    Alyssa can't help but feel like Kara and her are worlds apart.
  16. That Annoying Sound
    Alyssa planned on ignoring him, but Steven won't have it.
  17. Crystallized
    He likes his giraffes purple and stuffed.
  18. You Hear me, but You aren't Listening
    A discussion of flaws.
  19. Last Night
    Steven refuses to let Alyssa use that phrase.
  20. Unknown Knowledge
    The blame game was invented for this purpose.
  21. Patience is an Unmastered Virtue
    She has to take someone she trusts.
  22. If You Didn't Notice
    Kara and Steven aren't exactly on good terms.
  23. Broken
    She had tried to trust so many people, but they had let her down.
  24. Bitter Apolgy, or Sweet Goodbye?
    It's been two whole weeks since she's been gone. Again.
  25. I Miss You
    Steven isn't going to just back off.
  26. Garage Band King
    It's hard to get away from the "wrong crowd' when you're sinking farther in.
  27. First Kisses
    It's just harmless girl talk, right?
  28. Horrible Coincidences
    Two slackers; one assignment. Oh, the possibilities!
  29. A Walking Disappointment
    So much for getting their project done.
  30. Hit the Pavement
    They say that love is respect, so what does that make Adam?
  31. 99% Profanity-Free
    Options: jump out of a moving vehicle, or talk to Steven.
  32. We Meet Again
    She hadn't been in for an appointment lately.
  33. Can't, Cannot; Won't, Will Not
    Alyssa wants everything to be normal again.
  34. Everything Personal
    He's a persistent boy.
  35. White Lies and White Stories
    When lies fade away, you see the truth.
  36. Broken Hearts
    He finally tells the truth.
  37. It's not Over
    Their happy ever after is so close, yet so far.
  38. Temper, Temper
    He reached his breaking point.
  39. "Student" is a Loose Term
    He got away with a concussion.
  40. Do It Alone
    It was kind of like a big bomb had just dropped on her shoulders.
  41. Tying Loose Ends
    The end.