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Hogwarts, A Musical

NOTE: Trey was an actual person I (Autumn) had the privilege to know my entire life. We were six months apart, and he was the most amazing person you could possibly met. He died on 10-06-09, and I miss him dearly. So, read this story and you will have a little taste of Trey Anthony Pinner and how amazing he was.

Year Three, Romeo and Juliet
Juliet Capulet: Autumn Bronte... Understudy: Rosie Bates
Romeo Montague: Draco Malfoy... Understudy: Dylan Zamora
Friar Lawrence: Marcus Flint
Mercutio: Theodore Nott
Nurse: Bekkah Malfoy
Tybalt: Trey Bronte
Benvolio: Blaise Zabini
Lord Capulet: Cormac McLaggen
Lady Capulet: Astoria Greengrass
Lord Montague: Neville Longbottom
Lady Montague: Joanne Bellacuore
Paris: Dylan Zamora... Understudy: Seamus Finnegan
Balthazar: Gregory Goyle
Sampson &Gregory: Justin Finch-Fletchly and Owen Cauldwell
Abraham: Vincent Crabbe