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Baby, It's You & No One Else


This is where it all begins
So tell me it will never end
I can't fool myself
It's you and no one else
If I could wish upon tomorrow
Tonight would never end
If you asked me I would follow
But for now I'll just pretend
If anyone can make me fall in love, you can

Lyrics credit: You Can by David Archuletta

Riley Kennedy and Eric Decker have been together since they were seniors in high school. She was there before he was a hotshot on the University of Minnesota football team, before the fans wore his jersey around the stadium and before he was expected to bring them to their next national championship. They're the couple you love to hate because they are made for each other and everyone knows it. But being the star of the football teams brings with it a lot of baggage to any relationship. Girls throw themselves at Eric constantly and Riley feels herself questioning how much she trusts Eric, especially when one of Eric's teammates proves that football players can't seem to keep it in their pants.

obviously this is about Eric Decker.
This kid is a BEAST.
Best thing to happen to the gophers in a LONG time.
So you should read this. I know it's not hockey but whatever.
So feedback would be WONDERFUL.
and I basically have no idea how long this will be..