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Baby, It's You & No One Else

i'm in love with you

It was now our last day in Duluth and everyone who sat in Kara's living room was in a sour mood. The weather outside, cold and gloomy, perfectly reflected how everyone was feeling about various things. Kara and Blake were upset because they were down to an hour of being together. Katie was upset because Adam hadn't showed up at the hotel last night nor did he show up here. Eric had called him and found out he stayed at a separate hotel because he needed space. When Eric told me that, he had to hold me back from marching down to Adam and slapping him senseless.

Eric and I were down because of all of our friends. Our relationships were all so close that it was like the domino effect. If one of us went down, the others went down with them. It could be a good and bad thing depending on the situation. And right now it would most definitely count as a bad thing. We all sat on the couches and chairs that littered the room, watching the movie that played out of the screen. We were really only waiting for Adam to show up much to my protests to leave him here. Just the thought of spending the 2 and a half hour drive back to the cities with him and Katie made me want to rip my hair out.

Katie was definitely not okay which confirmed to me that something was indeed going on. But every time I asked Eric about it he would tell me it was nothing and to let them work it out. I didn't dare ask Katie, not wanting to upset her even more. I glanced over at her, taking in her red, puffy eyes as she tiredly watched the movie. A knock sounded at the door and we all turned to look at it, a collective sigh going through the whole group. Eric lifted me up from where I leaned in to him to get the door since he was the only one who didn't have an immediate problem with Adam. The door opened and I scoffed as Adam came in to view looking perfectly okay while Katie had to hold back tears at the sight of him.

I watched him like a hawk as he came over to Katie, leaning down in front of her and grabbing her face. He pulled her down, their foreheads touching as he spoke to her in a low whisper, telling him how much he loved her and how sorry he was about yesterday. She nodded and kissed him softly, tears leaking from her tired eyes as Adam whipped them away. My lips pursed as she forgave him, annoyance poking against the back of my mind. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at Adam's huge smile.

"See, every thing's going to be okay," Eric whispered in my ear, squeezing my hips with his hands. I rolled my eyes at that, looking up at him and giving him a disbelieving look.

"It's all about the appearances," I snorted under my breath to which Eric shook his head.

"Can you just accept it and move on?" He pleaded with me lightly.

"No because unlike you, I don't turn the other cheek. So don't fuck up, Eric." I snapped, getting up and walking into Kara's extra bedroom to pack the rest of my suitcase.

I heard Eric sigh in the living room, not bothering to follow me. I could feel the stress building beneath the surface and I tried to calm myself down as the tears poked at the backs of my eyes. I didn't want to fight with Eric, knowing how nasty it could get with us. I sat on the edge of the bed, trying to process everything that was going on and put all the jagged pieces together. By the time everyone started shuffling around in the living room, I still hadn't figured anything out.

Eric walked into the room just as I decided to head back into the living room. I watched as he softly shut the door, leaning against it with his hands shoved into his pockets of his worn jeans. Our eyes connected and I shook my head at him, standing up and walking to the window. My eyes scanned across the frozen lake, watching as it ran on for miles, something I felt the urge to do. I could feel something about to come over the horizon, the tension building as each day passed. I bit my lip, the stress piling on top of my nerves, making them shutter and become frazzled.

Eric moved behind me, his arms wrapping tightly around my waist, his chin finding a home on my shoulder. I could feel his rigid posture as he too looked out at the vast body of water. My heart slowed to a steady beat as his warmth calmed my racing mind. My hands wrapped around his thick forearms as he whispered in my ear, "Are you ready to go home?"

"Yeah," I sighed, my heart still feeling some heaviness as I remembered that going home meant less time with Eric.

The boys were about to do nothing but practice, go to class, and sleep. Chances were high he wouldn't be up to hanging out with me and that was something I wasn't happy with. I moved around Eric, grabbing my suitcase and exciting the room. He followed me, his hands resting gently on both of my hips. I crossed the room and pulled Kara into a tight hug.

"This weekend was a lot of fun," I murmured. "I'm going to miss you."

"Me too," she pouted, "if Blake gets ubber whiny you have my permission to hit him." Blake rolled his eyes and slapped her butt playfully.

"I'm pretty sure he'll be slapped silly by the time we get home," I giggled, sticking my tongue out at Blake who repeated the action.

"Jeez, It's like he never gets any loving," she rolled her eyes as Blake wrapped his arms tightly around her. She squealed loudly as he picked her up and swung her around before placing her back on her feet.

"When am I seeing you again?" I asked her as we walked to the door where she hugged Katie and Adam goodbye. She wrapped Eric in a tight hug but didn't pull away to taunt me a bit.

"Mmm, probably in sunny Arizona." She squealed a bit as I grinned.

"We're going to tear it up down there. It's going to be amazing," I told her, practically feeling the hot rays of the sun on my skin as I tanned with Kara and Katie at the pool.

"I'm ready to get out of here. Plus, some people could use the vacation," she lowered her voice, jerking her head in Adam and Katie's direction.

"I think we all need one," I murmured, glancing at Eric as he gave me a sad look. I pursed my lips and wrapped my arms around Eric's waist, overlapping Kara's.

"Deckah's a pimppp," Adam hollered. I looked at him, giving him a death look that made his laughter halt. "Sorry, not funny."

"No." I snapped, snarling at him. His eyes widened and for the first time since he stormed out of Old Chicago, he realized how pissed off I was at him. Eric's fingers dug into my side, silently telling me to back down.

"We should get going," Blake of all people spoke up, pulling Kara into his body and leading her down the hall.

We all silently followed them, walking slowly down to Blake's car, Blake had long since decided that he would drive home and Adam would sit up front, next to him and away from me. I hugged Kara one last time before sliding into the middle seat. I crossed my arms as Eric and Katie piled in next to me. Blake started the car, leaning out the window to give Kara one last kiss.

"Love you," Blake called to her as he backed out. We all waved at Kara's sad figure as Blake drove down the street.

I sighed loudly and curled into Eric's body the best I could. I leaned my head against his shoulder, closing my eyes. For the rest of the trip I laid on Eric, drifting in and out of sleep as his fingers brushed lightly through my hair and over my back. We pulled into mine and Katie's house almost three hours later. Eric shook me awake slowly, my eyes opening into tiny slits as he stood on the driveway, the door ajar and his arms extended towards me.

I crawled out of the car with Eric’s help, his arms pulling me out. Katie got out the other side as Eric walked me into the house, still keeping me a respectable distance from Adam.
“We’re adults you know,” I chided Eric, grabbing a bottle of water out of the fridge. “We can be civilized.”
“Yeah, but I don’t want to take that risk.” He told me, standing in the kitchen doorway.
“You’re not staying.” I stated, sucking my cheeks in and giving him a look. He gave me a sweet smile and walked across the kitchen.
“I've got some football stuff to do.” He whispered, his hands tucking my hair behind my ears. I pouted up at him and he smiled down at me, lightly pinching my cheeks.
“Are you mad at me because of how I’m treating Adam?” I asked, watching his face as he tried to mask his emotions.
“No, I just don’t think you’re being fair,” he shrugged, looking past my shoulder.
“I’m not being fair but it’s okay for him to be a dick?” I asked, my eyes narrowing at my now nervous boyfriend.
“We’re not going to fight about this. Their relationship is not ours and what happens with them shouldn't’t effect us.” His hands rested on my shoulder and he squeezed them tightly.
“We’re not fighting but you’re irritated with me. I know you, Eric.”
“I’m just frustrated and stressed out. This weekend was kind of tense.”
“Because of Adam.”
“Because of a lot of things. Try to be fair, honey. I’m going to go. I love you.” He kissed my forehead before walking out of the house, leaving me frustrated and alone.

I bustled across campus the Wednesday after we got back from Duluth. I hadn't’t talked to Eric since he left the kitchen on Sunday. It wasn't’t so much as we were fighting or mad at each other, he was just way beyond busy to pick up the phone. Normally, I wouldn't’t let him use that as an excuse or maybe I’d go make him dinner or something but I had come to the conclusion after he left that we needed a break from each other. A cool down period to be alone with our thoughts.
I sighed, a natural occurrence that happened whenever I thought about Eric. Everything was so stressed and I just wanted it to go back to normal. Part of me blamed Katie and Adam for having that fight in front of us. Before that moment I was so naive about what was going on with them. I didn't’t notice the increasing tension or how they rarely shared kisses anymore. Maybe I would have noticed that they rarely shared I love you’s or that things had been this bad for a couple months. But then part of me blamed myself because I had been so wrapped up in Eric and I that I hadn't’t been there to help Katie out. I felt like a failure as a friend and that I let her down on a duty I held. She’d be there for me, why wasn't’t I there for her?
My foot falls were soft against the sidewalk as I moved up the driveway, the sun already setting and the dark night creeping in along with the clouds. I looked at the house quizzically, noticing the lights on in the kitchen and living room. Katie was supposed to be at Adam’s and not home. I worriedly bit my lip, wondering if it was Katie or some psycho who couldn't’t wait to cut me to pieces.
I slowly made my way up the stairs, opening the door and pushing my way into the house. Soft music greeted my ears: All I really want is you to stand outside my window, throwing pebbles, screaming, “I’m in love with you.” I shut the door softly, a small smile gracing my lips as I kicked off my shoes. I padded into the kitchen, greeted with the sight of Eric lip singing to Taylor Swift. I held back my giggle, watching as he shook several spices into a pot of pasta sauce. Noodles boiled on the other burner as Eric stirred the sauce, testing a bit of it.
“You better not put that back in the pot.” I teased him. He spun around, grinning at me as he placed the spoon back in the pot. “Like that.” I rolled my eyes playfully.
“Hey baby, how you doing?” He asked, sounding exactly like Joey from friends.
“I’m good now,” I murmured, cuddling into his arms. “I missed you,” I whispered, closing my eyes and biting my lip again.
“I’ve been here,” he teased lightly.
I shook my head, “If you’re not next to me, I’m going to miss you.” Eric squeezed me tightly before pulling one arm away to stir the sauce again.
“What are you making?” I asked curiously.
“Some pasta. We’re carbo loading, baby.”
“No, you are. I’m just going to be fat.” I told him, jumping onto the counter. Eric gave me a dirty look, scolding me for even saying that.
I watched Eric make dinner after that, appreciating the way his jeans hugged his butt and the bulge of his biceps through his black dress shirt. His face held a weeks growth of stubble that tickled my face when he kissed me, in between adding ingredients and stirring his sauce.

Eric came over to me, stepping away from the stove and pulling me off the counter. He carried me to the dinning room where he sat me at a chair already set with dishes and silverware. Candles were lined up in the middle of the table, their flames flickering as Eric walked by them. I grabbed the glass of wine Eric poured me, sipping it and savoring it despite the fact that I usually didn't care for the drink.

I listened to the next song that played softly through the speakers, True by George Straight. The lyrics wrapped around me, sticking in my head as I softly sang to the tune, realizing this song could have been written for the Eric and I.

"True in this modern words when two lovers get together. Chances of 'em ever making it to forever, couldn't be better than two in a million hearts," I whispered, drawing tiny hearts on the cherry wood table with my finger tip.

"Girl this ain't just another run of a mill emotion. What I'm feeling is the definition of devotion. My love for you is true." Eric finished, walking in to the room with two steaming plates of pasta. The smell reached my nose and my mouth instantly watered as the spices got stuck in my senses, making me realize just how hungry I was.

"Oh baby! This smells so good," I murmured, waiting for him to sit down so I could dig in.

The first bite was utter heaven. I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my lips as I chewed softly, the pasta the best thing I had ingested in a long time. My eyes had drifted shut and I opened them to tell Eric how good it was. He started back at me with a sexy look, his eyes dark and dangerous as he sized me up. I looked down at my pasta, temporarily mourning the fact that I wouldn't get to eat it before Eric's arms wrapped around me and he hoisted me into his arms.

He wasted no time placing his lips hungrily against mine, the meal he worked so hard to make already forgotten. My hands ran over his broad shoulders and chest, touching every inch of him that I could as his tongue thrust into my mouth. At the rate we were going, I was surprised when Eric started to move towards the stairs, kicking shoes out of his way as he reached the entry way, stepping on the first stair. We reached the halfway point of the stairs and Eric pinned me against the wall, his hands pulling off my long sleeved shirt and immediately sucking on my newly exposed skin.

I arched my back as his lips fluttered over my chest, a longing sense of urgency evident in how soft yet hard he pressed his lips to me. My fingers threaded in his slightly long hair, his hair cut from two weeks ago already grown out. Eric gripped my hips tightly as his tongue flicked over the crevices of my breasts. My head leaned back, and I stared up at the ceiling slightly out of breath as he continued to lavish me with kisses. His fingers easily undid my bra and the pink fabric fell to the stairs, giving Eric complete access to his favorite part of my body.

His tongue and lips worked over my chest, his lips and teeth tugging on my skin, making it pucker and heightening my senses. My hands ran from his hair down to his back where I dug my fingers in, telling him I wanted him. NOW. He smiled against my skin and got a better grip on me before rushing the rest of the way up the stairs. His lips sought mine again and I pushed my door open with my back. Eric let me slide down his body so I was standing on my own feet again, never taking his lips off mine, his big hands cupping my butt. I looped my fingers through the belt loops on his jeans, tugging him with me as I walked backwards to the bed. My knees hit the mattress and I pushed myself onto it, pulling Eric down with me.

He caught his weight as I worked the buttons on his shirt, my lips pressing against his chest as it became more accessible to me the more buttons I undid. A groan rumbled in Eric's chest as my hands reached down, pressing in to him through his jeans. I felt his shudder, smiling as I felt the balance of power shift to me. His hips thrust himself into my hand as I unbuttoned his jeans, desperately needing the fabric off. His hands were already tugging my jeans down and they soon joined his on the floor as he shoved me up the bed, before grabbing my hips and pulling me back towards him. His fingers hooked through my pink panties, practically ripping them off of me and throwing them behind him. He pulled off his boxers, not missing a beat as his lips continued to suck the life out of me.

He positioned himself in between my hips, his kisses turning soft and steady as he slid into me slowly, letting me adjust because of his size. I hadn't been with anybody but Eric, but it was obvious that he was big, bigger than normal. He slowly pumped in and out, letting the tension build as his lips trailed across my collar bone, my nails digging into his back. My breathing had long since picked up, the jagged breaths coming out in heavy puffs. He brushed the hair out of my face as he picked the tempo up as I matched him thrust for thrust. My back arched in to him as I felt my nerves tighten and then uncoil all in one motion, my stomach muscles quivering as he kept with the tempo, driving himself to the same point I was at.

I moaned his name loudly, telling him not to stop. My toes curled as I wrapped my legs completely around his waist, not letting him pull out of me at all. I felt him grin against my skin as his thrusts became more urgent, more direct. Just as my body began to climb down from the first orgasm, the second wave hit at the same moment Eric came. He continued to thrust into me as our orgasms subsided, crashing on top of me once he was done. My eyes fluttered closed in exhaustion, my fingers threading through Eric's dark hair. I sighed contently, my lungs desperately needing some air as Eric's weight crushed me into the mattress. He laughed lightly, rolling off of me and pulling me on top of him.

"Wow, that was worth missing out on my kick ass dinner," Eric told me, his breathing still heavy. I moaned my approval, pressing my nose against his chest. "Let's go eat now." Eric insisted, trying to get me up. I was like lead, unable to be moved, exhausted despite the fact that Eric did most of the work. But I wasn't a Division I athlete with practically no body fat.

"Are you kidding me? I can't move!" I exclaimed knowing not only that was true but I also wouldn't be able to walk.

"I'll carry you." He told me, placing a soft kiss against my sweaty forehead.

"No, just lay here and hold me," I softly demanded, snuggling into his side.

"Yes, ma'am." Eric whispered against my hair, pulling the covers over us and laying with me until I fell into a blissful sleep, wrapped in his arms.
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