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Baby, It's You & No One Else

the dawn of the rest of our lives

"Eric, we're graduating today," I murmured to him as we walked hand in hand into the front entrance of Rocori high school. I leaned my head against his shoulder, squeezing his hand.

"I know, finally." He breathed out, laughing along with me.

"It's going to be wonderful to finally be done with this place. I mean, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed high school, especially senior year, but it's time to move on," I told him.

"I know what you mean." He assured me as we headed towards the basement of the school to line up outside of the gym. Eric held my gown for me, letting me slip it over the pink knee length dress I had on. I flipped my hair out from the collar, taking my hat and begrudgingly placing it on my head. I huffed at Eric.

"I don't know why I bothered doing my hair," I rolled my eyes to the ceiling and then settled them on my boyfriend. He smiled down at me before his lips pressed against mine.

"I'm excited for the future," he whispered to me, nuzzling my nose.

"Me too." I held my breath as he looked into my eyes, his brown orbs searching my face. "You're going to be a star, Er." I told him to which he shook his head at me, biting his lip against a smile.

"I need to become a lot better before I'm a star," he murmured to me, kissing my nose and then both of my cheeks. I closed my eyes, my eyelashes fluttering against the blush that crept across my cheek bones.

"Decker, you're down there," my biology teacher from 10th grade snapped, who also happened to be the football coach.

"Sorry coach, but my girl is right here," he smirked at him.

"You're lucky you aren't my player anymore or I'd make you run up and down the hallway," he rolled his eyes, grabbing Eric and tugging him away from me.

"Wait," Eric told him, pulling his arm away and bringing me into his body once again. "I love you, don't trip." He whispered to me, giving me Eskimo kisses.

"thanks for the confidence, Er," I smiled at him, shaking my head slightly. "I love you," I told him in a breathy whisper.

"I'll see you when you graduate," he murmured softly to me before he kissed me once more and headed down to the D's int he alphabet.

I sighed and wrapped my arms around myself, surprised when the march started right after Eric slipped into his spot in line. It was so like us to hold everyone else up. We walked into the gym to the loud applause of our family, friends, and teachers. I walked through the doors and all of my brothers started yelling, screaming my name and making me shake my head. I looked up at Eric, rolling my eyes at the heard I called my brothers.

The ceremony started, the principle getting on the stage and talking about how we were all fantastic individuals and it was time we went into the world and made it a better place. I tuned out, keeping my eyes locked on Eric's head as he sat five rows in front of me, watching as our class president came on the stage. He gave his little speech and then finally, the much awaited moment came.

Butterflies danced in my stomach in anticipation as the principle started to call out the names. I grinned and clapped when Eric was called, then stopped when I heard my brothers call out to him.

"Decker is the shit!" I looked over my left shoulder, glaring at Jake as my mom grabbed his hand and his her face, pulling him back down. Jake looked down at me, giving me a sick grin. And all of a sudden I was really not looking forward to my name being called. The girl next to me giggled and I gave her an unamused look.

"Your family loves you," she laughed.

"Yeah, a little too much."

The K's were starting to line up on the stage and I stood up with my row, following the leaded to the platform. I took a deep breath, looking back at Jake and the rest of my brother's giving them a warning look. My eyes danced along the rows, looking for Eric where he sat a couple rows back, shining back at me. I smiled at him, and walked up the stairs as they called my name, grinning as the principle shook my hand. I moved my tassel from the right to the left side of my hat, and posed for a quick picture, walking down the aisle as Jake called, "that's my baby sister!" I looked up at him, nodding to tell him that was acceptable. I brushed past Eric who sat at the end of his row, my hand slipping into his and getting a squeeze.

The rest of our lives had just began. The throwing of the hats came, the diplomas tucked under our arms or on our chairs as we rejoiced, closing a chapter of our lives. Eric found me quickly and while the rest of our class was celebrating, Eric and I were kissing, making silent toasts to our much awaited future.

APRIL 22ND, 2010

I sat on the front steps of mine and Katie's house, looking up and down the street and watching as the cars passed by, having no idea that I was having a hard time at the moment. Tears pooled in my eyes as I bit my lip, hating that this was only stage one of goodbye. Leaving the house that had been ours for the past three years was a lot tougher than I thought it would be, but tomorrow was graduation and tomorrow, it would be time to say goodbye once again. Eric and I needed to fly right from the ceremony to New York where the 2010 NFL draft would be taking place.

I wiped under my eyes as Katie plopped down next to me, her arm wrapping around my shoulders. "I can't believe we're graduating tomorrow. I feel like it was just yesterday when we were meeting at the summer training camp and going to lunch. And now you're my best friend," she murmured softly to me, her head resting against my shoulder, mine on top of hers.

"I know. Everything is happening so fast and I'm scared Katie. I'm scared of the future and what's going to happen with Eric and I." I whispered, sniffling softly.

"Whatever happens, it will be together. You'll always have each other and you'll always have me," she assure me. I nodded, pushing out a deep breath.

"Do we have everything packed up?" I asked her.

"Yeah, just a few things that I'm not sure if they are mine or yours," she laughed, knowing how interchangeable our stuff had been in the past four years. The spring breeze wrapped around my body, cooling my body off as it baked in the surprisingly warm sun. Katie and I fell silent, just content to be next to each other, moments like this soon to become rare. Life was changing and forcing us to move on and grow up, but we still had this, and we still had each other.

"What will you miss the most?" I wondered, trying to pick out what would change the most, and if I would miss it.

"Well, I'll definitely miss this, just being able to walk out of my room an talk to you. I'll miss having you at my accessibility to talk or bitch about anything. But I think more than anything, I'll just miss you. It's going to suck when I have to call you instead of see your pretty face," she turned to me, smiling sadly. I tried to force a smile also, the feeling of dread creeping up in my body. "What about you, you're the one who's actually leaving here."

"Yeah, I'll miss you but I know I'm going to miss my family. And even if everything with Eric and I work out, I just know he's going to change. I'm scared it will be so much so that I can't stand him anymore."

"That's why he has you, to keep him grounded."

"That's true. He'll have me to smack him upside of the head if he starts to be stupid," I chuckled softly, shaking my head as Eric pulled into the driveway with Adam in the passenger seat.

"Someone hired some movers?" Eric asked as he jumped out of his truck, smiling at me as he pulled me up from the stoop and into his arms. I wrapped my arms and legs around his body, holding him close to me.

"You're only hired if you take your shirt off," I teased Eric who rolled his eyes at me.

"Baby," Eric whined, pouting his lips at me. I kissed them softly, looking into his eyes as I did so. His brown orbs got three shades darker, the softness to them gone and replaced by an intense, burning lust. "Is your bed still set up?" He asked me, his voice low and slightly menacing. I giggled at him, shaking my head and pressing my finger to his lips.

"Not now, baby. We have to be out by noon."

He rolled his eyes in distaste at my decision, setting me back on the balls of my feet. "Don't be a crab," I warned him, slapping his butt as he walked up the stairs of the house to help me bring the boxes down. We walked into the room and Eric pushed me down on my bed.

"Sit there and look like the princess you are while I do all this," he gestured to the boxes. I shook my head at him, trying to get up again. "No, I'm going to lift all of this stuff."

"It will go faster with two people," I insisted to him but he just shook his head.

"No." He picked up the first box and headed out of the room while I sat awkwardly on my bed. This continued for a half an hour, Eric picking up the boxes and bringing then to his truck as I sat on my bed, my legs crossed and looking around the room that would no longer be mine. The green walls were now bare form the picture frames and posters, the tape and nails not even there as reminders to what used to hang there.

I sighed loudly, catching Eric’s attention when he walked into the room for another box. He paused, his hands hovering in mid-air as his brown eyes looked at me.
“How’s my baby?” He asked, walking towards me and pulling me into his shirtless chest.
“I’m sad. I wish it wasn’t our senior year. I’m going to miss this place,” I whimpered to him. Eric nodded in understanding, his grip tightening as my throat started to close while my eyes began to mist.
“It’s alright. One door closes and another one opens,” he murmured, laying back on the bare mattress and pulling me with him.
“I swear it was just yesterday when we were graduating from Rocori.” I closed my eyes, picturing Eric and I as we shared a deep kiss with our diplomas in hand.
“Time flies when you’re living life with the people you love.” He kissed my head, sitting up once again.
“Tat’s it? That’s our heart to heart?” I questioned as he picked up another box.
“It’s almost noon,” he shrugged, looking at me like he really didn’t want to talk about tomorrow.
“I’m not nervous,” he insisted, walking towards the door with the brown box.
“I didn’t say you were,” I whispered more to myself than him. I looked down at my hands, chipping my French manicure nervously. A dull thump and a sigh sounded from the doorway before Eric appeared in front of me, crouching between my legs.
“Okay. I am nervous but only for you. Tomorrow and Friday will be insane, and I won’t have a lot of time to be with you and make sure you’re alright. I know, I know, you’ll be excited, but I know you. You’ll be suffering in silence because you’re scared of the future. But you need to understand that we’re going to understand that we’re going to be fine.” HE pulled my face towards his, our foreheads resting together as our eyes closed. The room was silent, both of us visualizing the huge weekend ahead.
“Decker, get your butt moving,” Adam called as he walked down the hall to grab more boxes from Katie’s room.
“And moment over.” Eric sighed with a small chuckle.
“Get going honey,” I playfully slapped at his butt, laughing when he shook it at me. “Watch it or next time it will be a kick.” He feigned fear before he dropped one more kiss on my lips and began to move the rest of my belongs from my now old room.
Eric and I walked quickly along the sidewalk towards Northrop Auditorium where our graduation ceremony would be held. I practically had to run to keep up with him, his hand the only thing connecting the two of us as it wrapped tightly around my wrist, tugging me along.
“Babe, slow down,” I whined to him, my feet hurting in my high heels.
“We’re going to be late,” Eric grumbled. I bit back a laugh, checking my phone and shaking my head at my always punctual boyfriend.
“The ceremony starts in an hour,” I snorted at him.
“I don’t care, I want to be on time. I swear, if Katie and Adam are there before us…” He trailed off as we turned the corner, our meeting spot in sight and no Katie or Adam.
“See, we were just fine. You made my feet hurt for nothing,” I complained to him.
He rolled his eyes at me, turning sideways and swooping me up bridal style and catching me by surprise. I giggled as he nuzzled my nose with his, both of us grinning as he walked us to the bench. He sat down; making sure my dress was underneath my body as he pulled my heels off. His fingers began to massage the soles of my feet softly, pressing into them just hard enough to sooth my aching muscles. I breathed a soft sigh to him, purring my approval of the foot rub.
“This is step one of the crazy weekend, and I’m already tired,” I giggled softly. Eric closed his eyes, listening to the bubbly sound come from my body before he pulled a hand away from my foot, and cupping my chin.
“After this weekend, we’re going to sleep like babies,” he told me, kissing my lips.
“Eric, hi,” a man’s voice sounded next to us. It startled us both as I jumped, Eric’s arms wrapping around me protectively as he shifted me onto the bench so he was towards the voice, protecting me from it.
“Oh hey Tom,” Eric smiled brightly, letting me drop to the bench with a soft bounce to greet the man. “Ry, this is Tom, my agent,” he gestured to him, looking back at me expectantly. I smiled hesitantly, shaking the man’s outstretched hand.
“So this is Riley, it’s nice to meet you. Eric never stops talking about you,” he smiled at me, his teeth shining a bit too much for my liking. I could see the slight fakeness he had towards me. He knew I was the problem in Eric’s life. He saw me as a hurdle he needed to jump over for Eric’s life. “He’s always talking about you when we discuss the possible teams, mentioning places you would like to live,” his eyes dulled a bit when he mentioned that.
“Mmm, I’m sure that doesn’t make your job easy,” I pressed to him, waiting for his reaction. But he stayed smooth like I expected, letting out a hearty chuckle and clasping Eric’s shoulder tightly.
“She’s a keeper Eric,” he murmured as if Eric needed his approval.
I already hated this Tom guy. I hated him on principle because he was basically a new third party, someone who would tell Eric what was a good deal and what wasn’t, which team he wanted to play for. But the thing this Tom guy obviously didn’t understand was that I loved Eric. I wasn’t some gold digging girlfriend who was along for the ride. No, I was in it for the long haul and if he thought he could get rid of me, he was seriously mistaken. My mood immediately became sour as I gave him the up-down, catching Eric’s attention immediately.
“Babe,” He warned under his breath as Tom stepped away softly.
“I already hate him,” I snapped, not bothering to hide my disdain.
“Baby, don’t be like that. He’s one of the best in the nation at his job and he’s going to get me what I want.”
“Yeah, and take a chunk of your contract too. I don’t care how good he is at his job; it doesn’t change the fact that he’s an asshole.”
“Riley,” Eric told me more sternly, running a hand through his short hair. “You need to be nice, I won’t make you like him, but you need to respect him.” I opened my mouth to ask Eric who shoved the stick up his ass but Tom came back, his sickening smile plastered onto his equally fake face.
“So who’s ready to graduate and then head off to the draft?” He asked, clasping Eric shoulder again. I glared at the hand that he wrapped around my shoulder pulling me into his body also.
“Definitely me.” Eric shook his head, looking down the street where Katie and Adam were walking towards us hand in hand. Blake walked behind them, talking on his phone to whom I presumed to be Kara. He murmured several I love yous before he hung up, looking at his phone with a shake of his head.
I ducked out from under Tom’s arm quickly, my heels pounding against the pavement as I walked towards her. Her eyebrows lowered in confusion at my look before I came to a stop in front of her, preventing her from walking anymore. I pushed Adam’s shoulder, telling him to go meet Eric and talk to his new friend. Adam obliged, letting me loop my arm with Katie as we slowly trekked towards the auditorium.
“I hate his agent. He just feels so off to me.” I sighed, digging my fingers into the palm of my hand.
“You just met him?” Katie asked, giving me a skeptical look.
“Yeah and the fact that he was already sending off the asshole vibes freaks me out. He has Eric eating out of the palm of his hand. Fuck, this makes me even more nervous,” I grumbled.
"Ry, you need to be supportive. Maybe you're just freaked because of everything that's happening. Eric wouldn't bring him into your lives if he wasn't suitable." She pointed out, making me sigh in response.

"I guess," I grumbled.

We came to the boys and joined them, walking into the auditorium, Katie and I still linked at the arms. Eric grabbed me as we walked to where we needed to stand, his arm wrapping around my shoulders. I wanted to shrug it off but that would be harsh, plus, I wasn't going to let this conversation happen now. Maybe he would drop Tom once he got him the good deal. Well, a girl could hope right?

"Why is he even here?" I asked as we stopped where I would need to line up.

"Because it's just easier if we go together," Eric shrugged.

"So he flew here from-"


"-Atlanta, just to watch you graduate?" I asked him, rolling my eyes at the cheesiness, "you already signed the contract with him," I grumbled lowly, turning, and hoping Eric wouldn't hear.

"I heard that," he snapped, irritation pulling his brows together.

"Whatever." I mumbled before I turned my side to him, telling him the conversation was over. His hands reached out to me, encircling around my waist as I tried to stay made at him, biting my lip. He pulled my side to his front, cradling me to him. He pressed a kiss to my cheek. I shook my head at him, looking up at the ceiling and trying to ignore the way my cheeks flared with warmth. I leaned into his chest, giving in almost immediately after I told myself not to. This was one of those moments that would be rare in our lives and in the upcoming weekend. I couldn't spend it being petty and crabby.

"I love you," he mused to me, his lips brushing against my temple as he stepped away, getting ready to walk to where he needed to be. We both smiled at the deja vu feeling of this whole thing. High school and College had been big times for us, together and apart. But those were ending and our lives were starting, all we needed to do was walk across a stage that could have been a bridge, leading us to a new life.

I looked out the window, watching as the Minneapolis skyline lit up the sky. The sun was just beginning to set, a fireball in the center of the horizon as the orange, yellow, and pink rays exploded across the sky, a picture perfect scene. I got my own seat since Eric needed to discuss things with Tom before they landed. Tonight would be low key, no dinners or anything, just checking into our five star hotel. I sighed, running my hand through my pony tail and trying to not glare daggers at my reflection in the window. Eric was sitting across the aisle from me, laughing with his agent as he talked about previous NFL drafts he had attended. We were on some random private jet, Tom's boss' plane that he used to lure people into the company. I personally wasn't very impressed but it was obvious that Eric was.

I glanced over my shoulder at my boyfriend, feeling my lips purse into a pout at how much he was ignoring me. Tomorrow and Friday will be insane, and I won’t have a lot of time to be with you and make sure you’re alright. Ugh, fuck that Eric. Pay attention to me, my eyes begged as I took in his form, dressed down in Jeans and a t-shirt and a pair of mandles. Tom glanced to me, seeing the look on my face and he smiled a fake smile. Eric glanced to me, seeing the pout and giving me one right back.

"Do you need some love baby?" He teased me but I nodded seriously, causing him to spring out of his chair. "is this enough attention?" He wrapped his arms around me, putting up the arm rest. I nodded into him, pressing my nose to his shirt and breathing in the familiar scent of clean clothes and man. Eric always smelled good.

"Don't be sarcastic. I'm going to be going crazy without you," I whimpered softly, closing my eyes against the burning sensation in them.

"You won't be without me," he assured.

"You'll be too busy for little ol' me," I whispered painfully, being open with him since I wouldn't have the opportunity too once I got off the plane. I could practically see all of the things stacked up in Tom's brain for Eric to do. Interviews, meet and greets, signings, you name it.

"No, Ry," was all he had to say for me to believe him. He would try his hardest to make me happy and full fill his duties toTom his career. "I'm so tired," he sighed, rubbing his eyes with one of his hands.

"Why don't you sleep, you need it." I rubbed my hand along his chest, my head resting on it as I traced a heart where his heart was. i could feel his smile shining down at me before his lips touched my hair sweetly.

"Wake me up in a bit," he whispered.


I laid quietly on Eric’s chest after he fell asleep, enjoying the moment with him even if he wasn't awake to join me. I sighed softly, my eyes tearing when I thought about the weekend. Tom typed on his laptop, his fingers clicking against the keyboard as he smile to himself. I scowled at him immediately, feeling like he was responsible for Eric being so distant to me. I closed my eyes, willing myself to calm down. I glanced up at Eric’s angelic face, the perfect medicine for making me forget. I traced the lines of his stubble and his jaw softly until I forgot that when the sun came up, it would be the dawn of the rest of our lives.
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