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We Set the Fire Around Your Lies

Your Doubts and Denial

Mia sighed loudly as she dropped yet another book. The crutches she had to wear due to her broken leg had turned her into a clumsy mess. She struggled to keep her books under her arm and tried to bend down and get the paper-covered book. She cursed as she dropped the rest of her books and someone’s foot kicked the first book she dropped across the hall.

She rolled her eyes at the misfortune and tried to pick the books up. She furrowed her brow when a pair of unfamiliar hands gathered her books up, along with the first that was kicked across the hall. She looked up and met blue eyes hidden by dark hair.

He held her books on top of his own and offered to carry her books to her next class. She thanked him and wondered who he was.

“Thanks for carrying my books…” Mia trailed off once they arrived at the Biology classroom.

“Austin,” he supplied with a small smile.

“Thanks Austin,” Mia smiled back at the boy. He nodded, and they both walked into the classroom. Biology was Austin’s next class as well. He actually sat only three seats down from Mia; she felt horrible that she didn’t know his name, when they had the same class and their seats were so close together.

Biology was rather dull this class; they watched a few videos and had to take five pages of notes before the bell rang. For those with large handwriting, it was easy. But for those with small, neat handwriting like Austin, it was rather difficult. He watched the clock with his pale orbs, waiting intently for the bell to ring when the ‘big hand’ was on the seven. He continued to take notes, but kept his eyes on the wall clock rather than the screen or his notebook.

When the bell rang, the gangly boy waited back for the girl he’d helped before. She was struggling to lift her books off her desk and stay upright on her crutches.

“Want some help?” Austin inquired quietly.

“Sure,” Mia said, “thanks Austin.”

He nodded and lifted her books on top of his again and the two walked towards the lunchroom together. Rather than eating with her friends from the cross country team, as should would every day, she ate with Austin, who sat at the end of a table in the back of the room with only four other people. Though they had never talked to Mia before, she felt comfortable with them.

“You’re on the cross country team, aren’t you?” The only other girl there, Sarah, asked.

Mia nodded, “Or at least I was. I can’t run with my leg.”

“Wasn’t there a competition coming up?” Noah, a brunette boy, asked.

“Don’t remind me,” Mia groaned, burying her head in her crossed arms.

“Hey, look on the bright side.” Noah said, “You can be their hot cheerleader now.”

Mia’s head shot up and her cheeks were as red as the lunchroom trays. The group laughed, making her cheeks burn brighter.

The laughing group had no idea that, just two tables down from them, there was a girl with a fake smile and a sad look in her eyes. Lulu sighed and rested her chin on the cool surface of the lunchroom table. Her eyes widened when a pink envelope was thrust in front of her sight, her name written on it in neat cursive. She took a hold of the envelope and looked at the person who handed it to her.

“You’re invited to my party,” Maria Simmons said with a smile. Lulu looked at her as if she had just said something in a foreign language. Everyone knew that Lulu Jimmerson did not go to parties.

“…I don’t do parties,” Lulu said, giving Maria the envelope back.

“Oh come on Lulu, that was almost three years ago.” Maria said, forcing the envelope back into Lulu’s hands. Lulu sighed and shoved the pink envelope into her pocket. She threw the remainder of her lunch away and walked out of the lunchroom with a bad mood in her brain.

Just because she was invited didn’t mean she was going. She clawed at her forearms and headed towards the library. Everyone knew that the last party she went to she had a horrible time and her brother died in a car crash after a party he went to.

The person who crashed into him was wasted and was at the same party. It was actually her brother’s best friend who killed him, but no one knows except the friend’s family and Lulu’s own family. But that could all change with just one sentence.
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